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John Lash's metahistory

or: The Gnostic warning

John Lash is a comparative mythologist and the only person to investigate the Nag Hammadi library that is not a Christian. "Holy book" believers insist on looking at the Gnostics as if a Christian splinter sect, rather than as pre-Christian mystics, as was believed before the Nag Hammadi discovery:

Gnosticism (from Ancient Greek: γνωστικός gnostikos, "learned", from γνῶσις gnōsis, knowledge) describes a collection of ancient religions whose adherents shunned the material world - which they viewed as created by the demiurge - and embraced the spiritual world. Gnostic ideas influenced many ancient religions that teach that gnosis (variously interpreted as knowledge, enlightenment, salvation, emancipation or 'oneness with God') may be reached by practicing philanthropy to the point of personal poverty, sexual abstinence (as far as possible for hearers, entirely for initiates) and diligently searching for wisdom by helping others. However, practices varied among those who were Gnostic.

In Gnosticism, the world of the demiurge is represented by the lower world, which is associated with matter, flesh, time and, more particularly, an imperfect, ephemeral world. The world of God is represented by the upper world and is associated with the soul and perfection. The world of God is eternal and not part of the physical. It is impalpable and timeless.

Gnosticism is primarily defined in a Christian context. In the past, some scholars thought that gnosticism predated Christianity and included pre-Christian religious beliefs and spiritual practices argued to be common to early Christianity, Neoplatonism, Hellenistic Judaism, Greco-Roman mystery religions, and Zoroastrianism (especially Zurvanism). The discussion of gnosticism changed radically with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi library and led to a revision of older assumptions. To date, no pre-Christian gnostic texts have been found, and gnosticism as a unique and recognizable belief system is typically considered to be a second century (or later) development.

Nature and structure: Main features

A common characteristic of some of these groups was the teaching that the realisation of Gnosis (esoteric or intuitive knowledge) is the way to salvation of the soul from the material world. Gnostic systems, particularly the Syrian-Egyptian schools, are typically marked by:

  • The notion of a remote, supreme monadic divinity.
  • The introduction by emanation of further divine beings known as Aeons.
  • The introduction of a distinct creator god or demiurge, which is an illusion and a later emanation from the single monad or source.
  • The estimation of the world, owing to the above, as an "error" or flawed simulacrum of a higher-level reality, but possibly good as its constituent material might allow.
  • A complex mythological-cosmological drama in which a divine element "falls" into the material realm and lodges itself within certain human beings.
  • A doctrine of salvation in which the divine element may be returned to the divine realm through a process of awakening.

The supreme divine source is known under a variety of names, including "Pleroma" (fullness, totality) and "Bythos" (depth, profundity).

Aeons are nevertheless identifiable as aspects of the God from which they proceeded; the progressive emanations are often conceived metaphorically as a gradual and progressive distancing from the ultimate source, which brings about an instability in the fabric of the divine nature.

The salvation of the individual thus mirrors a concurrent restoration of the divine nature; a central Gnostic innovation was to elevate individual redemption to the level of a cosmically significant event.


Some of these "main features" mirror the ontology descibed by Bashar to a great degree:

  • "The notion of a remote, supreme monadic divinity" is the understanding and experience of nonduality, which is not really "remote", just subtle.
  • "The introduction by emanation of further divine beings known as Aeons" seems to correspond to what Bashar has termed "the galactic consciousness" (in the 8th density, above the oversoul and soul levels, which correspond in physical size to star systems and stars/planets, respectively), and emanationism is a cosmogonical alternative to the at-least-equally-as-bizarre mainstream idea of "everything out of nothing" represented by the Big Bang theory (the un-elucidative "standard model" of theoretical physics in the objective reality metaparadigm).
  • "The introduction of a distinct creator god or demiurge, which is an illusion and a later emanation from the single monad or source" is a higher-dimensional attribution of the cause of the darkness that human consciousness has been experiencing for thousands of years to a higher-dimensional extraterrestrial intelligence.
  • "A doctrine of salvation in which the divine element may be returned to the divine realm through a process of awakening" describes precisely what seems to be happening: the ascension of human consciousness from 3rd to the higher densities.

Most interestingly therefore, according to Lash, the Sophianic myth aspect of the mysteries — the pre-Christian pagan mysteries — are amongst the most suppressed works in our history:

Historically speaking, the story of the Aeon Sophia, which you can consider as a narrative — call it a narrative, or a myth, whichever you like — has been the single most repressed piece of knowledge in all of human history. And we're extremely lucky that we have even been able to recover this piece of knowledge from the mystery schools, this gem of a narrative, because of documents that were discovered in Egypt in 1945 [and other very scant materials in disordered condition].

