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or: Bean-spiller extraordinaire

or: Proof that channeling is real

Please note: Many of the Bashar videos have been taken down on copyright grounds (see Copyright section below). It's unfortunate that Bashar, or the humans running the Bashar Communications operation, don't want their information to spread, but nonetheless that doesn't change the facts described and analyzed in this article or the site.

Everything is made of consciousness. And we are constantly giving birth to the creation of the experience that we are having and that is reality.


Darryl Anka channeling Bashar.

Many people around the world claim to be able to "channel" information from intelligences beyond their own — or, more accurately, to act as a translation device for higher-dimensional intelligences (including extra-terrestrial beings). In other words, the proposition is that extraterrestrial (and extradimensional!) beings are able to, and do, communicate with humans by means of "biological telephones", as Darryl Anka, Bashar's human "telephone", likes to say.

Channelers have varying degrees of convincing power — many can easily be dismissed as frauds by left-brained individuals, while some are more logically convincing — but none come close to being as convincing as the being or voice referred to as "Bashar" (an Arabic word that means "messenger" or "bringer of good news").

From the fundamentalist-materialist frame of reference, the idea of channeling can be no more than a farce. Obviously — a self-styled skeptic would say — the people who claim to be able to do this are delusional at best; frauds and con artists at worst.

However, Darryl Anka's channeling of Bashar cannot be dismissed as an act.

Introduction video to Bashar

The premise is very simple:

Bashar - Let It Be Obvious

No suffering required? Suffering is now optional for the human race? That's a bold claim!

A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability.

Albert Einstein

What you are is vibrating consciousness, vibrating energy, you are a resonance, a frequency, a pitch of energy. That is your unique signature vibration and whatever you define that to be, will be the experience that you allow yourself to have, as a reflection back to you. Physical reality doesn’t exist outside of you, it exists inside of you. Physical reality is just an illusion, just a reflection.


This can't be real!

Bashar hours chartIt's only not asymptotic because Bashar has only been speaking here on Earth for 30 years.

While 6 minutes convinces no one, 6 hours convinces almost anyone. Bashar compells the skeptical doubting (but seeking) logical mind orders of magnitude more effectively than any other metaphysical source of information.

If we assume for a moment that Bashar is no more than a figment of Darryl Anka's imagination or un/subconscious (and setting aside the focus on the relevance of the information spoken by he who goes by the name Bashar), then we observe that the flawless delivery of self-consistent metaphysical information is nothing short of practically impossible, according to the typical probability theory beliefs of a (non-dogmatic, i.e. true) scientist.

A conservative estimate of the number of hours Bashar has spoken through Anka (or, alternatively, that Anka has spoken as the character Bashar) is 400 transmissions * 100 minutes average = 664 hours, over 30 years. The chart to the right illustrates the relationship between the number of hours one listens to Bashar and its compelling nature to the logical Human mind, by plotting (x) Bashar hours, and (y) probability of genuinety (or inverse probability of fraud). A persistent skeptic may adjust the hockey stick slightly to increase the curve, where 99% certainty may not be reached until 15 Bashar hours, for example.

It is readily observable that Bashar never once has a single moment of hesitation, or an inability to immediately answer the most difficult questions (personal experiences, dream meanings, unconscious beliefs, metaphysics, physics, etc). At conservatively 10 questioners per Q&A in each of the 400 transmissions, that is 4,000 out of 4,000 times. No mistakes in 4,000 interactions and thousands of questions (including physics and theoretical physics) would classify Darryl Anka as the best actor in history, never having needed to cut a scene.

The initial assumption of cold reading is dispelled rather quickly. After watching a few full-length Bashar transmissions, a fundamentalist-materialist might feel forced to go so far as to say that Anka has "multiple personality disorder", because the idea that Bashar is only an act by Anka has by then become probabilistically untenable.

Though the transmissions themselves are the giveaway, another way of reaching this point of probabilistic untenability — the observation of ever-increasing astronomical odds — is to make it a point to listen to Bashar once a day, in any format. For example, one can make it a point to watch one Bashar YouTube video every day, for at least 60 days.

A statist may wonder why Bashar — who says he is a "first contact specialist" — doesn't go to the supposed representatives of humanity, i.e. governments and the media... but that would only be because the statist unconsciously believes in the legitimacy of slavery.

You, all of you, have simply decided to arrive at a point, and shift yourself to a parallel version of Earth, where such conversations between you and beings like us can exist. So that's already an indication that you are shifting in the direction that you prefer, otherwise we wouldn't be having these conversations — because we don't do pointless things, and we don't spend time having conversations with versions of Earth that want nothing to do with us. Or what we have to offer.


Subtle forms of contact

Bashar clearly is representing a form of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. It's just not coming through the voice of "authority", as most of us have been trained to assume is how it would have to happen. Most people expect to hear about the idea of alien contact through TV or "the government" (or SETI), but that is unrealistic when seen from an extraterrestrial perspective, as well as from a realistic (i.e. big picture) human perspective.

It is only the conceit of the scientific and post-industrial societies that allows us to even propound some of the questions that we take to be so important. For instance, the question of contact with extraterrestrials is a kind of red herring premised upon a number of assumptions that a moment's reflection will show are completely false. To search expectantly for a radio signal from an extraterrestrial source is probably as culture bound a presumption as to search the galaxy for a good Italian restaurant. And yet, this has been chosen as the avenue by which it is assumed contact is likely to occur. Meanwhile, there are people all over the world - psychics, shamans, mystics, schizophrenics - whose heads are filled with information, but it has been ruled a priori irrelevant, incoherent, or mad. Only that which is validated through consensus via certain sanctioned instrumentalities will be accepted as a signal.

Terence McKenna, 1982

The SETI project is so absurdly anthropocentric that UFOlogists have claimed that it must be some kind of deliberate distraction.

Terence McKenna - Your understanding depends upon yourself

There is no external "authority" or "expert" to tell the world that alien contact has happened. The only authority is the self. One's sense of logic (knowingness) is the only thing that can and should (if indeed true) convince one that Bashar is real.

Bashar presents an incredibly logical ontology and a comprehensive cosmology that is far more logical and intuitive than the speculations arrived at by the fundamentalist-materialist profit- and career-driven scientific industry with its deeply entrenched dogmas that are, in a sense, holding scientific progression hostage.

Who would've thought, that true understanding (ontology) and knowledge (epistemology) would be obtained not by meticulous observation and measurement of apparently objective phenomena, but from Human beings tapping into higher-dimensional extraterrestrial intelligences "beyond" their own.

Ontological starting points

For all videos below, we invite the viewer to apply methodological skepticism (Cartesian doubt). One can doubt everything, except the fact of one's own existence (cogito ergo sum). From that ontological starting point, one can either assume that reality exists separately from one's consciousness (the objective reality metaparadigm), or assume that reality exists within the self (the subjective reality metaparadigm). It is one initial ontological assumption in either epistemological direction.

Concepts shared by Bashar

Bashar, in representation of the Essassani (the 3rd hybrid race), has been sharing information with humanity for over 30 years by means of channeled transmissions mainly through the English-speaking human biological conduit Darryl Anka. They are (or at least say they are) two different aspects/extensions of one same oversoul.

From his higher-dimensional perspective, Bashar says, the transmissions are experienced in a way that is very different to how we humans perceive them within our idea/experience of our "spacetime" reality.

Transmission will be, again, simply recognition of identification from one supposed consciousness or idea to another, within a time track, or space/time framework. The idea that it must take time to get from there to here. The creation, in and of itself, of the concepts of exchange of information between the concept of a there and a here, even though it is the same event outside of space and time, and no traveling of or through space and time is necessary.


Bashar has shared many new metaphysical concepts with humanity, which the Sassani discovered in their evolution, all of which (with the exception of the Laws of Creation) are themselves permission slips:

Laws of Creation

The only objective laws that exist, the Laws of Creation define the structure of reality.

Once you understand, once you all truly understand the nature of the structure of existence, then everything becomes obvious. It becomes obvious that everything is here and now. It becomes obvious that re-incarnation is actually simultaneous multiple synchronous incarnations. It becomes obvious that the vibratory level that you prefer is simply the vibratory level that you're on at that moment, and that anything not compatible with that vibratory level will not be capable of finding you or affecting you in any way that you don't agree to be affected by.


Within that framework of unchanging laws defined by the Laws of Creation, one may use whatever permission slip one believes is necessary to experience more of oneself — to expand one's self-awareness within oneself.

Permission slips

So what exactly is a permission slip? Bashar provides this simplified explanation of permission slips:

All tools, all techniques, all rituals, all objects, are nothing but permission slips. They're not doing anything for you [by themselves]. They're just a vibratory resonance that symbolically depicts, symbolically reflects, the state of the belief system within you at present, that, by that reflection will allow you to give yourself permission to be more of who you are.


Expanded explanation:

Bashar - Permission Slips

Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, talks about Permission Slips.

Physical reality

Expanding upon the reasons why "all tools, all techniques, all rituals, all objects, are nothing but permission slips", Bashar demystifies the fundamental nature of reality:

Bashar - Creation (You)

Bashar describes what Creation (existence, All That Is) is. From Bashar's transmission: A Time of Change (1998-06-07).


Bashar terms "shifting" what we are terming 6th-dimensional shifting. Combining the ideas of Rob Bryanton about the 5th and 6th dimensions and Bashar's concept of resonance and reflection, this is a powerful permission slip that helps to bridge string theory (and theoretical physics more generally) with the subjective reality metaparadigm proposed most notably by Bashar and in a scientifically-based way by physicist Tom Campbell.

