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The Biggest Picture

or: Spoiler Time!!!

or: The Really Big Picture

or: An Encyclopedia of Reality/Ontology

or: What the transformation of Human Consciousness is all about

Visual model of space (the universe) (93 billion lightyears across, or 632 quadrillion times the size of our Sun). Are we an insignificant speck inside of it... or is it inside of us?

Welcome to The Biggest Picture! This website attempts to find the answer to biggest questions of all. We begin with the observation that there are two predominant, fundamentally distinct, ways to perceive existence/reality:

One is that we are no more than insignificant (extremely insignificant) beings, a randomly-evolved species of animals — "lumbering robots" as Richard Dawkins put it — in the unfathomable vastness of the Universe, and that life emerges on a fluke from insentient matter and chemical interactions becoming increasingly complex. Life, in this view, is an epiphenomenon and consciousness is ultimately no more than an illusion that arises from within the spacetime material/physical structure. This remains the prevailing "educated" view in the West because it is believed to be backed by (the implicit authority of) science. The psychedelic skeptical rationalist philosopher Terence McKenna, one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century, put it this way:

The orthodox view is that we're a chance anomaly, an excentricity in the cosmic game. But if the conservation of novelty is what the universe is about, then we are as pride and joy, it's crown jewel, the first-born son, and heir apparent. And, the other thing is, this ingression, or this movement into novelty, has been going on since the beginning of the universe, but always ever-faster. Ever faster.

So, in the early universe, once things settled down after the big bang, it was dull for a long, long time, I mean it wasn't much happening, there weren't even stars. There was just hydrogen aggregating, and eventually there were aggregates of hydrogen so large that the pressures at the centers of those aggregates of hydrogen caused a new property to emerge: fusion. And fusion cooks out heavy elements, like iron, and sulfur, and carbon. And when carbon cooks out, new emergent properties become possible. Molecular chemistry rather than simply atomic systems comes into play. Well then elaborate that for a few billion years and you get long-chain polymers. They're like super-molecules, and they have the quality or the ability to template, and reproduce themselves.

Well so suddenly you get a whole new emergent domain in nature. The domain of the self-copying, self-replicating molecules, and then they begin to embed themselves in membranes and so forth, and then you get nucleated cells, and then colonies of nucleated cells — and from there to advanced mammals is just a matter of time. And then, the organs of locomotion seem to have been perfected. You know, the fastest animals in the world can run 7 mph (something like that). And so then, the development seems to concentrate on the human nervous system.

The coordination no longer of space, but of information. Information becomes the new coinage. Advanced binocular vision systems evolve, pack signalling systems evolve in social animals, and then at some point the level of complexity is sufficient to cross a boundary, into true language — true representation of the past and the present, through symbolic activity. In each case these stages are happening faster and faster and faster. Language is probably less than 100,000 years old; it may be half that age. Well good grief, that's less than 3,000 generations in the past. Language? That's yesterday! And yet since the inception of language, look at what has happened. You know, urbanism, global conquest of the environment, mathematical conquest of nature... we can call down the fires that burn in the hearts of stars to the deserts of this planet, or if necessary — "necessary" — down upon the heads of our enemies. That's an extraordinary feat for protoplasm to be able to undertake.

And so I think this accelerating novelty indicates that we are on the brink of just going down the novelty well, and becoming as unrecognizable to ourselves as we would be to Tyrannosaurus rex, if it were introduced to us as the heirs to its struggles and dreams.

Terence McKenna [source]

The other (view/perception of existence) is that this life experience is part of something much larger than the physical world. All cultures on the planet have always held this idea, in some form, to be true. Only modern science, in its desire to put down the Christian church — and by extension all ideas of religion and spirituality — denies this view. Unfortunately, the discipline of modern science, itself, is based on a number of baseless assumptions about the nature of reality. These fundamental assumptions remain unquestioned and, when raised, are clearly not welcomed by the scientific mainstream, proving that these fundamental assumptions are dogmas. The foundations of modern science fall apart by simply asking the right questions, as biologist Rupert Sheldrake does most eloquently. The most foundational of the scientific fields, physics, in its examination of matter, broke through to a level of "weirdness" that proves that some of its foundational assumptions are invalid, but the scientific establishment has ignored this breakthrough for 90 years, as NASA physicist Tom Campbell convincingly shows.

It's time to recognize that science, or the scientific process, has failed us in its apparent promise to be able to explain everything. It has no way to explain why we are conscious. This is called the "hard problem" (or as pioneering physicist Peter Russell calls it, the impossible problem of science) — in the sense that all other scientific problems are small ones in comparison. There is little to no reason to believe that science will ever be able to explain consciousness — why we are conscious, why there is "qualia".

What TBP expounds is that while science has brought us a lot of good things — probably the most important of all, this, the Internet — science cannot, however, be assumed to serve as a meta-theory, or metaparadigm, for what is real and what is possible. The aura of "authority" that science is typically presented as having is baseless.

With its precision and reliability, science (the concept, the tool, the method) has brought us a myriad useful inventions: home electricity, automobiles, air travel, painkillers and many different types of interesting psychoactive molecules (e.g. MDMA and DMT), telephony and smartphones, the Internet, and much more. On the negative side, it has brought us horrible weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass brainwashing (notably TV), gigantic obfuscations and distractions like the anthropogenic global warming hoax, the derivatives market, false flag operations, (never-ending) war... and most importantly of all, an experience of disconnection from our own internal divinity, from the greater reality that "surrounds" us and is within us, and is us.

