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6th-dimensional shifting

or: Elucidating the nature of movement, space, time, and causality

or: The structure of the physical reality experience

or: How dimensionality relates to consciousness

Once we are able to conceptualize the idea of the 5th dimension (the plane of timelines that serves as the probability space for free will in 4th-dimensional spacetime), the next logical step is to imagine that every "moment" in "time" is really the same moment experienced from a different point of view (i.e. a different 5th-dimensional parallel reality frame), and that the 6th dimension is then the one that folds the 5th-dimensional plane to allow for going acausally from any point in the 5th dimension to any other point in the 5th dimension:

In Bryanton's physicalist-ish model, beyond the 6th-dimensional phase space ("outside the system"), would be non-conscious information patterns that may form universes on a fluke, rather than the idea of non-physical reality or soul realm (6th/7th density).

Dimensionality and consciousness

According to Bashar, what is actually mechanically, physically happening is that with its free will, human consciousness shifts from one already-existing discrete (6th-dimensional) parallel reality frame to the next, billions of times per second. This is the underlying nature of movement, time, and change:

Bashar - Infinite Number of Parallel Earths to Choose From

There is already existing an infinite number of parallel Earths each of a different vibration representative of a different reality and the vibration YOU change to will determine which Earth you experience that already contains the people that are already germane to that vibration.

So, according to Bashar, movement is an illusion because we are not really actually moving (traveling distances) but are actually shifting from one already-existing parallel reality to another at a very fast rate. While each change from parallel reality to parallel reality is itself always a 100% change, the rate of observed change per shift — the difference in each parallel reality frame (a new one being accessed "billions of times per second") — is defined by our beliefs. Furthermore, Bashar says, the fear of higher rate of change is irrational, because all one will ever find in the unknown is more of oneself.

The structure — i.e. all parallel reality frames — already exists, but is not deterministic in the classical sense, because the individual's free will is what determines what ("5th-dimensional") parallel reality frame — which exists in its own frequency domain — is experienced next. While the Physical Mind may be defining such ideas as luck and randomness, the parallel reality frame that one's consciousness shifts to is ultimately being determined by absolute choice, which the nondual being always has at all "moments" (which are different perspectives that All That Is has of itself).

From the obsolete fundamentalist-materialist perspective, the reality would have to be created at every given moment (as in the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics), but as logic reveals, the misnamed "physical world" is a reflection of one's consciousness, very much like a glass mirror. There is nothing outside of consciousness, there is no "external world", there is no objective reality — only the illusion of it. (In the Vedas this is called Maya, the delusion that the "external world" is separate from the self — the belief in the duality of Atman and Brahman.)

The change from reality frame to reality frame can be termed 6th-dimensional shifting. It could also be called timeline jumping, because the collective agreement levels create the "most probable timelines", so it's usually more accurate to say that one is jumping from one (5th-dimensional) parallel timeline to one of the most probable/relevant ones that have a momentum behind them. The most improbable/irrelevant ones still exist within the higher dimensions (as in the Many Worlds Interpretation) — they are just not experienced. To shift to one of the most improbable timelines, one would need a degree of granularity that would exceed that which fits the purpose of a 3rd or 4th density "physical reality" experience. To the higher-dimensional aspects of the self — the Higher Mind (the 5th-dimensional self) and the soul — all experiences are equally valid and there is always a (higher-dimensional) positive intention behind every happening. However, the Physical Mind does have the power to shift to the reality it prefers — it's just a "matter" of unconscious beliefs it has chosen to buy into.

This is the ontology Bashar presents, the subjective reality metaparadigm non-VR model. It seemingly explains everything.

Teal Swan also explains this very well, as does Bentinho Massaro:

How to use Parallel Realities - Shift into an alternate Universe!

In this meeting, Bentinho will explain in depth what parallel realities are, and how this means that time is an influenceable illusion...

He will also get into the practical application of changing, or increasing, your frequency, by learning to master your state of being and choose your reality instead of be a victim of it. Empower yourself into bliss, raise your vibrational attitude, and start caring about your purpose/passion and your life in general.

Massaro seemingly got the information from Bashar, and he is able to explain it somewhat differently in his own words, which, combined with his understanding of nonduality, is a very powerful message.