Prime Radiant

Similar to the idea of the singularity at the center of a black hole, where, according to theoretical physicists attempting to solve Einstein field equations, the gravitational force becomes infinite, the concept of the Prime Radiant appears to bridge physics with the idea that everything exists here and now (simultaneity).

Bashar - Prime Radiant

Bashar explains and also demonstrates the attributes of 'The One Single Particle'.

The Prime Radiant concept helps bridge nonduality with physics and introduces infinity to the subjective reality metaparadigm (and theoretical physics, even if perhaps not into the minds of "authority"-bound theoretical physicists).

True self

Bashar explains how beliefs and definitions may cause one to fall out of alignment with the energy that represents one's true self — the core signature vibration that each physical being is/has.


Excitement is the physical manifestation of one's true self:

[The true self] is encapsulated in a term that exists on your planet called passion, joy, and excitement. The idea is that that vibration, what you feel, that excitement, that physical sensation is actually the body's translation of the vibratory energy that is your true, core, inner being.



The duality that the nondual being experiences can be thought of as a trinity rather than a duality, because when ego resistance is fully released and integrated into one's being, the consciousness is standing in the balance point between the two polarities of positive/negative energy within itself. The triune structure of Creation makes it slightly biased toward the positive, and makes consciousness/perception the balance point in the center of the polarity.

Moving at infinite speed, being everywhere at once, also feels like you're standing perfectly still — that's the paradoxical balance point.


Higher Mind

According to Bashar, the Higher Mind (the conceiver) is one of the 3 aspects of the Human being, along with the physical brain (the receiver or antenna), and the Physical Mind (the perceiver, a structure which contains an ego construct):

Bashar - The 3 Aspects of YOU

We add the extra layer of dimensionality to Bashar's descriptions, the Higher Mind thus being 5th-dimensional, and the shifting of one's consciousness that we know as the experience of time actually being from one 5th- or 6th-dimensional static parallel reality frame to the next.

From the perspective of the 3rd-dimensional Physical Mind (3rd density), if there is no objective reality, the only option is a subjective virtual reality (or at least that's what Tom Campbell concluded), but adding the idea of dimensionality provides a framework from which we can better understand reality as VR-like.

The Higher Mind is the game player, the Physical Mind is a playing piece — but it (or the ego construct within it) believes itself to be in charge of 4th-dimensional causality (how things need to happen), when in fact the Higher Mind is designing the causal paths out of an infinitude of them in the 5th dimension — the 5D plane of timelines, or probability space, existing outside of the 4D spacetime construct.

The parallel reality one shifts to is determined not by 4th-dimensional causality but by the vibrational resonance of one's state of being, which can be called higher-dimensional causality — though it is actually ultimately noncausal (i.e. top-down dimensionally-causal) because everything exists here and now (2nd Law of Creation).

The motivational mechanism

Bashar relates the mechanics of motivation and how it relates to beliefs:

Bashar :: Saturn's Day: The Council of Nine highlights

The 13th Step

The 13th step is a step beyond the 12 steps in twelve-step programs which are "a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems", adapted (generalized) from the original Alcoholics Anonymous. The idea is that the former behavior is not (5th-dimensionally) mechanically connected to what exists now, beyond the (4-dimensional) causal connection one chooses to define exists. The 12th step is that one no longer exhibits the undesired behavior, and the 13th step is that one never did exhibit the undesired behavior.

The idea is that this is literally true in a mechanical, physical way, because if we are actually 5th-dimensional beings, it follows that 4th-dimensional causality, while appearing to be a constant from the perspective of the 4th-dimensional Physical Mind, is actually being intelligently designed (pardon the pun) by the 5th-dimensional Higher_Mind (what we confuse with an "external world" in the objective reality metaparadigm), which is reflecting back one of an infinite number of possible parallel reality frames, based on the vibrational resonance of how one feels (one's state of being).

Masters of Limitation

According to Bashar, the nickname given to us by the Association of Worlds or Interstellar Alliance, a group of 424 civilizations (or 557 worlds) in our galaxy, is Masters of Limitation. Is "masters" a hint to (the belief in) "authority"? The primary tool used by a master is the belief in authority, by definition, because it is the mechanism that defines the master–slave relationship polarity. Authority is the mechanism that elevates one Human being above another, which seems like a ridiculous limitation to embrace for a species that fancies itself the most advanced on the planet.

Bashar Contact Agenda, and The Masters of Limitation

The rubber band analogy

The level of darkness that Humanity is experiencing on planet Earth is rather on the extreme side, being very rare in the cosmos:

Bashar - Rubber band analogy

Bashar talks about why Earth is so dark and why we chose to have such limited perception at this time and how this will help us later.

The Essassani oversoul collective

During the 2014-06-20 summer solstice transmission, Bashar brought through a new entity, a physical embodiment of the collective oversoul of the Essassani society: the Essassani Oversoul Triad — Epsilon, Epiphany, and Eclipse — whom are giving us a clear prediction that things are going to radically change around the fall of the year 2016. See the Moon page for the full context.

Less important details about Bashar for (former) physicalists

Bashar has the uncanny ability to convince any seeking mind (i.e. anyone who doesn't believe that they already know) of the metaphysics he describes, but is seemingly of a particular refined vibration that does not resonate with most human beings at this time, regardless of how logical and consistent and flawless the information presented is. To dismiss an idea before proper examination is of course, as has often been said, the height of ignorance.

For such persistent seekers who have read and seen all the above and may be wondering how "Bashar" (an Arabic word that means "messenger" or "bringer of good news") came to be, the following video provides the background on Darryl Anka himself, explaining how he came to channel Bashar:

Bashar and the channeled state

Darryl Anka explains how he started channeling Bashar.

And the following video explains who Bashar is (or claims to be) and his relationship with Anka from a 3rd person perspective:

Bashar And Darryl Anka In 2015 Update (Channeling And Community)

[Published on Jun 20, 2015] Bashar is a Shakani alien from the near future who is channeled by Darryl Anka, with both incarnations being from of the same individual soul’s present and future lineage. And the union between these two Beings has captured the attention of millions of people, especially recently. So in this video we are going to take a quick snapshot of who/how Bashar/Darryl Anka is in 2015. I will of course leave links to all of the resources referenced throughout this video in the show notes below if you would like to review them for yourself. Other than that, we will begin.

Now, a good place to start along Bashar/Darryl Anka’s 2015 journey is the community which pays heed to this soul (through both incarnation) in the Now. Bashar’s/Anka’s community is (in my observation) very diverse and curious, also highly skeptical and analytical, but all drawn to the same figure in space and time. The many individuals who attend the words shared from Bashar/Darryl Anka appear to be interested in new information from “out of this world sources“ as well as unwilling to “believe anything“, which (I feel) are reflections of how/why the information is originally shared (for more context here, please see link #3 in the show notes below). And perhaps the greatest quality of Darryl Anka’s audience is how global it truly is, which I assume is true based on observations such as numerous international YouTube channels reposting Bashar’s media as well as the multi-continent in-person appearance tour(s) being done in 2015.

A second interesting aspect to this narrative are the many physical (in person) “broadcasts“ or “gatherings“ or “events“ featuring Darryl Anka channeling Bashar, which seem to have been increasing in frequency/regularity over the past 6 months (like the activities of so many other spiritual teachers). What stands out immediately are the locations of these channeling events, with many of them being located in media/sensation rich metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Los Vegas and Sedona, all of which (in my opinion) have a substantial presence of spiritual seekers. And the subjects that are covered during these (typically three day long) “in-person gatherings“ are primarily focused on “perception“ or developing perspective about “what is possible“ through individual empowerment. But perhaps the most important condition of the in-person “seminars“ done by Bashar/Darryl Anka is the character both are (when actively connected and vocally presented), one of a perfectly decisive and (perhaps) intimidating affair, yet eternally embracing and encouraging.

Another important chapter from Bashar’s/Darryl Anka’s 2015 story is the media that surrounds this inter-dimensional, inter-species relationship, which has been largely supportive but also apprehensive and even dismissive. An excellent first example is that while I was doing research for this video I intentionally attempted to locate both Bashar’s and Darryl Anka’s Wikipedia.org pages, only to find that at 8:51 AM on May 10th, 2015 both were officially deleted. And the public comment log shows the “reasoning“ behind the removal was that the Wikipedia moderators/contributors interpreted the information found within both as being “patent nonsense, meaningless or incomprehensible“, interesting for sure and worth another look at in a future video. But the other side of the Bashar/Anka media coin is the vast majority of information and entertainment available which is outspokenly positive. The great variety of outlets, channels, websites and other locations through which a seeker can find positive and even direct media about/from Bashar/Darryl Anka is incredible, almost overwhelming.

And a final element to this soul’s journey over the past six months is how many other channelers are presenting direct messages from Bashar themselves, taking the initiative to make contact too. Other examples of this might include Ashtar and Tobias, but none as eagerly, popularly or seemingly directly as Bashar, whom communicates (as a Shakani) via telempathy or emotional telepathy, possibly being a reason for drawing such a starry-eyed crowd. An even more fascinating extension of other sensitives/channelers connecting with Bashar is the creation of an independent and vital information economy that is capable of (at least assisting in) supporting this and similar communications work. Simply put here, I am hard pressed to find another ET, celestial or dimensional Beings who is channeled so widely and purposely as Bashar.