John Lash

Sophia's Correction

In the following interview with Ari Kopel of Shattering The Matrix Radio, John Lash describes the Gnostic myth and the relevance of its open-ended component story, Sophia's Correction:

John Lash - Sophia's Correction

[Published on Oct 6, 2013] In this episode, John will continue where he left off on Part 1 - The Archon Solution. He will shed light on the World Events that are setting the stage for Sophia's Correction. He will talk about the evidence of this correction via current Earth Changes and geopolitical events. He will also discuss the role that the Sun plays in this correction.

John will talk in depth about "the Master Race" concept as being a Virus from off world. He'll define Love & Hate, how to rid ourselves of Psychopaths, and he'll explore 4 Taboos that need to be broken.

Lash points out that almost all (if not all) mythologies describe the Earth as a female goddess being. This idea is part of our ancient cosmogonical stories, often playing a central role in the root traditions of human cultures.

Moon anomalies

Lash notes that many people have observed that "the moon is behaving in a very strange way". A project he initiated, the Gaian Navigation Experiment, observes the Moon very closely. Lash says of the Moon that it appears at a different angle than it should be, in the sky; its cycle seems to be rather erratic; lunar month seems to happen some months faster/slower in some months. The artificial satellite idea is completely wrong, Lash says — it is part of Gaia-Sophia's ecosystem. Bashar says that the moon is a natural object, but that it has been repurposed to aid in the Ascension process (i.e. Sophia's Correction). These perspectives seem to be compatible, while the idea proposed by David Icke and others, while more advanced than the mainstream view, would thus be a misinterpretation due to excessive extrapolations while attempting to uncover the extent of the control system.

Lash says that the Gaian Navigation Experiment (GNE) observes that the Earth is beginning to break away from the other planets in the solar system, moving towards free propulsion/self-navigation, currently being captured by the planetary system. She is in transition to a self-propagating self-navigating system; it's currently like a car being driven by an external force.

According to Lash, "that which will allow her to assume self-propulsion are two things: the electromagnetic field of the Earth and the geophysical power of the Earth" (mainly the volcanos, including the thousands of undersea volcanos, which function as steam engines).

Changes in Earth's geomagnetic field

Lash points out that there are apparently inexplicable massive changes in the geomagnetic field of Earth. "There are moments when the sun disc is absolutely clear of spots — this is unheard of, this is inexplicable — we are supposed to be at a solar maximum."

The Gnostic story says, according to Lash, that the Sun, which is a conscious cosmic being that can see (similar to how we can also see without sense organs, for example during dreams), recognized the plight of the Aeon Sophia when she turned/fell/morphed into the Earth and decided to assist her. So "that accounts, in Gnostic terms, for the remarkable fact that the Sun has an intensity of radiation that could destroy all life on Earth — and really ought to do so, but it doesn't. For some reason, the Sun assists life on Earth, and makes life possible, in terms that we know it." This is demonstrated by the bizarely low level of solar activity and solar emittance, Lash says. "Changes in the geomagnetic field in the earth are also part of the evidence of correction as we are tracking it in the Gaian Navigation Experiment."

"The geomagnetic field of the Earth is incredibly unstable; the north magnetic pole is moving very rapidly, and the general structure of the north and south poles of Earth magnetism is disintegrating, and the general magnetic charge of the Earth is reaching what scientists call a zero point, which is to say it's going to a reset. So this, again, is astronomical and geophysical evidence that something is happening to the Earth that fits the story of Sophia's Correction."

The end of war

Lash, while still noting the gangster nature of Vladimir Putin, observes that Russia is standing up to Israel and the international Jewish warmongers. Adronis, a star-level consciousness like our Sun, has predicted that Russia will be at the helm of preventing war and eventual nuclear disarmament.

Lash thinks the Zionist plan has failed because they couldn't take down Syria, and that Iran is going to be a key player in "defeating the nightmare of the Zionists and turning the world geopolitical situation in an entirely new direction." The origins of the Gnostic mysteries was in the Meijan order, which was founded in the northern-most part of Iran, near lake Urmia, around 6,000 years ago, Lash says. The pre-historical taproot of the Sophianic myth is in Iran, while the historical root is in Syria. Syria (and Lebanon and part of Turkey) is the heartland of the mystery schools and the Sophianic vision story.

Lash says he heard in an "Internet rumor" that Iran has free energy, and that this "somehow really makes sense", even wondering if, "within the next 3 months", the free energy breakthrough might come from Iran.