Bypassing the control system

This (the subjective reality metaparadigm) is what many researchers of the control system are missing:

Bashar – How to vibrationally bypass the control system

Bashar describes the causal mechanism by which any individual expression of consciousness can vibrationally bypass the influence of the control system, which is really just negative belief systems. As Bashar says, there are an infinite number of parallel realities; shift to the one you prefer.

From Bashar's transmission: The Voices In Your Head (2014-09-06)

If this "New Age" understanding of what reality is and how it works is a deception by the control system created for the purpose of keeping us in a state of inaction, as some researchers like Mark Passio suggest, then it is without doubt the most advanced deception ever created. It would involve channelers from all around the world with no apparent connection to each other, not the least of whom is Darryl Anka, who has been channeling Bashar (or, alternatively, playing the character Bashar) and speaking the same consistent message for now over 30 years.

Accessing more information per frame

With this 6th-dimensional model of physical reality, and by further thinking of density as a property of space rather than matter, the idea of Ascension — the expansion of the focus of conscious intent to higher densities — becomes logically plausible to the conceptual modeling-requiring thought-mind expressed by the left brain. By increasing the vibrational frequency of one's state of being, one can access more information in each parallel reality frame. The idea of increasing it to the point of shifting from 3rd density to 4th+ density awareness is being called Ascension. Tom Murasso explains this idea in perhaps the clearest way:

ASCENSION - How To Make the DIMENSIONAL SHIFT ~ Dr Tom Murasso

We are coming upon a new era - a shift of the ages as prophesied by the ancients. No, this new era is not the end of the world; it is a new beginning as the Earth - and anyone who chooses to join her - will shift from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimension.

Sadly, most people aren't ready for - or even aware of this shift. But alas, it is still happening. And, for those in the dark, it may be a bumpy ride...

Using the motion-picture analogy of framerate, Bashar says that 3rd density awareness is about 60 fps, while 4th density awareness is about 300 fps, "with some people capable of attaining about a thousand frames per second" — which will allow quite a bit more synchronicity and "miraculous" manifestations to automatically occur in one's life — "frequency being another way of saying how you experience the framerates".

Higher-dimensional concepts

In the subjective reality metaparadigm, the whole idea of the 5th and 6th dimensions is that it may really only be a Euclidean conceptualization and not necessarily a precise mechanical description. The structure is really more along the idea of frequency domains (dimensional realms) and densities (frequency ranges, dimensionality levels), that exist within consciousness (energy). So, using the limited terms that we have to express higher-dimensional mechanics, in this broad (slightly-imprecise) sense, "the 5th dimension" refers to the dimensional realm above the 4th dimension (spacetime). The Euclidean conceptualization of the 5th dimension provides a conceptual framework from which we can create 5th-dimensional concepts (chief among them, the idea of permission slips) to help accelerate our Ascension:

Higher-dimensional concepts

5th dimension

Describes the idea of a probability space, or plane of 4D timelines. Without the 5th dimension, spacetime would be deterministic and free will would be an illusion because all apparent choices were already determined at the beginning of the universe (via a Big Bang singularity or emanation or otherwise).

6th-dimensional shifting

Describes the idea of shifting from one parallel timeline/frame to another, which is the structure of the physical reality experience (the nature of time, change, movement, and causality).

Higher Mind

Describes the 5D aspect of the human being, which selects one of an infinite number of parallel reality frames (which are experienced as if a timeline, or 4th-dimensionally-causal path).

5th-dimensional causality

Describes the cause of 4D causality: the communication between the (5D) Higher Mind and the (4D) Physical Mind.

Vibrational resonance

Describes the 5th-dimensionally-causal mechanism of manifestation, and the relationship between the (5D) Higher Mind and the (4D) Physical Mind — the conceiver and the perceiver.

Permission slips

Describes the idea of higher-dimensional thinking applied to phenomenology.

Coincidence vs. synchronicity

Coincidences and synchronicities are happenings related by meaning, one interpreted from a 4th-dimensional perspective and the other from a 5th-dimensional perspective. Coincidences do not appear to be 4th-dimensionally related (or such relation appears extremely improbable), but are always synchronistically related in the 5th-dimensional conceptual realm of the Higher Mind.