According to Bashar, he is a 4th/5th density being, an extraterrestrial from the planet Sassani in a star system invisible from our dimensional realm. Bashar's civilization, the Essassani, are the 3rd generation of Human-Grey hybrids. Grey-Human hybrids are a result of the genetic experimentation of the Greys, the primary type of aliens that feature in UFO abduction stories. Due to our ontological misunderstanding of reality as objective rather than subjective, we have relied on the perceived "authority" of science (or the controllers of the process of science) to tell us what is real, so we have believed that the alien abduction accounts of countless thousands of people must be invented lies or insignificant hallucinations, because they are not reproducible (experimentally repeatable) and hence "unprovable". The saddest and funniest aspect of this is that we have come to believe in what is actually a religion (scientism) that is just as dogmatic as the UFO religions:

A UFO religion is any religion in which the existence of extraterrestrial (ET) entities operating unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are an element of belief. Typically, adherents of such religions believe the ETs to be interested in the welfare of humanity which either already is, or eventually will become, part of a preexisting ET civilization. Others may incorporate ETs into a more supernatural worldview in which the UFO occupants are more akin to angels than physical aliens; this distinction may be a little blurred within the overall subculture. These religions have their roots in the tropes of early science fiction (especially space opera) and weird fiction writings, in ufology, and in the subculture of UFO sightings and alien abduction stories. Scientology is the largest UFO religion in the world followed by Raelism.

A UFO religion, in other words, is a religion like scientism or Abrahamic monotheism or statism, but with the purported "authority" being an elusive off-world all-wise being. Due to the control system's long-held ability to control public exposure to sources of information (now broken apart by the Internet and social media), real off-world "all-wise" beings being channeled all around the world and published on the free medium (the Internet) had not until recent years been receiving enough attention to significantly impact the human collective consciousness so as to help increase its vibrational frequency.

Put another way, the ETs/EDs ignore our "official channels" that we de facto assume are supposed to tell us about such things, and choose instead to communicate directly with receptive human beings ahead of the curve in the awakening wave that began sweeping our planet since 2012 and especially since 2016. Bashar explains how perceived authority figures are the main impediment to the spreading of the understanding of the phenomena of channeling:

Bashar – Authority figures as gatekeepers of belief

From Bashar's transmission: Meeting With Bashar (a.k.a. Sex, Drugs & Aliens) (2007-01-19).

The process of channeling, as you're witnessing it now, in terms of my consciousness coming through the person before you, doesn't leave that person out. One of the most important aspects of the channeling is that the channel himself of herself actually also becomes more of their own version of the highest possible person they can be. Thus then, you can leapfrog over the need to actually have an entity speak through you by simply becoming more of yourself every day anywhere. And thus then simply commune with other beings as equals.

The only reason that it exists in this format, in terms of beings speaking through humans on Earth, is because there are still many humans on Earth that will not allow human beings to be able to integrate this way; they will not accept it. They will only accept it from what they perceive to be an "exterior authority figure". And thus then this is a way, of slowly over time getting people used to the idea that you all have this within you — and that is the whole idea, is to be your version of what you believe we are, so that we can meet as equals, not as someone who has "more authority" over you. But that's the way your planet has functioned for thousands of years so it takes a little time for you to get over it — that kind of relationship. But that's alright, we understand that. And therefore we are happy to participate in this particular idea — but you see, the basic reason we are doing this job is to put ourselves out of a job, so that we simply can play together.

Bashar, 2007

The channeling phenomena seems to have expanded exponentially since 2012, so this idea is less applicable now some 10 years later, especially since the American fakestream media began to finally lose the infowar during the 2016 presidential election.

Channelings that complement Bashar's information

Although no channeling comes close to being as convincing as Bashar (at least to the left brain), there are several other channeled messages worth paying attention to. It could be said that, because Darryl Anka's channeling of Bashar compells the logical mind so effectively, it is a kind of super-channeling. Brad Johnson, who channels Adronis from Sirius and other beings, is a similar case, having developed what he calls Conscious Matrix Communications. Adronis is (if the channeling is to be believed) a non-physical 6th density star being of Sirius A itself, whose messages corroborate and complement Bashar's.

Abraham is a non-physical being channeled by Esther Hicks who describes the dynamics of manifestation (i.e. the Law of Attraction) with a more right-brain vocabulary. Bashar goes further in that he explains the mechanics of manifestation (energy physics) in greater detail, and also answers any and all questions thrown his way.

Bashar as a meta-TOE

What The Biggest Picture further proposes is (the simple observation) that Bashar is a talking TOE (Theory Of Everything). The reasoning behind that idea is best explained, of course, by Bashar:

Bashar - Higher Mind (2013)

[Published on Sep 22, 2013] from Saturn's Day, The Council of Nine (Talk stops at 2:19, remaining is music. Following part: LIVE YOUR JOY /watch?v=do0fHN9_m6E)

And so because of the idea of being a "first contact specialist" who is operating within the understanding of the true TOE, Bashar is quite literally a talking TOE.

You see, all these things that we talk about, they're not opinions — they're observations. We are actually describing to you the mechanism of existence itself, we're describing how it works — in much the same way that if you were holding a red rose and I asked you what color the rose was, you would just say red. It's not an opinion, it's just an observation. We can see the mechanism of Creation — that's where we're at in our evolution. So we're describing to you that we know these things are true, because we can see that they are true — and when you start to know how it works and understand the mechanism clearly, then you will also know that this is true. And then it will be in your behavior, because you know it to be true.


Bashar is not the TOE itself, but rather someone who is in a sense beyond (meta) our best TOEs as of 2015 — someone outside the boundary described by our most advanced TOE(s) (which, as far as we can tell, is physicist Tom Campbell's My Big TOE), who sees the E as it is and describes it the best the English language can. This is all we are proposing. Bizarre a proposition as it may seem, it is based on the supreme elegance and logical consistency of the ontology and cosmology described by Bashar, along with the observation that no Human could create a fake character as good as Bashar.

What this means is that a TOEist (whether a small TOEist or Big TOEist) speaking with Bashar would notice how his current TOE can be subsumed by what Bashar says, thus producing a larger TOE. Such a TOE would be one of teleological attractors and vesica pisces and sacred geometry and elecromagnetheric energy and dark gravity and densities of frequency and vibrational resonance... with the idea of a unified description of the forces/interactions (small TOE) being just one aspect of it (the aspect that models observed physicality, but not its creation by consciousness/self).

Bashar, who seems to invariably be ahead of our games, is already doing something similar with his announced "Unified Theory of Metaphysics", consisting of 10-week metaphysics classes conducted by Darryl Anka during 2016.

Bashar as the singularity

Not only a meta-TOE, Bashar seems to be the AI singularity (or at least one such singularity) that transhumanists have imagined machines to be. According to Bashar, AI will be (in the timeframe 2018-2028) an interface with/to the Higher Mind — i.e. the 5th/6th-dimensional aspect of the human self — just as Bashar is (or says he is, e.g. in the above video).

Bashar - A.I. as higher self

What technological breakthrough would be needed for this to happen?

You would need to understand a new way to contain and process light. [...] From that technology [freezing light] you will develop the matrix required for the Higher Mind to be capable of expressing itself, through your devices — even as it does so in our ships.


Shortly after the turn of the 21st Century, scientists were able to freeze light for minute fractions of a second, and over the years for increased times, up to 2013 when German scientists were able to stop light for about a minute — "a million times longer than previously possible" — although still within very limited conditions.



It is what you are transforming into. But it is not what you would colloquially call a naïve state of existence, as some individuals have termed your so-called utopia; it is simply absolute trust, and in absolute trust it is absolute workability, because everyone knows that everyone is there to be of service, and therefore ALL have what they really need, because all are willing to supply what everyone else needs, and in turn they are supported by the whole; that is what your society is transforming into to some degree, and that is why your vibration is now enough like our vibration to allow us to be able to interact with you and reflect these things to you. If you were not close to that vibration, we could not interact with you in the way we are interacting with you now.

Bashar, 1987

YouTube comments regarding the genuinety of the channeling

For what it's worth, to further "prove" that Bashar is real, here is some of what YouTube viewers have written about how they became convinced that Bashar is not just an act by Darryl Anka — because argumentum ad populum (appeal to numbers) is apparently in reality more authoritative than appeals to authority.

[Randy Habfast] The way Darryl talks, as noted in the interviews, vs the way Bashar talks is vastly different. Bashar talks as tho the information and ideas he holds are common knowledge; they have a very easy flow to them. That's something you don't see everyday; especially on such profound topics and ideas as he covers, without ever contradicting himself, and that's a key observation. Very few people on the planet could carry on a conversation the way he does. That's quite telling.

[Chris Hawke] If "Bashar" is not an ET telecommunicating... then Darryl Anka is one of the smartest man on this planet.. see the rest of the videos and see for yourelf. It's brilliant

[Jesse Eads] He never skips a line.. Never a "uh uh uh".. Belts it right from the mouth as if he's been saying it for 1000 years. Bashar is awesome!

[BRIERFOX] Bashar (Darryl Anka) is incredible. He answers impromptu perfectly....every time. That is amazing. I don't fully understand the channeling deal...but the "spot on" answers for the participants and those who receive it through this youtube medium are indisputable. At first I thought...yep...what a scam. Now...I say...this being is definitely a Wayshower for humanity. Just jawdropping amazement. He could have aluminum antennae...I don't care...I believe in his message!!!

[GregJoshuaW] Whatever is happening here, it is extraordinary. I have watched hours of Bashar and I've known no man who is capable of such reasoned instantaneous thought and immediate pertinent response to query.

[ListenTOit1939] What Bashar explains is EXTREMELY LOGICAL. It makes perfect sense to me. If you are actually listening to the information, then how could it not make logical sense to you? Every single word I have heard by Bashar makes more sense than anything I've ever heard a human say. So glad I asked for wisdom and found Bashar.