With the fundamental assumptions rigorously in place, the scientific establishment has let itself be led by non-scientific interests. Scientific research has become closely tied to government funding and other corrupting influences. Science, the concept, is being held hostage, in a sense, by a scientifically-unconcerned bureaucracy — a control system — that rewards philosophically-weak conformists, careerists, "progressive"/"liberal"/socialist big-government groups, and also overly conservative (even religious) scientists — as well as profit-seeking bio-scientists with little or no regard for low-level human or Earth health concerns.

TBP doesn't bash science as concept, but attempts to expose science the concept and tool as being held hostage by scientism and "authority", and other unnatural limitations which guide or influence its direction. Surely, if the advancement of scientific understanding is done entirely for the public good, it is a powerful tool of transformation and liberation. The degree to which science is done covertly and selectively for purposes of profit and control can be correlated to the degree to which the control system is able to technologically control its target populations.

Pioneering physicist Peter Russell explains most eloquently the problem with the current stagnant scientific paradigm:

Peter Russell - The Primacy of Consciousness

Physicist Peter Russell masterfully guides the viewer to the inescapable conclusion that consciousness is more fundamental than matter.

The awakening of human consciousness

At the same time as all our institutions are overtaken by corruption, Humanity is in the process of transitioning to higher levels of consciousness, yet a majority of the human collective consciousness, even as of mid-2016, remains unaware that this is going on. UPDATE: By late 2018, it seems that a very significant minority — perhaps 25 to 50% — of the English-speaking world/noosphere are aware to at least the degree to which they are spiritually curious if not inclined.

Humanity is at different stages of awakening around the world. The extremely limiting worldview proposed (and de facto imposed) by the (involuntary) "education" system and the legacy/mainstream media is acceleratingly crumbling.

Artificial political spectrumFrom an ethically-purist voluntaryist perspective, this is the "authority"-based artificial political spectrum created by the MSM — the primary control vector of the control system over the adult human mind.

Politicians and "the government"

More people than ever now realize that the "politics" shown by the media has very little relevance to their daily lives. The pronouncements, debates, and actions (and lack thereof) of politicians, as displayed on television, are no more than an act, a theatrical hoax that the media and politicians create. Many people are further coming to understand that the political class are not anymore as much "leaders" — if they ever were — as they are parasites, stealing from the hard work of the rest under the threat of violence in violation of Natural Law. Whether they are conscious of it or acting unconsciously, they are the slave owners and kings of old. The dualistic labels that are employed — left/right, capitalism/communism, authoritarianism/democracy, even democracy/republic — are all sides of the same statist coin. They are almost meaningless labels that encompass apparent ideological differences that are in reality hardly anything more than distractions to keep our thinking confined within a box, or bubble, of limitation — a mental prison that we are willing captives to. The principal psychological device that has been employed in our time is the illusion of choice.

The mainstream media information filtering war machine

A smaller, but growing, subset of people, seeing the level of theatrics and censorship of more important information by the media, understand the degree to which the media influences, not "public opinion", but public belief.

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.

George Orwell

The mainstream "news" media fools our subconscious into believing that we already believe something that they "inform" us about. It makes us unconsciously believe we have a default position on whatever events are being reported on. How else could they get away with, and how could the perpetrators ever expect to get away with, the monumental lies they have presented, and continue to present, as unquestionable truth?

The medical industry/mafia

The corruption extends far beyond government and media, however. The medical establishment, or mainstream "evidence-based medicine", is probably equally as fundamentally/foundationally corrupt. As mentioned earlier, science itself is operating on ridiculous dogmatic fundamental assumptions — which were actually first established in the 17th century. The field of Western medicine has allowed itself (for the most part) to be taken over by gigantic pharmaceutical corporations and has lost all touch with any original benevolent intent it might once have had.

The mechanism of control

The root cause of our troubles is not greed or any theorized inherent human trait, even if such factors may play a role. The root cause is the false and detrimental understanding of reality that has been programmed into the human psyche, via government-run schools, academia (universities), and the (legacy) media. This programming is so strong that religions of old would stand in awe to this newer omnipotent force. The new religion (materialism/physicalism/scientism) is not even perceived by the vast majority of humans. The second largest program is also the largest religion, namely statism — effectively the belief that someone could legitimately acquire a monopoly on the initiation of violence, through the periodic repetition of highly-publicized rituals, known as "elections", wherein mind-controlled individuals believe they delegate their nonexistent "right to rule" to a third party.

The Internet is rapidly and acceleratingly changing the game, however, as finding the most significant truths is now really only a matter of paying attention (to the right sources of information), if one allows oneself to be guided by the curiosity/excitement/thrill of discovering the truths that had been heretofore veiled behind the implied/perceived "authoritativeness" of "officialdom".

Intelligent authority as the intermediary step towards utopian anarchy

Fundamentally, "government" and "authority" are a lie — but, consent of the governed is a real thing, energetically. Consent of the governed is not just the idea of the illusion of consent created by the ritualistic meme complex (political parties, campaigning, elections, voting, etc) that falsely legitimizes (the belief in) "democracy"/statism in the collective unconscious of humanity; it extends to the more subtle energy dynamics of the densities (frequency levels of consciousness) above the physical 3rd density. The illusion is so powerful that our whispering extradimensional extraterrestrial neighbors, such as Bashar, perceive us (reads our energy) as "being our governments", because that is the belief of most of the collective consciousness of our planet:

Bashar - You Are Your Governments

As logically flimsy the idea of "consent of the governed" may be once the actual dynamics of the situation are elucidated (as done perhaps most eloquently by Larken Rose), particularly in its current advanced and decaying state (pun intended), it originates from a social contract between the rulers and the ruled, regardless of whether the ruled are even aware of it. As health researcher Mike Adams put it:

Elaborate theater to weave a prison for your mind

It's all theater, friends. The media, the FBI, the DOJ, the U.S. Senate, the Federal Reserve and even the rule of law. It's all elaborate theater carried out as a prison for your mind, to keep you occupied, confused and manipulated so that you never figure out the greater truth that threatens the entire corrupt establishment.