It's also useful to think of Bashar as speaking 5th-dimensional language (and higher-dimensional language more generally), or as speaking (optimized) English from the perspective of the 5th dimension.

"Miraculous" applications of this understanding of reality (energy medicine)

Chinese "energy hospitals" have been applying this knowledge for quite some time, but the news doesn't make it far because it's "impossible" from the Western materialist perspective. These places of healing are called "medicine-less hospitals" or "energy hospitals", while self-proclaimed skeptics dismiss it as "obvious woo-woo". Western science says this must be "the placebo effect", but that's not explaining anything unless you explain what the placebo effect is.

Here is a video excerpt from a presentation in Milano, Italy by researcher Gregg Braden of such a Chinese healing ceremony, wherein the participants 6th-dimensionally shift to the reality they prefer — a reality in which the tumor object does not exist. It takes them less than 3 minutes of chanting a mantra that represents the knowing that the tumor has already healed. The woman with the tumor (bladder cancer), of course, fully believes in the procedure. Braden explains that the participants are creating a feeling that produces the "miracle" — and indeed feeling is the language of communication between the Physical Mind and the Higher Mind.

This happens at various levels of consciousness beyond the feeling and belief levels of the Physical Mind (the 4th-dimensional self). What is effecting the change is their higher minds (their 5th-dimensional selves) working in concert to (6th-dimensionally) alter the collective agreements that exist at the frequencies of consciousness between the Higher Mind and the Physical Mind. Literally all that is required is to know that this can be done.

These videos of energy healings in Chinese hospitals serve as extremely powerful permission slips to help people wake up to their true power, though there are surprisingly few videos that make much sense in English. However, as China grows to become the largest economic power on the planet, this information, if indeed truthful, like China's economy, is bound to explode in due time, even in the face of media censorship. It's a "matter of time" before the visual and anecdotal (personal) evidence outweighs the existing Western paradigms. These healings are of course "unprovable" via the scientific method that Western science employs, because reality is subjective and objectivity is an illusion. Someone working under the framework (paradigmatic beliefs) of Western science would not have his tumor disappear in such an experiment, because he doesn't believe it's possible (hence it isn't in his subjective reality). From the 4th-dimensional perspective of the Physical Mind, the tumor just disappearing may appear to be 4th-dimensionally almost impossible — exceedingly improbable, but with the introduction of idea of the Higher Mind, the 5th-dimensional aspect of the human self which has access to all parallel reality frames in the 5th dimension, how we think of causality can be conceptually upgraded to the 5th dimension (5th-dimensional causality), which arranges 4th-dimensional causality from the dimension above.

While pseudo-skeptics assume that these energy healings are "obvious nonsense", that is only, we would suggest, because they began their intellectual enquiry from an incorrect ontological starting point. In other words, they are not applying methodological skepticism (Cartesian doubt).

Brain teasers

More mind excercises to help visualize these concepts:

Since your thoughts influence your beliefs, when you exclaim "I'm freezing to death!" you actually shift into a parallel reality in which you are closer to actually freezing to death. And the more times you say it the more you reinforce the idea (an idea which you are simultaneously creating) and the more you will shift to a reality that is more representative of that idea. Since you are not wishing that to happen, the thoughts' influence on your beliefs would be very small, but if there happens to be a physically plausible (4th-dimensionally-)causal path that could lead to that happening by accident, then that scenario is slightly more probable than it otherwise would be. Were you to exclaim something more literal, less metaphorical such as "I wish I were dead!", the probability of that scenario playing out would increase slightly more. Ergo, saying that you are (or even thinking about the idea of) "freezing to death" is even more counter-productive than we suppose, simply because by thinking it and saying it, you believe it a (very) little bit. Even by imagining freezing to death by reading this, you shifted to a parallel 6th-dimensional reality frame which manifests more elements that could lead to a (4th-dimensionally-)causal path (timeline) in which such a scenario occurs.

All scenarios, from most probable to asymptotic infinity, including those that manifest as imagination, simultaneously exist from the non-physical 6th/7th density perspective of the soul, which creates this particular physical reality experience we call life (which most of us are defining dually — as separate from self).