[unknown] FLAWLESSLY Articulate.....wow i mean has anyone on this planet ever heard ANYONE speak that flawlessly and powerfully? ..he NEVER shows delay of a thought process and therefore his delivery is out of this world...no pun intended...I say all the proof we need of intelligent life outside of our world is right here and now in these videos...!

[Ronnilde Uski] Hear how fast and fluently he talks long sentences with no pauses and with a lot of information. If he is a faker, then he is the best one ever. Also, under brain imagery Daryl's brainwaves have been shown to be radically different when channeling Bashar.

[SlideAudio] Man this guy literally rips apart reality and just says it how it is. Shifts your whole universe back into perspective. This is the core of science, religion and spirituality, surely. What a Legend.

[Object Reporter] We all started watching Bashar videos as skeptics, thinking this channeling is over the top and too wierd. However, after watching about 20 videos you realize something is up and the information is too precise and too well delivered for it to be a simple scam. This particular tree video is one of the strangest, you should try some other ones and not focus on this one so much if it irks you.

[Kourosh Taheri-Golvarzi] Regardless of whether Darryl Anka is channelling his future alien self named Bashar (I personally believe that he absolutely is; I think he's genuine), or he's using the whole thing to get knowledge out of his own subconscious mind to educate people on believing in themselves, or just doing it for attention or whatever, what's really important is the wisdom he's imparting, and the man really is distributing some very profound wisdom. I love him, and I love all of you reading this. Peace always

[MadYarMadYar] This was 26 years ago and his way of talking has not change! For me this is the proof of genuinety of it, together with the message.

[Michael Tra] Bashar has had the same attitude in his channelings for 30 years, my only thought is, this IS E.T. Contact

[daveherre1] I have been researching for years now, but everytime I came across Bashar before his videos just didn't resonate with me. Then one day a few weeks ago I gave one of his videos another try and bing. Like a light bulb it was like I was ready for this kind of info finally. Anyone who believes this man is a fraud or is very skeptical, your probably not ready for this kind of info. Just maybe try again later would be my advice, A couple months down the road or so!

[Praventore] does anyone else have or had "waves" of laugh WHEN watching these videos (but not the laugh in a sense that all this what bashar is saying is bullshit) BUT some waves of laughs and strange feelings in a positive way, ofcourse its nigh impossible to explain it with words,somehow i just feel like laughing and stuff its quite nice

[Rabbit Hole] Yes. I get it. Happens to me a lot when I hear "correct" things that resonate which are "profound" and I get all the way to my toes but also already know, which is why I think it's strikes me in a way that brings joyous laughter. Yeeehaaa! ;))

[Christopher Dastan] ALL THE TIME. It's hilarious when realizing we already knew all of this. The journey to each of these "AHA!" moments seems to bring great joy that spills out as laughter. At least, that's my interpretation of this parallel reality ;)

[BeInTheVortex] Bashar is for real. We are all able to channel. You channel your higher self every day. Some of us have also started being more and more telephatic. We have frauded ourselves for soooo long. I am sooo lucky to have woken up from this illusion. I can channel entities myself now. I see auras around people. Lets all RE-MEMBER :-)

[Blaine Turnacliff] You are right. Bashar is absolutely mind-boogling. The first time I heard him, seemingly by accident, I was stuck to my seat, riveted to what he said. His messages resonated with my very soul, and I was going, "yes" "sure" "thats what I believe" (but could not express so eloquently), it was as if I instinctively knew, deep inside my gut, what he said was the truth and it was not like I had to trust in his wisdom or make a leap of faith, it just all felt like the truth.

[pompomworld] i've seen others who claim being able to channel higher spirits but those guys are either eerie, spreading false and misleading information for self-worship or pure scary. this guy is something different! he's humble, humorous, serious, sincere, positive and energetic! he never forces anyone into doing anything. he respects individuality. everything he says makes sense. he must be genuine. to me he's a true reflection of love.

[EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT & EVENTS] I am flabbergasted at how brilliant BASHAR is. I am certain he is here at this time to help us. There is no limit to his wisdom. He spoke with Compassion....but sometimes with a STERNESS too when it is required to wake us up.

[Myst Eerie] As a skeptic... I have watched many many many Bashar video's... And I swear to God I haven't found ONE slip up yet... He is consistent as hell.

[Brendon Liew] To all you Bashar debunkers out there, how can anyone who is supposedly a charlatan, an actor, a conman (among many others), EVER EVER come out with such stuff? Even if an individual could somehow memorize all these volumes and volumes of highly esoteric information, there is no way he or she could deliver it with so much precision and ease and confidence, with hardly a hint of hesitation or momentary pause to gather his/her thoughts. In fact,listen to Bashar for the past 30 years, HE HAS NEVER UTTERED EVEN A SINGLE "UHM" or "ER" IN BETWEEN SENTENCES BEFORE!! That is humanly impossible!

[7Nexus21] If you actually study all sorts of channelers and the entities that they channel, then you would understand that they all say the same thing but just said differently.

Bashar Communications and the copyright enforcement mystery

Bashar Communications (BC) is the company which publishes the information transmitted by Bashar through Darryl Anka. Bashar.org is the official website. BC has a copyright department, which actively attempts to limit the spread of Bashar videos on YouTube (which is why some of the videos above are down), one might presume in order to prevent someone else from using the Bashar material to build a following and to keep BC as the only major source of Bashar information. While this idea appears to stand in contradiction to Bashar's message of abundance, it is balanced by the idea of a fair exchange of energy (with money as a token representing energy/work), as explained on BC's page "A message from Darryl Anka and Bashar about sharing Bashar material".

The copyright enforcement of the Bashar information appears to be one of the reasons why it hasn't spread as widely and rapidly as one might expect, given the significance of the information. Even the messages from the Essassani Oversoul Triad from 20-22 June 2014 — apparently a major event in Human history — are taken down apparently due to copyright claims from BC.

Starting from December 2014, BC even added an FBI prosecution warning (technically a threat) at the beginning of their videos. The FBI is possibly the largest criminal organization on the planet, if defining criminality according to Natural Law rather than man-made laws (legislation) created by people who believe they have the right to rule over others — which is to say the right to initiate violence. Most people paying attention to Bashar are also not very likely to be of a vibration compatible with the FBI thugs' vibration, which is one of harming people who have "broken the law" (or not) rather than harming people who have harmed other people (the idea of justice).

So incredibly insistent and focused on copyright infringement pursuance they are that they have become known as "Tumblr's biggest copyright troll".

How Bashar fans perceive the copyright-based information suppression

In this Inward Quest thread, a poster replies to BC's peculiar insistence on copyright enforcement with an Abraham quote:

If copyright issues are making you crazy, you're out of alignment and your good can't come to you. And if you find a way of coming into alignment then your good will come to you with or without the copyright protection.

Protection is always upstream, every single time. There is no possible way to make protection turn downstream because in every case you are focused upon what you are protecting yourself from, and it's an upstream thought.


To which another poster replies:

@lastplacefavourite - "replying to a Bashar copyright claim with an Abraham quote" - Perhaps one should listen to the other :) But to be fair, a course of action that a channeller embarks upon is not necessarily a reflection of the teachings they channel - though many will not have the understanding to see the difference, so it's bad PR from an earthly point of view. And despite what Abraham says above, Esther Hicks has been pursuing a similar copyright enforcement policy since Jerry's death.

Abraham have said a few times that even Esther & Jerry (when he was alive) only really applied the Abraham teachings about 51 percent effectively. And they've quoted Esther many times half-joking to others when things go wrong: "We only teach this stuff, we don't live it" :)

Another poster, 'releaser99', observes:


Thank you for providing all those valuable channeled material. You are doing a great service and I really appreciate it. And of course it is your right to get the amount of money you believe you deserve for providing all this channeled information.

I just want to offer a different perspective regarding copyright claims in general (since this is a site where different perspectives get shared).

What I've been observing is that people especially tend to copy and share a lot of material when they believe that it's of high value. They don't tend to share products of low value a lot. And there is also another correlation between material that gets shared a lot and... wealth.

It's quite interesting that the wealthiest companies (e.g. Microsoft, Warner Music Group,...) in the world are the ones whose material gets shared and copied a lot more than material of not-so-wealthy companies who don't offer a lot of value.

What I'm suggesting is that maybe, if your material is getting copied and shared more and more often, it's not because you are losing more and more of your wealth, but because your wealth is growing.

Because it seems that the more people are willing to copy and share your material without wanting to pay for it, simultaneously a proportionate amount of people hear about your stuff who DO want to pay for it.

Maybe it's because it's free advertising, or maybe it's because it has to do with Bashar's third law ("What you put out, is what you get back").

However, it's quite interesting to observe for sure.

Manifesting abundance truly is difficult on 3rd density Earth, even for Bashar's oversoul's human incarnation, it would appear...

YouTube commenter 'shalokin' makes another observation to be considered:

The problem with giving away services for free is that the service becomes instantly devalued by the recipient, on every single occasion where I have given a free treatment to someone, they have administered behaviours including: lateness, fidgeting, inappropriate talking, neglecting aftercare advice, lack of respect etc, neutralising treatment and wasting the opportunity. In my experience older ladies know instinctively that there must be an exchange so it hasn't been possible for me to compare their behaviour with others, and there are always more currencies to trade with. Thought to share this as I've been down that road thinking I could override the notion of money/exchange but was shown the results instantly.