What greater truth is that? The simple fact that all government power is granted by the People and can be instantly taken away by the People with nothing more than a consensus decision. Government and the rule of law exist as nothing more than consensus mental constructs -- structural delusions of the mind that are widely shared and thus believed to be real. But government can collapse in an instant when the fraudulent promises of government suddenly collapse in the minds of the populace. Hence the need for drastic, elaborate financial theater to create the illusion of a booming economy even as we teeter on the verge of global, systemic economic collapse.


The illusion of government power depends on the continued indoctrination and intimidation of the enslaved masses

Those who run government fully realize that they are a tiny minority who rule only by fiat. Their rule depends entirely on the masses believing in the delusions played in for their minds by the ruling elite. If that delusion were to ever be shattered and the people realized how they were being fraudulently manipulated and exploited, the political elite wouldn't survive even 24 hours (and there would be a dire shortage of rope in the D.C. area in particular).

That's the bigger, deeper picture of what's really happening around you right now. You are living in a nation that's run by a corrupt, criminal elite who carry out campaigns of elaborate delusion to enslave and manipulate the clueless masses who keep robotically voting for their very own slave masters. Any person who attempts to free the slaves is deemed an enemy of the state and is subjected to selective prosecutorial scrutiny to have them imprisoned (as described above).

Mike Adams [source]

On the physical level, it can be seen that we have been fooled into giving our consent, while on the non-physical soul level we are fully consenting to (and loving!) the game in complete awareness. As souls, we have signed many contracts with the control system. These contracts exist on higher-dimensional levels of consciousness (4th density and above). As souls and as a collective consciousness, we wanted to be challenged by the best, so we hired the best, not only in terms of human governments but in terms of negatively-oriented ET/ED beings that can play with our mind. However, it is possible, resesarchers say, to revoke such contracts during an incarnation, for nothing is ever really set in stone.

The Trump Train

Donald TrumpThe bad guys didn't see him coming!

Over time, as democracies approach their equilibrium state and degenerate into pathocracies, the weilding of power becomes even more dangerous, as incompetence, apathy, recklessness and rampant corruption arise and begin metastasizing like a cancer. In 2015-2016, however, a major unexpected, unprecedented, status-quo-challenging factor has appeared on the scene: Donald Trump. Trump states — convincingly — that he is not a politician, and in fact exposes the politicians as the charlatans and frauds that they are, and even exposes the media, without censoring himself in absurd concern for "political correctness".

By early-mid 2016 is seems very clear that Trump has already won the presidency, absent some form of assassination or similar major event, or a blatant (and difficult due to the overwhelming grassroots support) stealing of the elections by the political establishment.

Donald Trump is such an unexpected, unprecedented, and unknown factor in politics, that I don't know what to make of him, because he does not match any of the standard statist paradigms that I know of today. [...] The fact that he's self-funding his whole campaign means that he is not directly beholden to special interest groups.

Stefan Molyneux

Not being beholden to special interest groups, and being someone who himself used to donate to (buy/bribe) politicians, if Trump is honest (i.e. if he means what he says), what we will witness during a Trump presidency is quite literally, and shockingly, a restructuring and reinvigoration of a nation (and empire) in (formerly seemingly unstoppable) severe and accelerated decay.

First steps...

Not My PresidentOnly one of countless examples of jaw-dropping MSM double standards.

With the rise of Donald Trump to the "reigns of power", the stage becomes set for the complete transformation of the United States "government" command structure and bureaucracy into an efficient, intelligent "authority"-based apparatus to begin to rebuild the crumbling social structures and once again bring economic prosperity, to a nation whose prospects for a reasonable future has declined to an extent not dissimilar to any number of examples such as Weimar Germany before Hitler's rise to power under a comparably militaristic and authoritarian campaign platform.

The largest difference is that today we have access to all information, in real-time, thanks to the uncensorable/uncontrollable nature of the Internet. For this reason, not only will lies about Donald Trump be less likely to withstand the effects of voluminous real-time analysis and narrative deconstruction on social media, but if Trump is a man of integrity, neither will the recent false flag operations and "rebel"/mercenary/terrorist sponsorships covertly used to justify geopolitical agendas of never-ending war and resource exploitation. And, over time, neither will the generations-old lies about the Second World War and its falsely-heroicized national "leaders" who "won" and absurdly-demonized "leaders" who "lost".

No battle is ever won, he said. They are not even fought. The field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools.

William Faulkner, novelist (1897-1962)

There are really no "winners" in wars. Everybody loses except those who plan them (politicians following geopolitical agendas) and those who fund them (central banks and mega investment banks), and the war industries ("defense contractors")... and perhaps also astral parasites feeding off negative energies generated by foolish humans deeply immersed into polar adventures. But even they, karmically speaking, lose in the long run, for war is about the most destructive zero-sum game there is.

Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, the possibility of war is almost ensured. Even a third world war with Russia and China and Iran would be a plausible prospect. Under a Trump presidency, the only war that would be reasonable is one specifically targeting ISIS or North Korea, otherwise remaining non-interventionist (often less accurately labeled "isolationist") even if militarist.