Lash points out the lies about the Germans and Nazi ideologues having had a "master race" ideology and plan, and how that idea originates in the Talmud and further back in early Judaism and Abrahamic monotheism, in the form of the idea of "God's chosen people". The German language doesn't even have a term for the idea of a "master race", Lash says.

Lash isn't afraid to laugh at the absurdity of the Holohoax tale, suggesting everyone watch the Eichmann trial videos.

Everything I thought about the Holocaust came from Hollywood movies. And so the mind-programming potential of this simulation technology, of photography and films, was a tremendous breakthrough of the "Archons" into the Human mind. And, it is that that has wiped out our continuity, and it's even wiped out people's interest [in the foundational myths of the European nations].

John Lash

Lash points out the Jewish nature of communism (or at least of the leaders of communism), and how Hitler was one of the few national leaders who stood up to the advance of the Judeo-Bolsheviks that took over Russia after Jewish bankers hijacked the original February 1917 revolution against the excesses of the Tsar.

The archontic infection

According to Lash, one of the reasons the Gnostics were attacked and eliminated is because they came out 2,000 years ago "claiming that the god of the Jews — Jehova, or Jahweh — is actually a demented alien, and a very dangerous character."

They watched the Jewish religion develop since its origin in the time of Abraham (about 1,800 BC), "and they knew — because they were seers, with parapsychological powers to observe the unknown worlds and to observe psychically the alien influences upon humanity — they knew that this alien intrusion that had taken place, but up until a certain moment it was relatively contained." Why? Because the Jewish religion doesn't evangelize — "it's a closed club."

The infection of the Abrahamic religion, which they believed was an archontic mind parasite, went pandemic with St. Paul and Christianity. Only then did the Gnostics become truly concerned, which is why they attempted to warn humanity of this extraterrestrial influence. The name, or one of the names, the Gnostics gave to the Jews' demented pretender extraterrestrial "god" is Yaldabaoth (the demiurge). The humans whose belief systems are programmed to worship this external authoritarian deity (lower creator god) "are actually hostile to the human species", the Gnostics warned.

Islam is "the final version expression of this virus", even more dangerous than Christianity, and "a very unfortunate belief system for humans", Lash says. As with Christianity, and even Judaism, Islam has many positive qualities to it, but "there is something inhuman and locust-like about the behavior of Muslims" — "it is a hive mentality" like that of the "archons". Ask a Gnostic about "a form of human society that has been morphed away from the true potential of this experiment, toward what the "Archons" would like to do to the experiment, then you look at Muslim society. The conformity of it, the sexual apartheid — which is hideous beyond belief, the treatment of women," which originate in Talmudic Judaism.

Lash observes that the taboos about pointing out Jewish power and vast Jewish over-representation in media, Hollywood, government, banking, etc, is finally breaking down, and that the reason this has happened is obviously not because the Jews are "smarter" than everyone else, like they like to think, but rather "because they represent the split in the human species where it turns against itself". Sophia's experiment cannot abide that split; that split alone is enough to cause the experiment to fail, which is why the "master race theory" (Jewish supremacism) is so dangerous and why Sophia is taking drastic measures to "correct" the problem.

The salvationist belief system of Judeo-Christianity is the main instrument they use to alter our behavior. "We become so zombified in our behavior that it's just as if they had embodied themselves in us". In other words, Jewish/Abrahamic religion, and particularly the salvationist extension of it, is the problem that Sophia's Correction addresses.

Lash points out that the Bible contains not a single word about the nature of consciousness. This observation alone should be sufficient to demonstrate that the Bible cannot be thought of as a "revelation" of truth. It doesn't teach about how the mind works, doesn't teach about love, etc. It can hardly be called a "spiritual" book. Lash says that the glorification of victimhood is the Abrahamic myth, not just the Judaic side of it.

Love and hate

Lash says the reason the Gnostics were unable to defend their lineage is because they lacked hatred. Hate plays a role in the human experiment, and it can be a positive one, Lash says. "And if human beings cannot find in themselves the hatred for those who destroy freedom and who lie and deceive and corrupt this experiment, then we shall not be able to save this experiment." Lash thus sees hate as not being necessarily negative in all senses, so long as one does not become consumed by hatred. "You have to hate what harms life in order to protect life." Lash says that if he can do it, others can do it.

Indeed, without its polar, unconditional love could not create a physical reality experience — or indeed any experience of duality at all. Lash believes that "the experiment cannot be saved through love alone"; however, if the subjective reality metaparadigm as described by Bashar is the accurate ontology, then indeed love alone does suffice, because hate is really an expression of fear, the real polar opposite of love — and what you put out is what you get back.