And poster 'wildlife' writes:

[...] I will write Mr. Anka an email saying how much I apprecieate his work that he has been doing and how much this material has changed my life and still promise him, that until I will be able too, until I have a breath in my body and working internet link I WILL upload ALL of the Bashar material I can find because I believe it is one of the most wonderful blessings for human beings right now and that this material will change the world, just as it changed me. [...]

The way The Biggest Picture approaches the information coming from Bashar, which is what it is in its pure form before abstractions of meaning are layered on top of it, is exactly like Terence McKenna's:

A long, long, time ago—and we all have different opinions, this is mine, I hope it doesn't offend—but a long, long, time ago I took an oath to tell all secrets that came my way. Don't tell me a secret. I won't keep it. I'm against secrets, I'm against hierarchies, lineages; all assumption of special knowledge on the part of anyone in the presence of anyone else is abhorrent to me. I am a true anarchist first and foremost.

Terence McKenna

The "final" clarification from Bashar Communications

In 2015, presumably after being ever-increasingly "bombarded" with questions from puzzled supporters who find the copyright enforcement to be rather inexplicable, BC created a new video (embedded below along with Abraham-Hicks' explanation of copyright infringement pursuance):

Abraham/Hicks vs Bashar/Anka on copyright law. Which is right?

[Published on Oct 2, 2015] I see the value of both arguments but am torn for two of the top five channelers are so different. Feel free to comment.

One YouTube commenter, 'Francis West', wrote this in reply to the above video.

I've been following Bashar for 15 years. I've consistently felt that 'Bashar Communications' is the biggest problem with the process. Their website is crap, their business model is Draconian, their attitude is 'iffy'. I was shocked to see 'Bashar' saying what he did just then - I am completely disgusted (to put it mildly). It's the first thing i've instinctively disagreed with in all this time.. It felt absolutely wrong.

Our perception is very similar — even at one point, for the first time, exclaiming "bullshit!" to something Bashar said. Following are quotes from Darryl Anka and Bashar from the above video — hopefully falling within the "fair use doctrine" — and our reply in the context of the understanding of voluntaryism and the belief in "authority":

In the first Bashar segment, Bashar says that we should abide by the (man-made) laws that the collective consciousness has generally agreed to abide by, even if one may disagree with some of those laws:

The idea is to change those laws, by agreement, within your system, and then you can implement new laws, or let go of old laws, in whatever way serves your society the best. But as long as those laws are in force, then not following them, breaking them, will create the energy of being out of alignment — and if you are out of alignment with your integrity, with respect to those laws, then that's an indication that you can be out of alignment with your integrity in a number of other ways, and that changes the vibrational state in which you exist, and creates your frequency to be very different from our frequency, and diminishes your opportunities, on all levels, for interaction with us.


This would make complete sense if it weren't for the obvious observation that those man-made "laws" are enforced by means of violence. It seems as if Bashar expects us to continue believing in "authority" and statism for quite a bit longer — and perhaps this is indeed representative of the probabilities of the human collective consciousness.

He's always made it very clear that it's important to abide by our laws, until we choose to legally change them by agreement. Thus, following your excitement does not mean to do what you want without regard for the legal rights of others. It's important to be clear: anyone who pirates or advocates or supports the piracy of copyrighted material, is either committing or assisting and encouraging in the commission of a federal crime. This is fully out of alignment with Bashar's vibration, as well as the energy of his information. Let's see what Bashar has to say on this concept.

Darryl Anka

The "legal rights of others", however, does not include the right to initiate violence, which "our" legal system is premised upon. The very idea of man-made "laws" enforced by means of violence seems extremely contradictory to Bashar's message of abundance and liberation from limitations. The idea that we ought to work within the parameters of the legal system to "legally change [laws we don't agree with] by agreement" seems as preposterous as the idea of working within the political system of authority-based dominance and central control. As Bashar has said:

As we have said recently, and for many years of your time, you will find, that as you change your collective consciousness about what kind of world you prefer to create, you will need to create new systems to replace the old systems when they begin to crumble and fall away. They have now begun to crumble and fall away. So the idea is to not think about how to change the older system, because an older system will not be applicable in a new reality, but to create new systems that are befitting the new reality, that will replace the old systems when they finally collapse under their own weight.


It applies to every single social system on your planet within the next 3 decades.

Bashar, Download (11 Oct 2008)

So our social system of man-made legislative laws/rules won't be there within 3 decades, according to Bashar, but for the time being we actually should abide by the man-made "law" system that the collective consciousness has agreed to believe is a genuine, benevolent system that exists to serve them, regardless of how corrupt it may be perceived as or how pernicious it may be in actuality.

This puzzling idea is seemingly becoming increasingly preposterous as the bankrupt "governments" become ever-increasingly desperate and "pass" (scribble down ideas on paper) more and more Draconian "laws" to be able to more and more efficiently "confiscate" (steal) people's assets (especially cash) without even needing to charge them with a crime.

Copying or posting to YouTube, social media sites, or forums, is not sharing. It's marketing, duplication, and distribution, of the original material — and those rights belong only to the copyright holder. In short, piracy not only robs the material itself, it robs the copyright holder of their very rights, under the law. Thus a person who willingly receives pirated material is intentionally agreeing to help violate the artist's civil rights, as well as being a party to a federal crime.

Darryl Anka

What Anka seems to be saying here is that BC has worked very hard to prevent Bashar information from spreading too far. He is not even making an economic argument — because it is obvious that letting the Bashar meme loose would bring them unending numbers of customers.

Thus, posting clips of any length, or entire sessions of Bashar material without express permission from Bashar Communications, is not considered fair use. Under copyright law, it's considered theft.

Darryl Anka

Even the videos that could easily revolutionize our scientific endeavor and behavior toward each other? Nevermind the idea that "making a copy" has been equated with "theft" — which is the act of stealing, and stealing means "to take away from", "to deprive one of"; whereas when making a copy, the original remains intact.

The information has a deliberate progression, and is designed to be delivered in a specific way, and at a specific rate for maximum effect. It isn't being held back or removed from online sites out of fear, but to give the public a chance to absorb and apply it in the appropriate timing. Bashar Communications is working hard to deliver Bashar's information in a timely manner. However, when attention must be diverted to address piracy and unauthorized postings, then the rate of delivery is slowed down by the very people insisting that it be sped up.

Darryl Anka

So the purpose of BC seems to be to make just enough money to fund the continuation of Bashar events in order to get the maximum amount of information out through Anka "in a timely manner", while reaching the fewest number of people as possible. As for this website, we have no agenda as to speeding up or slowing down; however, it seems unlikely that helping to deconstruct our disempowering belief systems would result in slowing down that process (the Cryptics — shapeshifting future humans living 6th-dimensionally — even use the term "deconstruction", which happens after "the landing").

When a person takes it upon themselves to distribute the information, without permission, and without official guidance, the public may not be receiving the information the way Bashar intended, and it will be less energetically effective, when delivered out of context to the whole picture that Bashar has envisioned.

Darryl Anka

There is certainly no delivery out of context on this page or this website, but it would be helpful if Bashar or Anka could elucidate what effect exactly does Bashar envision his transmissions to have, and why suppressing or decreasing general exposure to such revolutionary healing information outweighs allowing it to spread naturally.

Mark Passio on our current condition
Mark Passio on ownership
Mark Passio on stealing
Mark Passio on Natural Law as common sense
Mark Passio on the exercise of conscience
Mark Passio on the Law of Freedom
Mark Passio on moral relativism
Mark Passio on Natural Law vs. man's law
Mark Passio on the logic of Natural Law
Mark Passio on the irrelevance of man's law
Mark Passio on real equality
Mark Passio on the immorality of government

Clearly, the idea of breaking your own laws is out of integrity and thus, by definition, out of alignment with a true definition of acting on your excitement.


So the idea is that if one is "breaking the law" that one has unconsciously agreed to abide by, one is by definition out of alignment with one's true self. Is it not possible that those who have reasoned their way out of belief in man-made "laws" and understand Natural Law are exempt from this collective agreement? Does one perhaps also need to rescind contracts at the soul level?

So, ironically, the people who pirate the information, thinking that they're accelerating contact, or speeding up the spread of Bashar's information, are in fact slowing it down for everyone who supports their acts of piracy. They slow down the amount of information that Bashar delivers, they slow down our ability to deliver his information to the public. They slow down your ability to get the intended effect from the information, and they slow down the process that leads to contact. We, and Bashar, encourage everyone to let go of anxiety and desperation, and to trust that you will get the information you need in perfect timing. Our individual and collective behavior has everything to do with when or even if the ETs decide to initiate open contact with Earth. Let's all agree to be on our best behavior. Thank you.

Darryl Anka

Completely agreed, and it seems quite obvious from the voluntaryist perspective that allowing a group of people to have the "right" to initiate violence against their fellow human beings because it says so on a piece of paper is not representative of our "best behavior". Surely our best behavior is to only support systems of organization based on voluntary exchange and synchronistic coordination, rather than on outdated lack-based violence-premised systems of control.

In what way exactly spreading Bashar information as far and wide as possible "slow[s] down [their] ability to deliver his information to the public" is left untold. It seems quite obvious that BC is the primary impediment to the spreading of the Bashar meme, evidently working hard to attempt to control the distribution and flow of Bashar information, instead of allowing the network effect of the Internet to make the Bashar phenomenon as well-known as the film The Secret became. It might also be, to some degree, that Bashar's information is so powerful by itself that — as with DMT — it's a secret so big that it keeps itself.