Rungs of a ladder: Corrupt "authority" -> intelligent "authority" -> delegated authority -> voluntaryism

After the election of Trump to POTUS and the resulting insanity of the "Left" expressing ever-increasing levels of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) due to the incessant lies told about him (and the MAGA populist movement, traditionalist conservative Americans, and the "Right" most generally) by the Globalist legacy media (formerly MSM), even anarchists (anti-statists) begin to consider if it might eventually behoove them to participate in the political game before or once the much more hardcore enslavement program of the deranged "Left" and the Deep State, led in the U.S. principally by the Democrats and the legacy media, becomes a significant existential threat.

The Anarchist Case For Donald Trump | Michael DeMarco

As YouTube commenter "Galt's Gooch" wrote:

I am still an AnCap, though I have embraced elements of traditionalism, nationalism and populism. But even when i was a purist, I never once agreed with the idea that you must support the end of the State NOW. The prospect of ever creating a stateless society is such an ideal, and even if we have a chance of bringing it to fruition, we would have to make that change gradually. That means accepting populism if we are ruled by globalists. That means accepting state's rights if we are ruled by federalists. And that means factoring political strategy and voting into the equation. America as it currently exists will NEVER anarchistic, and if you think you can convince the unwashed masses to cast aside their welfare, their chain migration, their medicare, their public schools and public water and so forth, then you must be a greater orator than fucking William Jennings Bryan.

As an anarcho-capitalist, it makes perfect sense to support more localized government relative to anything larger. It makes semse, in a democracy, to vote for candidates who uphold some libertarian values, rather than let the country be swallowed by multiculti socialist freaks. Don't be a defeatist.

Indeed, globalist supranational government bodies like the EU are a whole step away from freedom, while voluntaryism is a whole step towards freedom. Erasing or eroding the idea of the nation-state (national "sovereignty"), however, is a feature of both ideas, but one for the purpose of increasing control and unaccountability (supranational "sovereignty"), the other for the ethical purpose of abolishing (the most subtle form of) slavery thus manifesting individual sovereignty.

During or after the Trump presidency, as "authority" (the U.S. "government" command structure) becomes intelligent/competent/grounded again and begins to actually (at least to some degree) serve the idea of representing the voters, we will eventually come to understand that sovereignty can only happen at the individual level, not at a national level, because humans are not a hive mind. We are individuals, as the hominoids are, only temporarily playing the hierarchical "authority" game apparently introduced into our civilization/race by the Anunnaki genetic engineers. This idea — what real sovereignty is — is incredibly easy to prove using common sense logic, as researchers and activists Larken Rose and Mark Passio most eloquently elucidate.

Delegated authority (compassionate government)

After the re-emergence of intelligently-managed "government" with Trump's skills (and hopefully integrity), as we recognize what sovereignty and responsibility (response-ability) really mean, it seems that we will be in a position from which we might become able to transition in an orderly manner to the idea of delegated authority, as an intermediary rung of the ladder towards voluntaryism (true freedom). The only way by which "authority" (the right to rule) could be delegated from one human being to another is the following:

Society should be structured organically, where:

  1. No government has any power that's not explicitly delegated to it by some person or group of people who themselves morally and rightfully possessed that power.
  2. Society organizes itself with varying levels of structure, starting with the individual, then the household, then the neighborhood, then the community (i.e city,) then the county, state/province, nation, region, global.
  3. Authority must be explicitly and transparently delegated up the organizational tree starting from the living human individual, and may come from no other source.
  4. No authority may be delegated upward in the organizational structure unless it cannot be effectively utilized at or below the level it's at (and once it reached a level that can enforce that authority it cannot rightfully be delegated any higher even if everyone wants it.)
  5. No authority may be delegated so far up the organizational structure that it cannot be effectively monitored by the organizational levels below it.
  6. No organization level shall have any right to such a thing as "territorial integrity" independent of the authority of those within it. No territorial integrity claims may be based on the rights of those who aren't a part of the territory (residents of or landowners within.)
  7. Taxation may only occur at the commons, either by common services, common resources, common environment, or common borders. The proceeds of a human's labor belong 100% to them until they choose otherwise or choose to interact with the commons in such a way that they choose to spend some of it.
  8. Integrated dissimilar populations must always have a peaceful and equitable manner by which to separate from one another if either side so chooses, and may do so by either side forming a majority within any political subdivision, effecting a partition of that subdivision, and enforcing equitable separation through the use of fairly administered imminent domain (in a manner which provides the displaced person with FULL market value of all relinquished property as well as moving costs and equivalent political status / citizenship in some equivalent political subdivision.) Full equal protection shall be extended to both sides except to the extent necessary to effectuate the division (and even that would be a compensated deprivation.)
  9. Political subdivisions shall always have the authority to succeed and to either form their own higher level political subdivisions or, with the consent of another political subdivision, merge with it.

This would solve so many of world's problems. It would allow Crimea to leave Ukraine and become part of Russia, or Ukraine to split in half, or the Southern half of California to go back to Mexico... It would allow the formation of a legitimate Israel / Jewish state without unduly trampling the rights of the native Palestinians. It would allow fathers to once again become heads of their households (and to vote for all voting members of that household) with the consent of their family members (or, in unusual households would allow the wife to be elected the head of the household, or have no head of household and have it be a pure democracy, whatever.) It would prevent pretty much every truly victimless crime from even being an issue. It's pretty much a libertarian's wet dream and it should be the way things are done.