The other taboos

The other taboos are sexuality and deliberate alteration of states of consciousness by the use of entheogens. Both are types of altered states of consciousness, one pertaining to the endocrine/reproductive system (biochemically regulated by the pituitary gland) and the other pertaining to the neurological/perceptual system (biochemically regulated by the pineal gland).

"We don't know nothing about sex — nothing", Lash says. "We have been so misinformed and so misled about sex" that most people have never even heard of Wilhelm Reich. Through the Abrahamic monotheistic patriarchal cultural illusion, "we are given a wrong sexual education in order to keep us down, sexually". Under the original goddess religion, Sophia's original plan, "sexuality is to be celebrated". The beauty of the sexuality of the human animal is central to Sophia's correction, says Lash. Wilhelm Reich, with his The Function of the Orgasm broke the taboo against sexuality, which goes a long way back to the overthrow of the Goddess cults by patriarchy.

This idea parallels Terence McKenna's idea of the archaic revival. McKenna called the overthrow of the Goddess religion with patriarchal authoritarianism a "hideous plunge into dysfunctionality", which approximately corresponds to what we have been calling "human history". The healing of the gender rift — the end of the war of the sexes — is the return to archaic values, which cannot be achieved if we remain in patriarchal sexual morality — which, McKenna said, is one of the three enemies of the people: hegemony/monotheism, monogamy, and monotony.

The other taboo, the use of entheogens, Lash points out, is a superset of the more recent attempts to control what we can eat and how we eat (and the introduction of unlabeled GMOs, etc). Reflecting on his psychedelic experiences, McKenna thought of psychedelics, particularly the tryptamines (psilocin and DMT), as "touching the goddess" — the last thing the dominator culture wants.

The Jews and the Archons

John Lash bridges the archontic theory of control with White Nationalism, which a White Nationalist can use to introduce himself/herself to the subjective reality metaparadigm, without needing to first let go of any exclusionary beliefs he/she may have.

John Lash - White Genocide & The archontic Infection

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio interviews John Lash (August 4, 2014). John Lash is a self-educated free-lance scholar and author who combines studies and experimental mysticism to teach directive mythology. He is a leading exponent of the power of myth to direct individual experience and drive historical events over the long term. On metahistory.org, he presents a radical revision of Gnosticism, with original commentaries on the Nag Hammadi codices. He also presents the only complete restoration by any scholar of the Sophianic myth of the Pagan Mysteries, the sacred story of Gaia-Sophia, recounting the origin of the earth and the human species from the galactic core.

Unexpectedly, John Lash returns to discuss how he recently came to the political issue of White genocide after being deeply involved within the Sophianic myth. John explains how he discovered that the myth itself contains details of White genocide. We’ll discuss the supernatural factor behind this plan, an archontic force at play that has infected a specific race who are serving as proxies of the Archons. Raging on the planet, this archontic infection is both neurological and ideological. John talks about Sophia’s correction, her collaborators and what can stop the archontic infection as told by the Gnostics. We’ll continue to profile the problem and discuss the taboo of stating the obvious. Lash gives two perspectives on why we didn’t see this agenda sooner.

Also, he explains why the Gnostics were against procreation and how they warned it could be used as a weapon. Later, John speaks on the importance of reviving folk memory circuits and recovering important racial memory. At the end we’ll discuss Jewish liberation in 1859 and how they got the upper hand. John also talks about German genocide. When blowback falls on the sources of fraud, there will be no place to hide.

Lash thinks of the Jews (i.e. the Jewish mindset) as embodying the archontic parasite/virus, which targets primarily the White race because it has the highest degree of "excellence" (philosophy, organization, technological innovation, etc). Lash recognizes the Human race as the only one race, with the White race being really a sub-race or ethnic group, which is undergoing genocide.

The ancient Jews, a cohesive ethnocentric group of people with similar mindsets of superiority — specifically the Zadokite cult of the Jews — Lash proposes, made a pact with the "Archons". Thus there is a "supernatural factor" behind the Jewish agenda. Simplifying, he puts it this way:

According to the Gnostic warning, the Jews, who follow the agenda of racial supremacy, and domination of the goyim, are proxies of the Archons.

John Lash

He bases this idea in part on what a Christian critic wrote of the "heresies" of the Gnostics (full passage added to Lash's quote):

10. Ialdabaoth, again, being incensed with men, because they did not worship or honour him as father and God, sent forth a deluge upon them, that he might at once destroy them all. But Sophia opposed him in this point also, and Noah and his family were saved in the ark by means of the besprinkling of that light which proceeded from her, and through it the world was again filled with mankind. Ialdabaoth himself chose a certain man named Abraham from among these, and made a covenant with him, to the effect that, if his seed continued to serve him, he would give to them the earth for an inheritance. Afterwards, by means of Moses, he brought forth Abraham’s descendants from Egypt, and gave them the law, and made them the Jews. Among that people he chose seven days, which they also call the holy Hebdomad. Each of these receives his own herald for the purpose of glorifying and proclaiming God; so that, when the rest hear these praises, they too may serve those who are announced as gods by the prophets.