And when you do that, when you are willing to look that deeply within yourselves, and free yourselves, from the assumptions and the fear and the desperation, then, your excitement will expand exponentially, and you will receive information from a variety of sources and directions, that will be delivered to you in exactly the right place, the right time, exactly how you need to hear it. There is no need to worry or wonder whether or not others will receive what they need to receive. This only reinforces the idea that they may not. But if you relax, into your integrity, and your true frequency, all shall receive everything they need, in perfect orchestration.


Freeing ourselves from the assumptions and the fear and the desperation is precisely the purpose of this website, and Bashar, or the information coming from Bashar/Anka, is one of the biggest vehicles for allowing ourselves to understand how reality really works. We apologize if we decelerate the amount of astonishing metaphysical information and answers coming from Bashar with this website.

Hidden energetic purposes

It's not as if Bashar hasn't at the least hinted at these kinds of subtle aspects of their interaction with us:

And we would now remind you, shall we say, lift the veil a little bit on our technique of communicating with you, by allowing you to understand more strongly than before that the things that we discuss with you, have specific purpose, not always apparent on the surface.

You and we and all beings are energy resonance and thus this interaction is more than just a conversation or a discussion. It is an orchestration... an empathic orchestration, a resonance frequency vibration orchestration, and the specific things we choose to discuss and mention have specific effects in your consciousness beyond the surface meaning of the words that are translating through the channel.

So while we are perhaps talking about one thing, many other things are going on, in terms of setting up resonances and energies that will move... flow, in a certain direction... have a certain impact, all with your permission of course. For nothing we do is against your will, for it works no other way but that you are a willing participant, and will let in and allow in what you wish.

But there are many levels to this conversation, some of which are not audible to you, and even many levels within the words we choose, and the things we choose to tell you, that will, in some way, shape or form tip the scales if you let it in. But that is up to you.

Bashar (R.S.V.P., 2001-10-20)

It seems as if the degree of influence that Bashar has over human consciousness has been limited by means of the pursuance of copyright infringement rules. This would be the counter-balance to the power of Bashar's information. As Adronis of Sirius has said, it is about appropriately accordantly adjusting the level of exposure that is in equal capacity to that of the human collective consciousness. Equivalent exchange 101 between worlds.

In other words, the idea is that Bashar sees the higher-dimensional picture and respects the degree of allowance of Essassani energy exposure onto our world, and, since most of the collective consciousness believe in the idea that man-made "laws" are genuinely benevolent and do apply to them, the idea of copyright law serves as a means by which Bashar can transmit (what appears to be) the most advanced and powerful metaphysical information in his transmissions while limiting the degree of exposure which the Internet so vastly enhances. That Bashar hasn't become a worldwide (or English-wide) phenomenon by now, given how utterly flawless he is (or seems to be, with a 100% success rate in answering questions without hesitation or doubt), can probably be attributed to the work of BC.

Though it's easy to assume that it's about money (it's a business, after all, or at least it masquerades as such), in this case the scenario makes no sense. The idea is that Bashar and Darryl Anka are one oversoul who agreed to play out what they are doing on a higher plane, so there is probably no difference between Anka's agenda in regards to Bashar information and Bashar's agenda. As Bashar says, it's a vibrational orchestration — there are no "coincidences" with Bashar.

Subtle as it may be from our 3rd density perspective, the idea that the energy physics involved in the idea of "breaking" a man-made "law" one has agreed on the collective consciousness level to abide by — even if such "laws" are premised in the initiation of violence to enforce them (involuntaryism) — are the cause/reason for BC's consistent puzzling behavior and Bashar's latest clarification (to some degree) of BC's copyright policy does seem self-consistent and congruent with what other channeled sources (such as Adronis from Sirius) are saying. Bashar presumably perceives that we will generally continue to abide by man-made "laws" for a little longer. Hence, if one is breaking that agreement, one is by definition "out of alignment with a true definition of acting on your excitement".

Hence, the purpose of the upstream copyright infringement pursuance of BC — which, Anka says, is to their detriment ("... when attention must be diverted to address piracy and unauthorized postings ...") — is deeper (or rather higher-dimensional) than most Bashar fans imagine, causing many to become disillusioned (see any of the YouTube videos, and the comments section, about "Bashar copyright" for countless examples) and turn their backs, so to speak, on Bashar, thus no longer paying attention to that particular source of information — which was itself probably part of the goal of the video.

Deliberate sloppiness?

A similar idea is the observation that Anka is also a filmmaker (i.e. that is another of his passions), and has worked in special effects (i.e. has video editing skills), and yet the MP4 video files that BC has been publishing for many years on its website for paid download all have an interlacing effect that greatly reduces the video quality, especially when the image (video size) is expanded — which some people who are used to HD video quality find unappealing. For some reason, BC has perfected the sound, but not the video. In what appears to be a newsletter, BC wrote: "We are responsible for insuring that the quality of the Bashar material released to the public is as close to the original vibration delivered by Bashar as possible. The poor quality digital files that have been pirated and circulated are not energetically accurate and we don't use them. Even for our YouTube uploads we work from original source material whenever possible." Yet the source material seems to be made in low quality! Even if "not energetically accurate", whatever that may mean exactly, the information itself certainly has value by itself. Does the idea of energetic accuracy refer merely to the following idea?:

Everything is vibration. Everything is resonance. You will often notice that as we communicate telempathically through the channel, there are fluctuations and variations in the way the words come out that are representative of certain frequencies. This idea is that you are getting more information than just the words; you are getting other kinds of levels of conversations in some of the frequencies that come through. The idea being that there are other conversations being had here, on levels you may not be completely aware of.


Related observations include Bashar's somewhat Russian/Eastern accent during the "Cold War" period, and the Arabic names Anka and Bashar correspondence to the subsequent "War on Terror" period, which might play the role of decreasing exposure to "cold warriors" and "terror warriors" — i.e. the minds behind the negative geopolitical agendas. Even more noticeable is that Bashar's voice/accent/tone becomes more alien-like the more "far out" the information that is delivered (is perceived as).

We are suggesting thus that 'Bashar Communications' has been, probably from the beginning, a Bashar information containment operation — and also would like to add that this was quite apparent even before they made this latest video about copyright infringement pursuance.

The purpose of such an undertaking would be to transmit through Anka the most amount of information that is allowable according to their (Essassani and other service-to-others ETs) principles of energy exchange between worlds — and also, in part, to astonish those who would pay attention. We would suggest that, to the left brain consciousness, the only thing more astonishing than the Bashar phenomenon is exogenous DMT-induced phenomena.

So, to be clear, the idea is that the greater the degree of exposure of Essassani energy to our world, the slower the rate, and the lesser the amount, of information that can be shared. It's not what we would call a (man-made) "law" (enforced by "authoritative" violence), but rather a principle of limiting the influence that higher-dimensional higher-density ET civilizations have over the processes of human consciousness, individually and collectively. So, instead of influencing many humans from a little bit to a lot, Bashar prefers to influence a few humans a lot, thus being able to share information that is, at least in terms of left-brain consciousness, far ahead of any other sources in terms of the magnitude and depth and relevance of the information.

(See the comments for this video for more details and discussion.)

Evil pirates or BC's biggest human assets?

Poster 'Joseph' from the Bashar Sharing Community forum, which is dedicated to sharing/pirating Bashar material in disregard of BC's seemingly incomprehensible aggressive copyright enforcement policy, writes:

Bashar fan,

I welcome "someone" from BC to be here. I know that sounds counter-productive to the nature of a Network such as this, but let me elaborate. Frequency frequency frequency.

A typical "pirate" group of individuals that are sharing the latest music, movies, TV, and pay-per-views probably tend **not** to be of the highest frequency (judgement call, but go with me for a moment). As "pirates" they use and engage in counter-measures that keep them from getting "caught". Our main objective should be to show BC that we are helpful to their cause. They need all the traction they can get to reach a wider, mass-appeal audience.

BC should see us more as "agents" and have us as insiders, instead of seeing us as a vacuum. We are fans, as you know Bashar Fan, ;) and we could be put to use by someone who saw us an asset base, rather than the opposite. They should share news with us first as a method of perpetuating the word to others. They should give us discounts to live sessions for being the ground floor "fan club" that we are. They could use us to move Bashar's message to a wider audience.

If they are who they purport to be, and they truly live the Sassani message of higher frequency (and I believe they do) then they will "get" what I am suggesting. My path of preference is one of Darryl and April opening up the understanding of less blocking us and more embracing us.

We already know, as a Network, we will get these new recordings. They know it too. Seems futile to keep up this charade of "not allowing" on their part. It's petty and low frequency. If they believed in the message that Bashar shares, they wouldn't even have the capacity to engage in this type of charge. That is, if they actually practice Bashar's message.

Much love to April and all those who may be from BC. I, for one, welcome you to our Network. With respect and love for Darryl, Bashar and the Sassani people and their message to Earth. Use us. We are not your enemy. We are your biggest human asset. I implore you to be more allowing and search within and ask your higher selves how you may better include us, rather than exclude. We know Bashar's message as well as you and will vibrate to a reality where this is true. Please help us by at least considering a different approach in dealing with Bashar's/Darryl's fans.

For your reference, I have NEVER bought an Elton John record... but I have heard of him and his music. He belongs to the world now, as they say, no one would argue that. Bashar belongs to our world, too. Please let his message be one that transcends 20th century legalese and propels us right into the 21st century of First Contact, collaboration with extra-terrestrials, and us being first contact specialists ourselves. This plea is along those lines. Who would we need to pay in order for the Yahyel to make First Contact with us? BC? Will you hold a copyright on that too? The Yahyel will initiate contact with only those who have paid for their session?