J Peters

The above framework of legitimately delegating authority from one human being to another (by preserving the truth of the equal value of human lives) seems like the logical intermediary step between the situation as of 2016, and the desired (and reasonably utopian) end goal of a voluntaryist partnership society free from/of fear-based systems of control.

The concept relates to the (rather obscure) idea of bioregionalism, as researcher James True explains in this interview with researcher Jeff Berwick:

Blueprints of Mind Control - How The Whole World Has Been Brainwashed By The Elites with James True

[Published on May 3, 2019] Anarchast Ep.462

Topics include: government mind control, bioregionalism, a solid gold yoke of blind empathy, pyramid taxation vs regional autonomy, compassion, local currencies, prejudice and supremacy, the nature of real community, polarization, tv programming and reinforcing authority, science and mind control, alchemy and the placebo effect, ancient civilizations, ritual and belief, trauma programming, symbolism of the twin towers, replacing sacred archetypes with trivialities, evil and Satan, getting in touch with your own sacred nature. James True's website: https://www.jtrue.com

So long as there is consent at the individual level, governance, or hierarchical organization, may be preferrable — at least as an intermediary step — to a less-cooperative purely anarcho-capitalist situation in which defence/protection of smaller groups from predatory groups, including those operating in the shadow of existing governments such as child trafficking blackmail networks, is ignored and mega-criminal groups and vulnerable groups are both left to their own fortunes.

The restoration vs. destruction factions (The epic confrontation of the People's Rule vs. the Deep State)

Trump Swamp Draining ServicesDeep State vs. Trump cartoon by Ben Garrison [click to enlarge]

On the one hand can be seen to be emerging the grassroots movement of anti-politician Donald Trump, represented by the sentiment expressed by the campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" (MAGA), and the corollary slogan "Hillary for Prison 2016". If Donald Trump is what he appears to be (i.e. operates honestly and with integrity, and thus means what he says), this faction, if it does succeed in reaching the White House (seat of executive power) despite what it recognizes as a rigged system, thus represents a restoration faction of the USG, supported by a populist wave of patriotic/pro-American sentiment.

Those individuals and groups operating under the banner of "government" who have been committing crimes seemingly beyond forgiveness, on the other hand, would naturally rather see the destruction of the USA and even the planet, before finding themselves on trial and imprisoned. This faction, the rogue elites of the "deep state" and their compromised/blackmailed puppets in positions of power — who have been operating in the shadows behind the public-facing aspect of "government" but who are increasingly being exposed via hacks and leaks — have put all their efforts into getting their puppet candidate elected, the caricature of corruption accurately labeled by Trump as Crooked Hillary, but it seems to be backfiring on them as the (accurate) perception has spread that Hillary Clinton is for some reason "above the law"... not to mention so severely sick that she has, by several months before the elections, become a barely-walking dying mannequin. If the deep state rouge elite covert operators manage to somehow skew the public's perception to such a degree that a Crooked Hillary victory is even at all plausible, they will have performed a supreme illusion. But if they fail before crossing the finish line on November 8th, as seems totally inevitable, they will have done us the great favor of leaving the MSM's criminality exposed much more thoroughly and clearly and obviously than ever before, as they ever-increasingly become willing to promote and even invent the most outrageous lies about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, covering up everything one does, while constantly baselessly slandering the other. UPDATE: By late 2018, as the midterm elections approach, the dishonest, desperate narrativists remain determined — as predicted — in their slander campaign of falsehoods and ravenous double standards against common sense and decency.

Hence, as the globalist rogue faction (and the factions/divisions/fragmentations within it) increasingly sense a loss of control and impending danger, and as the populist faction rooted in integrity led by Donald Trump gains momentum towards a landslide electoral victory, actions of desperation may be getting quite intense, and might escalate into a conflict, initially more hidden than visible, between the two factions, as they fight for control over the power vacuum left by 8 years of unprecedentedly incompetent management by their groomed puppet president Barack Obama.

According to the Pleiadians, as channeled by Barbara Marciniak, the murder of conservative Supreme Justice Antonin Scalia "was the beginning of one side attempting to dismantle the other"; i.e. the first blow in the battle for control over the empire by the two factions. UPDATE: The media hullabaloo over the confirmation to the Supreme Court of conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh in Sept-Oct 2018 seems to be a continuation of the factional war, with victory seemingly going to the "good" side, though at the cost of even more pronounced division and tension between Americans — i.e. between those brainwashed/mind-controlled by the corporate legacy media and those consulting sources of information motivated by truth rather than profit and group political agendas.

The leaders of your world hold one on the front line, who — masked as the fool, masked as the distorted one, masked as the idiotic one, the confused one, the childish imp who delights in riddle, and holds his hands above his head in delight at his own mistakes that he does not understand — is unmasked at this time. The divine veil is parted, as the mask of the fool is removed. Those with eyes to see have always seen, and those who believed the mask was real shall stand in shock and surprise, as the fool is really the wise man, the idiotic one is the clever one, the confused one is he who holds clarity, and the childish imp is the independent man of indigo strength, with a team of warriors of light behind him.

Magenta Pixie [source]

It takes a serious amount of groupthink engagement to believe the ridiculous "official" narrative that Trump is an incompetent lowlife who "doesn't know what he's doing" and needs to step aside or be impeached so that competent people with prior "government experience" may "restore democracy"... particularly when positive economic numbers are out and he keeps fulfilling his campaign promises.

Government rights

The coercive/criminal/evil nature of "authority" and the occult social contract

The way we have structured our society is based on the idea of "organization by fear", whereby the biggest doers and makers of the society are purported to be human beings calling themselves "government", who, it is presumed, are able to run social projects on scales larger than that which the free market would naturally produce.

And in order to run such large-scale social projects, these groups of people calling themselves "government" have supposedly been delegated the right to rule/decide/control/own, and to "tax" (take money by force from), the citizens/humans living in the geographical area that is supposedly under their "jurisdiction". Recognizing, however, that because we all are equals and therefore have no rights above or below anyone else, the truth is that no individual actually ever had the right to delegate a right they themselves didn't have (the right to rule over others), and therefore in a way the de facto invisible social contract that energetically binds us to the collectivist notion of "consent of the governed", is invalid, or at the least, contructed without appropriate consideration.

[Taxation] is "send me the money, or I will escalate force against you until you send me the money or die". That's what it is. It's a shakedown in uniform — that's what taxation is, always has been, always will be.

Stefan Molyneux

For as long as we continue funding these groups of people and their crimes (in addition to whatever good may result from their more benevolent machinations), while under the social contract that we have on various levels signed up for (physically, beginning with the parents signing the birth certificate), we are all individually and collectively responsible for the gravest crimes against humanity imaginable, because they really are committed in our name with our (energetic) consent, under the social contract. One wonders to what degree generated karma affects us due to our tacit approval of criminal actions performed under the banner of "governments" that purport to "represent" us.

A new social contract

Researcher and activist Ken O'Keefe is creating the idea of an alternative social contract that would override the de facto one offered/imposed by the control system:

Humanity's challenge at this decisive point in history is to face a monster that is desperately attempting to expand its tyrannical system of human enslavement. Simultaneously, human consciousness is growing with unparalleled expansion and this is a grave threat to the tyrants. Only one of these forces, humanity or tyranny, can succeed, and the world we hand to our children and future generations will be defined by our success or failure in this regard. The irony is that the tyrants have no power but that which we have unwittingly relinquished to them. In order to create a better world we simply need to take our power back. That is my ultimate goal: a better world. My wisdom in this matter comes from the knowledge that the attainment of this goal is not up to me, it is up to us.

Ken O'Keefe

The new social contract would impede one from paying taxes (giving money under the threat of violence) to any government that is engaged in criminal activity such as war:

The social contract itself means nothing unless large numbers of people sign it. It will have no weight at all if there is only a thousand people, or even a hundred thousand people. It needs millions of people to have the power. [...] [T]his mission is to provide a lawful, peaceful way to remove ourselves from the obligation to pay taxes which are being used to commit the gravest of crimes, against both domestic and international law. [...] The strategy involves legal, as well as lawful [tactics].

Ken O'Keefe

This seems like one of the most important ideas of 2016.

Types/sources of false "authority"

Bashar explains how as we are born, "for the sake of being able to communicate and be sustained by the reality you chose to be born into, you begin to accept the belief systems of that reality" (in other words, we choose to buy into belief systems in exchange for love), which "in-and-of-itself is not a negative thing; however, because of the way your society has been steeped for many thousands of years in certain limiting and negative belief systems, many of those ideas are still residual within many many of you":

Bashar - Society and Conditioning

Whether it's the "authority" of parents or anyone else, it is limiting belief systems that are the challenge, not some shadowy wealthy "cabal" running secret government projects under a dark budget, for they and all their schemes are ultimately within oneself and have no ability to influence oneself any more than the degree to which one chooses to resonantly match their frequencies.

The fall of the control system

Researcher David Icke explains exactly how the control system is falling:

David Icke - Breaking The Spell & The Full Magnitude of Who We Are

As Icke explains, revolution, or evolution, is not about guns or violence or coups (or protests). It can only be accomplished by expanding one's consciousness — which is the means by which the control system is already collapsing, even if most humans may not be noticing due to the sources of information they expose themselves to. As Icke put it, "a new dawn of human consciousness" is imminent, as we re-learn and re-member that "we are already enlightened", and are actually, and always have been, co-creating manifestor gods playing a grandiose game of amnesia as humans on Earth.

We are already enlightened. We are already All That Is, has been, and ever can be. What we have done is allow barriers of belief systems and preconceived ideas to keep us vibrationally from connecting with our infinity that we already are. And that means breaking the spell. Breaking the spell on the human psyche, cuz that's what it is, a spell, that's been cast upon the human psyche, to keep us in a hypnotic trance so we forget the true genius magnificence of who we are.

David Icke

Earth with merkabah

The speed at which we rediscover the truth about who and what we are increases exponentially, because, since (probably for most people) there is really no subject more interesting, once a mind becomes engaged in the process of rediscovery, a positive feedback loop is created which, coupled with the network effect of social media, induces an ever-accelerating mass consciousness awakening (which correlates to a concrescence of novelty as conceived by Terence McKenna).

The freedom of access to information sources

The control system did not expect the Internet, even though it was originally created and intended as a military communications technology. It was not before the rise of the world wide web and video sharing sites (most notably YouTube) that anyone could figure out the bigger picture.

The simple truth is that we now apparently do have the ability to understand everything. The biggest secret seems to be that reality isn't objective. It's subjective only. It's within oneself. This is called the illusion of separation, or the objective reality delusion.

Bashar - Physical reality doesn't exist, except as a reflection of what you strongly believe is true for you

The world is not "made of matter" or "things"... it is made of words (labels), language, definitions, beliefs, symbols, energy, vibration, resonance, consciousness. We physically discovered some 90 years ago that "matter" is not made of anything solid, but stayed scientifically stuck in outdated paradigms due to the objective reality delusion.