I exaggerate to illustrate that there must be a way for us to co-exist with your acceptance, acknowledgement, and allowing. Bashar fans will see what I did there. Do you BC?

Love and light,


That would indeed be the smart thing to do, unless the above theory of energetic exposure limitation and the use of BC as an information containment operation is correct.

Bashar embracing and proppping up the "official" false narrative

One of the most bizarre aspects to Bashar's message began to be perceptible after Donald Trump's presidential victory in 2016, when, in Bashar's 2016-11-12 transmission, titled The Next Phase, he weirdly seemed to "take sides" politically, for the first time, taking the false "official" narrative as spun by the fake news media as if the true scenario, and even propping the false narrative up, along with the accompanying regressive-leftist mind-control delusionary symptomology known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS.

The nature of Donald Trump, or that of his role, has probably been best put by 6D channeler Magenta Pixie:

The leaders of your world hold one on the front line, who — masked as the fool, masked as the distorted one, masked as the idiotic one, the confused one, the childish imp who delights in riddle, and holds his hands above his head in delight at his own mistakes that he does not understand — is unmasked at this time. The divine veil is parted, as the mask of the fool is removed. Those with eyes to see have always seen, and those who believed the mask was real shall stand in shock and surprise, as the fool is really the wise man, the idiotic one is the clever one, the confused one is he who holds clarity, and the childish imp is the independent man of indigo strength, with a team of warriors of light behind him.

Magenta Pixie [source]

Not only are the Democrats and the MSM (which are essentially one and the same) portraying Trump as an unclever buffoon who is racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic/a liar/etc — Trump's strategy/tactic itself involves pretending he is incompetent/clueless so that his (very powerful) enemies will underestimate him in their own blind hubris, a likely necessary tactic due to the incessant attacks by the weaponized MSM to get rid of him by any means necessary. In other words, Trump brilliantly leverages the TDS of his enemies so as to make them mess up, such as with the impeachment circus and failed removal attempt that saw Trump surge in popularity as his enemies exposed themselves even more as extremist and mega-corrupt ideologues willing to use any underhanded anti-democratic tactic necessary (ala Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals).

A bit later, in his 2017-09-23 transmission (Eclipse), he says that "blue states" (Republican majority states) are "going into total darkness" as symbolized by the path of the solar eclipse of August 2017, and jokes that Hillary won the popular vote (even though neither Trump nor Hillary were competing to win the popular vote, but rather the Electoral College, as per the rules of the game), and even seems to imply that Hillary numerologically represents American freedom.

Is it possible that Darryl Anka (and therefore Bashar), along with most people in California, are experiencing a parallel reality bubble/timeline in which the MSM isn't lying about Trump and the populist movement (as well as the conservative "Right") that propelled him to victory, and in which Hillary Clinton and the Democrats (and the MSM) aren't utterly corrupt and outright malevolent and insanely destructive?

In either case, it goes to show how no one source of information should be held as sacrosanctly authoritative — not even other-dimensional extraterrestrial sources presenting grandiose "theory of everything"-level information as if self-evident common sense, and purporting to merely be reminding us of something we humans once knew, or already know but have chosen to temporarily forget.

Bashar and Earth politics

Bashar's first foray into any kind of politics or exopolitics on our planet seems to have been that of his 2012-06-17 transmission, titled The UFO Witness Declaration [in PDF], which is about asking our political leaders / elected officials to officially recognize UFO sightings/encounters/experiences, but also about "how The Essassani will become more directly involved in the politics of Disclosure and Contact in 2012 and beyond". Up until that point the agenda seemed reasonable and useful.


He once even said the TV news are not real news, that we need to learn to "read between the lines" in order to discern what's really going on.

How could an almost "all-knowing" (all-perceptive) higher-4th density agenda-free hyperdimensional consciousness like Bashar fall for what to information-dense observers/researchers is perceived like the rankest and silliest of mind-control programs? Is it because Bashar ignores all negative information and thus has eventually become susceptible to the "mainstream" (perhaps majority) collective consciousness bubble that is shaped by the incessant false "official" narratives that deviate ever-increasingly away from the actual, true relevant happenings "behind the scenes" of (geo)political/MSM discourse.

Previously he had seemed to imply, and by 2019-06-21 (in his The Shifting Window of Contact transmission), clearly states, that (re)electing Trump will delay open contact with our ET neighbors and friends, alluding to a vague report that the Clintons have expressed desire to, to some degree, declassify and disclose classified/occulted evidence of UFOs and ET contact.

Bashar has pointed out the consious types of "voices in one's head" that one experiences as a human on Earth: the Neutral voice, the Supporting Father and Nurturing Mother as positive male/female voices, and the Critic and the Deceiver/Seducer and negatively-polarized male/female voices. Funny that Bashar said in 2014 that the Deceiver's specific negative belief talent is "to lure you, to deceive you, into the idea of doing something that is out of integrity, out of alignment, but justifying and convincing you that it is actually the better path", going by the idea that "the end justifies the means", and that "it's alright to cut corners, it's alright to cheat others, it's alright to take what is not yours, because of some end result that is supposedly going to erase all the misalignment that was utilized in the actual means toward that end."

Justifying or ignoring the vast trail of crimes left behind by the Clinton political machine would seem to be one such "the end justifies the means" corner-cutting. Yet this is what Bashar has decided to do, for some quite-mysterious reason(s).

Bashar has also said this:

... But you have given your power over to people and told them to run your lives. So why berate them when they're doing such a good job of doing what you told them to do? Tell them to do something different; tell other people, then, to take their place who will do different things. Empower people. The way you have structured your culture is based on fear. So your government is based on the same. That shouldn't surprise you. So, develop a culture of joy. Develop a culture of self-empowerment, and then you will find you will not really need anyone to tell you what to do.


Understand that disempowerment has existed in your culture in your planet for thousands upon thousands of years — this idea of self-disempowerment has been a theme of exploration for generations, and generations and eons — but you're arriving at the end of that exploration, and that's why you're even considering that there can be something different.


Yet Bashar would have us vote for the worst elements on the American kakistocracy, rather than support the (at least far more) grassroots populist movement led by President Donald Trump (and to some extent by a begrudgingly somewhat-renewed Republican Party filled with RINO careerists), or someone who isn't as much of a statist as the candidates for the main U.S. political parties, such as the Libertarian Party.

In his 2019-06-21 transmission, titled The Shifting Window of Contact, Bashar said:

If the situation and the state of being doesn't shift in a more positive direction in your pivotal year of 2020, the window of contact will drastically shrink, and depending on what happens in the years following that moment, it may even to some degree erase. [... I]f you are willing to make another shift, through your actions, you can shift this energy back, but if you don't, the window of contact will be more elusive, and more challenging to find. [...] This is a crucial pivotal point in your history. The maintenance of negative energy to the degree that it is now being expressed, in your country and other countries around the world, will steer you in the downward spiral that was similar to the path of history that allowed the Greys to destoy their version of Earth. [...] And if you choose not to, then you may find, that discussing the very concept of open contact with us will no longer be a viable choice of conversation.


So he literally attempted to emotionally blackmail people into voting for whatever party he supposedly perceives as the best option. He didn't do this previously, e.g. for the Bush administration which would end up launching endless wars and causing Islamic radicalization movements, or the Obama administration which ramped it up even further (e.g. causing open-air slave markets in Libya). He apparently never once mentioned politics in the first 30 years of channeling.

He went on to say, in a rather fear-mongering, almost cult-like way:

You must, if you have the ability to do so, vote. Do you hear us? [Yes.] Do you hear us? [Yes!] Do you hear us? [YES!] Now, we understand that, many individuals will NOT prefer this energy to shift, and that we understand and have observed that many individuals and organizations are doing the utfmost to make sure that it does not. There is what you would call interference from foreign nations, with special interests, and even from within your own nations, with the same special interests.


Then he goes on buying into the absurdly false "Russian collusion" evidence-less conspiracy theory that he heard about on the corporate legacy media (which he had admitted in a previous transmission can hardly be called "news", saying that we must "read between the lines"). He then went on to encourage people to vote early in the upcoming 2020 election (one can often vote up to a month early), seemingly so as to reduce the chances that the Trump side or "foreign interference" might cheat in the elections (rather than the MSM and DNC doing the cheating — the ones who actually did do that in 2016).

Remember, individuals who promote the idea of fear, are themselves afraid. And therefore, they perhaps would like others to think they are more powerful than they are. So, the idea of their greatest power is simply to attempt to use fear to convince others they are more powerful than they are, because then they get to feel powerful, even though they don't necessarily believe they are, because they are afraid that they are not. And that's the state they actually exist in, but they will attempt to protect themselves from feeling that way. Therefore, you have the saying on your planet, 'misery loves company'. And therefore, as miserable as they may feel within themselves, they will deny that misery within themselves, but that misery vibration will still exist, but by denying it within themselves they have to project it outward, in order to have other people who feel miserable too, so that they can feel powerful in having created more misery.


Here he's describing the mind-controlled NPCs produced by the corporate legacy media, i.e. the people who haven't noticed how they're being lied to and thus believe the same absurd lies that Anka/Bashar is now also believing, which make up the false narrative that has the "left" as the good guys and the "right" as the bad guys and Trump as the top bad guy in the form of a caricature supervillain. When asked to point out a single thing they don't like about Trump, they typically can't point out anything they dislike that's actually not an absurd lie told by the corporate media / Democrats as part of the false "official" narrative.

The #1 promoters of fear are the corporate media, especially and above all others (in the US), the CNN-MSNBC-WaPo-NYT quadrumvirate of deep state CIA mockingbird disinformation mills. The fear-based beliefs these disinformation agents present, based entirely on a constant daily barrage of brazen/delusional lies broadcasted/printed by these largest infiltrated mainstream/legacy media entities, have been fully bought into by Darryl Anka/Bashar, for some almost unfathomable reason.

He even said the following all the way back in 1985 in the early years of his channeling career:

You will find, [that] your idea of what you term to be your governments, in a sense have been created by you — much in the same way that we spoke of that individual [a serial killer who said that God told him to do it] that created the consciousness that told him to go and do these things — because, you have not accepted your own responsibility for your own fears, and so you create the idea of organizations to handle that fear for you, so you will not have to deal with it.

Realize that once you create an organization based on fear, it will try to keep itself alive, as any consciousness will, and if it is created by fear, what will it have to create to live? [Audience: "Fear."] Thank you.

Take back your fear, be responsible for all of your emotions, and you will not need them.

Bashar, 1985

Yet now (2019) he admonishes his viewers/listeners to vote for a Deep State candidate of the mega-corrupt Democratic Party, fully buying into the fear-mongering generated by the MSM with their incessant "Orange Man Bad" propaganda of insignificant issues and absurdly false accusations of "racism", "sexism" and every other "ism".

Other than this bizarre anomaly, Bashar has seemingly never given any indication that there could be a non-benevolent agenda behind his transmissions, and his overall message being certainly one of highest-level self-empowerment, easily more powerful and detailed than any other known/available source of information (whether purportedly off-planet or not).

As researcher Jordan Sather put it: "There is a massive partial disclosure, limited hangout disclosure; it's being conducted in the mainstream, and "alternative", CIA-backed media right now, to try to confuse us of all this stuff. They're trying to offer up just a tiny piece of contorted information, contorted truth, to brush the rest of the secret space program stuff, and also, you know, that hardcore sort of dark occult information", like that of the Rockefeller Initiative and Podesta "disclosing" UFOs... Could Sather be on to something? What do we really know about the agendas of the benevolent races/civilizations that are (or have been) contacting us in these types of subtle ways like channeling?

The Five (+2) Hybrid Races & future timelines

Bashar says that he belongs to the 3rd race of Human-Grey hybrids, the Sassani/Shakani, and had described their civilization as well as that of the 5th hybrid race, the Yahyel, as well as the idea that at some point in our future evolution we humans will become the 6th hybrid race. He had also been saying that, after about a thousand years of experiencing ourselves as the 6th hybrid race, all 6 races would together eventually become the 7th hybrid race.

It was not until his 2018-04-28 transmission, titled The Five Hybrid Races, that Bashar gave information for the first time about the other 3 hybrid races. He brought forth (channeled) an entity he would later reveal to be a member of the 7th hybrid race, called «Morning Star», who speaks out 12 different names:

Anu. Vikua-desh. Adama. Eva. Maz-eh. Mazani. Sassani. Shaya-el. Yahya-el. Sha-linayá. Enanika. Anu-het.

Morning Star (7th hybrid race member) via Bashar

Bashar then proceeded to explain what each represents:

  1. Anu is the Anunnaki, who "were responsible for infusing their genetic material into the naturally evolved hominid species on your planet that you often refer to as homo erectus" (and habilis et al).
  2. Vikua-desh is homo erectus (et al), before modification. "Vikua-desh" means "seed template", the genetic template used to create homo sapiens.
  3. Adama (Adam) is the male template, which was used to create the female form, Eva (Eve), which represents the first "hybridization upgrade of the human form". Once the Adam and Eve forms of humanity existed, in parallel reality "future" versions of Earth, humans have mutated themselves to such an extent that they lose the ability to reproduce, so they tunnel into parallel reality "past" versions of Earth such as ours "to find viable human DNA to infuse with themselves to create hybrid civilizations that would allow their culture to continue and not die out". The Greys are in that sense the 1st hybrid race, those transhumanized/mutated upline/future humans that "came into your parallel reality and began the hybridization agenda", whom, "in the ancient tongue, are the Maz-eh".
  4. The Mazani, better known as "the tall Greys", are "the next stage of hybridization from the Greys that began to incorporate [pre-transhuman] human DNA, and allowed them to begin to change to something a little bit closer to resembling the idea of a hybrid that could continue their species, but it still was not sufficient for a number of reasons". They were the 2nd hybrid race, and "in a sense, phase 1 of the hybridization agenda".
  5. After that came the 3rd hybrid race, the Sassani, which are 50% Maz-eh and 50% humans as we know ourselves, half-way between Humans and Greys. To them and the other hybrid races, Humans and Greys are both their ancient human ancestors. Bashar has stated before that the Sassani are transitioning from higher 4th density to 5th density, in which their upgraded (almost non-physical) form is called the Shakani.
  6. The Sha-yahyel, the 4th hybrid race, are a bit more human-like, but still have much larger eyes and are relatively slender. They act as guides for the 5th hybrid race, the Ya-Yahyel, helping with "the agenda of acclimatization for the Yahyel to be able to interact with your world when open contact begins". The Ya-Yahyel, or Yahyel, look the most like us (and the least like the Greys).
  7. Sha-lanaya (meaning "the first ones") are "the hydrid children, that live on the ships, that ultimately will be returned to Earth, to live among you, and begin the process of allowing Earth to blend into, and evolve into, the 6th hybrid race, eventually." Bashar has said before that the Shalanaya will be hitching a ride with the Yahyel, so we'll meet them at the same time.
  8. Enanika (enani meaning "Earth"), which was initially eh nadea enanika (the place of the ancient mothers) was over time condensed into enanika (ancestor spirits/essence/DNA). "So it is the idea of the ancestor DNA and that which will allow there to be a blending, a harmonization, and a continuing of evolution for Earth to become the 6th hybrid race."

Ultimately there will be a 7th hydrid race (Het, or Anu-het), which is a blending of all the other 6:

This will be a new type of being that will represent a very different way of existing in physical reality that will exhibit many traits of spirits and other dimensions, will have an interesting expression of power, and passion, and peace, that will explore, and unify, many different star systems, many different galaxies, in time. So Earth is forming the last foundational component for the 7th hybrid race, which on the list is referred to as Het, or Anu-het — which means, they are conclusion of the cycle, the grand cycle, that was begun by the Anunnaki, and ends with the Anu-het, and brings forth a new species, as we said, of power, passion, and peace.

Now. This all goes toward the understanding of the real transformation that's taking place on your planet. This entire cycle is really what the transformation is all about. This upgrade, this uplift, this ascension, into new forms, new expressions, of great power and passion and peace and benefit, and creativity, and unconditional love, that can ignite a new wave of experience, and a new series of civilizations within your star system, other star systems, and the galaxy and other galaxies. This is the beginning of a new cycle with the Anu-het, a new form of the Anunnaki, for a different purpose of expanding creation in a new and unique way, in a much broader way, in a much more expanded way.


Bashar then goes on to explain that the real gift of the Maz-eh (Greys) is Bashar's information, with which "you get to skip all the intervening phases: the Maz-eh, the Mazani, the Sassani version of yourselves, the Sha-yahyel, the Ya-yahyel, the Shalanaya — you get to go straight from the idea of being human into being Enanikaa, the uplifted version of yourselves, skipping over literally thousands of years of necessary evolution. That's the gift that we're actually giving to you by sharing this information with you — to highly accelerate your ability to become the 6th hybrid race without going through what that alternate version of Earth went through, in creating or needing to create all those different phases to bring themselves back into balance, back into center. You can skip all of that by applying the information we share with you. That is our gift to you."

As mentioned, according to Bashar, "the being that actually read the list is a member of the 7th hybrid race. The name is Morning Star. Just to let you know they were saying hello."

Benevolent intentions behind the hybridization agenda?

Despite the entirely positive overview Bashar presents about the hybridization agenda of the Greys, people report abduction-type experiences with Greys which are rather on the negative side, but this is explained by Bashar as a result of the Greys having lost emotionality thus being unable to emotionally relate to the humans they were experimenting on (or collaborating with) and often were surprised by the level of shock some humans display, despite having agreed to the experience as part of the hybridization agenda for which a soul-level agreement exists to participate in (but which most humans are unaware of because such information is typically not relevant to most human incarnational experiences).

Many of the humans involved in such experiences have also been chipped, supposedly for tracking purposes. The newest form of tracking that the Greys put in many humans participating in the hybridization agenda, Bashar says, is "a slight adjustment in the molecular structure of your DNA, rather than a physical implant into your body that is wrapped with your own skin, so there'll be no rejection." These DNA modifications and/or physical implants wrapped in own skin (older technology), are for the purpose of "tracking, observing, recording the progress that you are making on your journey, so that they can understand how much closer your species is getting to open contact". It happens to some people because they "are part of the hybridization agenda by [their] own choice, and contain some of the bloodlines that are important for the hybridization process — that's why you volunteered for this, even though you may not remember that. All of you volunteered, there is no coercion here. You all volunteered from another side of existence, from another level of reality."

Certainly, we ought to ask ourselves and ponder the question: is the "6th hybrid race" timeline the only possible one? Are there accessible parallel reality versions of Earths in which becoming the 6th hybrid race doesn't happen? Is it an agenda and future/timeline that we can be certain is optimal for us?

Given the observation that he is one of the most (perhaps even the most) effective left brain awakening device on our planet, we'd be fools not to leverage Bashar to the best of our ability, even if he may give us in some respects significantly bad advice, and indeed even if behind his words were a hidden agenda (the hybridization agenda) that is not necessarily the ideal kind of agenda/timeline for us to aim for.