In reality, everything derives from belief. Literally everything you experience is a manifestation of the beliefs you are most strongly attached to. In reality, concepts/experiences such as fear, pain, and suffering are optional — they are not an intrinsic part of life. All happenings, circumstances, and situations are fundamentally meaningless, devoid of meaning. You (we each), as a divine expression of consciousness, exist to give them meaning. And, it is suggested by many researchers of the control system and by our whispering intragalactic neighbors that, were it not for the programming we receive, we'd feel no need to label any happening negatively, thus causing an unwanted emotional effect.

What you believe to be true creates the state of being that is responsible for shifting you to the frequency of the reality that is commensurate of that state of being. And the state of being comes from what you believe to be true, or know to be true.


Bashar on matching the frequency of the reality you want

This is not as much a philosophy or belief system as it is a fundamental description of how reality works. The Biggest Picture furthermore proposes that from this understanding, humanity can derive a theory of everything (TOE) more fundamental than one deriving from currently accepted scientific paradigms. It is a metaparadigm, a higher frame of reference from which we can seemingly derive quantum physics, particle physics and fields unification, "paranormal" phenomena (which are very common and very normal), altered states of consciousness, the DMT experience, religious traditions, Eastern knowledge/wisdom/philosophy, and — most significantly — the subjective experience of (one's own) existence, no longer absurdly reduced to the notion of "qualia".

When we detach ourselves from the established limiting paradigms of science (which is not the sacred cow its dogmatic believers hold it as), we open our mind to the knowledge of Eastern peoples, the knowledge of our ancestors, the knowledge of our very cells, the knowledge of the universe, and the knowledge within ourselves as extensions of the One, of All That Is — of existence itself.

The control system as thought-based

The control system can in a sense be thought of as an autonomous entity — what the Gnostics called the corrupt demiurge — composed of matrix belief systems that are derived from mind-control agendas, which shape/determine the behavior of those humans that are significantly under its influence. The demiurge is actually also thought to be the "god" of Abrahamic religion — only not "God the creator of everything" as portrayed, but rather a demented ET passing itself off as "the one God" in order to have humans worship him (give him their energy) and keep them under control.

How archons influence humanity

It, or its agents, what the Gnostics called the "Archons" (rulers in Greek), existing in the 4th density swarming egos below in the 3rd, supposedly have the ability to influence human minds by sending, or implanting, electromagnetic frequencies that translate to the experience of having thoughts, according to researchers of the Gnostic texts such as John Lash. As an eerie exercise, it may be worth asking oneself: how do I know that all of my thoughts are my own? Are all of the thoughts and experiences in my dreams created by me?

In our organic state of being, when we are heart-based, which is what higher 4th density experience is, the "archons" (or "ankle biters") have no ability to influence us. What this seems to mean, if the Gnostics were correct and ET whispers are correct in that we will experience a relatively rapid shift from 3rd to 4th density starting around the fall of 2016 (an acceleration of the process of consciousness expansion, or ascension cycle, that began around December 2012), is that "government" will eventually become run by people who no longer have thoughts that are representative of the control system and will be less inclined towards corruption and enslavement agendas. UPDATE: With Trump at the helm, this seems to be beginning to happen as of late 2018.

That is in the 4th density timeline type; in the 3rd density timeline type, "governments" and evil corporations (Monsanto/Bayer/MonSatanFarben et al) will continue to increase their influence. The ascent seems to be harbringed by the autumn equinox (22 September 2016). Many of those humans who continue to allow their minds to be "subtly" enslaved by the limitations offered by the control system, already chose on the soul level (the non-physical realm) to experience a 3rd density Earth for the rest of their lives on Earth, branching off into a mind-based reality that stays in the 3rd density for a while (perhaps centuries) longer, eventually becoming transhumanist within 3rd density parameters — because that is what the control system ultimately desires for humanity: biotechnological enslavement (or immersion in, as David Icke calls it, "the technological subreality").

In the 4th density timeline type, governments, firstly a Donald Trump government, will actually begin to really represent (to some degree) the wishes of the/those people who believe they ought to allow people to rule them (and everyone else).

That, coupled with the idea that we cannot build a new society on the ruins of lies, seems to mean also that all truths will come out. It won't be just the "28 pages" about the Saudis that will be revealed; it is likely that exactly who did 9/11 will be revealed. Perhaps all the other major false flag operations will also become known to all, even broadcast via the currently fakestream media as we turn their greatest weapon against them. The UFO coverup agenda and "disclosure" will also inevitably play itself out... before we all re-recognize that ETs have never really not been here — it's just that a veil has (or several veils have) been placed over our faces by means of controlling/monopolizing exposure to sources of information, which has caused us to temporarily lose the ability to perceive them.

5 spatial dimensionsThe point-line-plane postulate, used to conceptualize dimensionality.

Dimensionality and consciousness

It is not by 3D/4D fighting against, but by higher-dimensional awareness and consciousness expansion, that we defeat, or rather energetically bypass the influence of, the control system.

Spacetime is not all there is. Not even close (e.g. additional dimensions curled up at the planck length i.e. infinitesimally small). We are not actually experiencing spacetime, but something more akin to the idea of a 5th/6th-dimensional probability/phase space, which contains, as information, all possible outcomes that could happen based on one's free will and an attractor commonly called fate or destiny (i.e. the free will of the soul). The 5th dimension, which encompasses the dimensions below (including spacetime), does not exist on its own, "out there" — rather, it is our own Higher Mind: your Higher Self or 5th-dimensional self.

It is from whence one's imagination, dreams, and hallucinations all come from. We were given the false belief that these experiences are somehow "less real" and even "not real" — yet, obviously, the experiences themselves are 100% real, as experiences. The real question is...

What is reality?

Reality is radically different from what we have been conditioned to believe by the control system. Yet, because reality is what is real, it's easy to distinguish reality from illusions and delusions, once the latter have been elucidated. (See warning on the About page.)

According to the Western scientific view, reality is just the physical world, which is made of matter (which is made up of 99.999999999% empty space), which, given a very large probability set, can cause exponential complexity, leading to cellular life and later multi-cellular organisms. (This fundamentalist-materialist view is reflected in the debt-based economic system, which requires exponential growth.) The utter lack of explanatory power of this model has led to ideas like panspermia (extraterrestrial seeding of life), but even that "radical" idea, as defined by mainstream Western science, still accepts materialism as fundamental (i.e. believes in physicalism, or fundamentalist-materialism), and can only interpret experience ("qualia") as an epiphenomenon of secondary (ontological) importance.

The many cosmological models derived from physicalism fit within an objective reality meta-model. The alternative meta-model is the idea that reality is subjective only. The problem can be seen by simply going back to the beginning of logical inquiry. Life begins at the measurer, not at that which is measured. The (Western) measurer has made the mistake of assuming that that which he is measuring is independent of the measurer — the unquestioned primordial fundamental assumption of science that is exposed as bogus by, for instance, supplemental doses of our very own endogenous frequency neuromodulator (DMT), or by nonduality experiences (nondual awareness).

You are the creator of what is real

Just by observing non-human animals, it's obvious that experience is the point. Experience is the common denominator. Experience is the only thing that we know is real.

The subjective reality meta-model, or subjective reality metaparadigm, transmitted to us by our intragalactic neighbors via "subtle" means of communication and most eloquently explained by Bashar, describes how all experience is a dance between the conceiver and transmitter (the Higher Mind, one's 5th-dimensional self), the receiver antenna (the physical brain), and the perceiver and experiencer and interpreter (the Physical Mind). This cutting-edge-most metaphysical and awakening-inducing information comes from Bashar, who describes what appears to be the most detailed ontology and epistemology ever produced on (or off) planet Earth.

The subjective reality metaparadigm (SRM) metamodel/idea/meme borrows from, incorporates, bolsters, and supports other subjective reality meta-models — the most notable of which is physicist Tom Campbell's Big TOE, which can be called the VR theory of the subjective reality metaparadigm — as well as other projects and ideas, such as dimensional thinking (string theory, but more importantly the visualizations and ideas about dimensionality created by Rob Bryanton), the revolutionary understanding of biology described by biologists Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake, and many other ideas and lines of work that seem to be on the right track.

What The Biggest Picture describes is Bashar's version of the subjective reality metaparadigm, which is not only a Theory Of Everything — it is a talking one: he is quite literally a meta-TOE. TOEists would be well advised to pay attention!

Illusions of the objective delusion

The construct that is time

Time is an illusion. Only the present moment exists. The time is always now, and will never not be. Living fully in the now is our natural state of being, as it is (or appears to be) with all other lifeforms on the planet. This is easy to observe in pets. A dog doesn't ruminate on the past or ponder his possible futures. He lives from moment to moment, in his natural state of being.

All of existence exists now. Everything is happening simultaneously. It has always existed and will always exist — it is One Being experiencing itself within itself, infinitely, subjectively, from all the points of view that it can. What changes is one's perspective of the one moment that is reality. This solves the question of creation: What created the Universe? If God/multiverse, then what created God/multiverse? The answer is that nothing created it, it simply is. It has no beginning and no end. It is timeless, eternal, infinite.


Consciousness chakras alignmentConsciousness is what it real; everything is created out of it.

The biggest secret is this:

Reality is subjective only, not objective. There is no objective reality. Only the illusion of it.

We believe that we are 3D beings in a 4D objective reality. In reality, we are 5D+ beings in subjective realities, co-creating common experiential elements by agreement.

The experience is the reality. The fundamental aspect of reality is the experience of it — the experience of being — not some planck-scale-sized particle or wave, as the Western materialist religion would have it.

You are creating the entire reality you are experiencing. It does not exist independently (objectively). You are existence itself, having an experience of itself from a certain perspective. You are the reality you think you exist in. The "external world" is a projection of your consciousness — of your state of being. (And no, this does not imply solipsism; it is philosophically called "anti-realism".)

Manifestation is not a 4th-dimensional process but a higher-dimensional one. In other words, causality is not 4th-dimensional but higher-dimensional. Cause and effect are one whole event.

The reality you experience depends entirely on the definitions and beliefs you have at any given moment. There is no reality except your definition of it. That's what reality is.

Everything (including dreams, astral projections, hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, etc) is real. It is impossible to manifest something that isn't real. If you can perceive something, it is by definition real. Modernize your definitions to help lighten your belief system load!

Everything exists here and now. The whole structure (Creation, existence, All That Is) already exists and has only one property: to exist. Time is subject to existence; existence is not subject to time.

Time is a subset illusion of the objective delusion. What we think of as the objective passage of time is actually one's consciousness shifting from one static parallel reality frame to the next, billions of times per second. All parallel reality frames exist as the 6th-dimensional phase space, out of which the 5th-dimensional Higher Self arranges the experienced reality according to the vibrational resonance of how one feels — i.e. the Law of Attraction understood as simple energy physics: What you put out is what you get back (4th Law of Creation). As Bashar says:

Like vibration to like vibration — that's all this is.


That's (probably) all there is to it. No need to invoke physicalism or even virtual reality to explain reality.