Ialdabaoth is one of the names of the corrupt demiurge that the Gnostics identified as the false god that pretends to be All That Is but desires to be worshipped as the ultimate "authority", creating thus an extremely disempowering religion (Abrahamic monotheism) that shifts the power of the individual human to a judging father figure who will approve or disapprove entry into an eternal realm devoid of suffering (heaven) based on how much of one's power one gave away.

Lash thinks of the "Archons" — the agents of the demiurge — as commiting a "leukocide", a genocide of the white blood cells that represent the Human mind's immune system, the primary line of defense against the archontic infection.

The telestic method & the archontic infection

I don't claim to be infallible; however, I do have an infallible method, and time and time again, it has been proven that when I use this method or tool correctly, I come up with the truth. This method is the telestic method of investigation used in the ancient mysteries. It is called instruction by the light. This is the secret of the mysteries that was never spoken, verbally, externally, and never even written about, until I wrote about it in Not In His Image. So I broke a vow of silence that was held by people in the mysteries for thousands of years, in order to disclose this method to the world.

And I practice this method. It's a method of shamanic investigation, by which, you enter an altered state, which I call cognitive trance. You are totally sober, you are more than lucid, you do not hallucinate, you do not close your eyes, and in this cognitive trance, you pose questions, to the light which you see, which is the organic light, which is actually the naked body of the Aeon Sophia herself. You converse with the goddess, in an exstatic state of knowing — this is what they did in the mysteries — and you come away with intel that you can not acquire otherwise.

So, take it or leave it, consider me to be anything you like [...] I'm completely transparent about what I'm doing. I'm not hiding anything, okay?

On the basis of such investigations, Henrik, I am now deep into an investigation of what I am going to call, for the first time in this interview, the archontic infection.

Now many people already use the meme of a virus, when they refer to the Archons, [...] and even in classical times they did.

John Lash

Lash thinks of the belief system of Abrahamic religion — starting with the Zadokite cult of the ancient Jews, going pandemic with Christianity, and then metamorphosing again into Islam — as "an ideological virus planted in the human mind by an extraterrestrial species" — a false myth created by the "Archons".

That is the "soft version" or metaphysical aspect. According to his shamanic investigation, it has a physical/material correlate: it's also a neurological virus. He says he has discovered with his shamanic methods that the infection is masked behind L-DOPA, the precursor to dopamine which is considered to be only a precursor, even though "there is new data suggesting that L-DOPA may be not only a catecholamine precursor but also a neurotransmitter by itself of yet unknown function." Lash likens it to toxoplasmosis, a peculiar parasitic disesase.

The problem with the Jews is not "every single person who calls himself a Jew", but the Jewish/Abrahamic mentality. It's ideological and genetic — "that's what's so insane about it", Lash says.

Lash theorizes that Whites/Caucasians have higher immunity to the virus in part because they eat pork — pigs being scavengers that eat anything resembling food. Hence the quite-irrational prohibition against pork in Judaism and Islam.

He mentions Colin Wilson, and his book The Mind Parasites (1967). "The story is about Professor Gilbert Austin's conflict with the Tsathogguans, invisible mind parasites that menace the most brilliant people on Earth."

It could also be made into a film, AI (Archontic Infection), for which the plot summary would be: "The human species on Earth has been infected by an off-planet virus." However, "according to the Gnostics," Lash states, "that's not fiction, it's fact." But in order to truly know this, you have to go into "supernatural" states of consciousness using shamanic methods, says Lash.

The "Archons" can't show up on Earth's physical plane because oxygen is highly toxic to them, Lash says. We become able to perceive them, however, as we raise our frequency back up towards the 4th density.

Envy as the motivational factor

Lash says that the nature of everything the "Archons" do is memetic — it's a simulation (of free will) that envies what it cannot have.

Envy, in Lash's definition, is destroying what someone else wants, not taking it away from them. Envy is a destructive act/intention. It's a zero-sum game.

The Gnostics said of the "Archons" that they don't have intentionality — they are not following a "plan" proper. The motivation of the "Archons" is the senseless act of envy, destroying what they want but cannot have. The "Archons" envy the Aeon Sophia giving Earth to Humanity, and its diversity, and especially its innocence, Lash says.

Lash says the Gnostics defined the anthropos (the Human animal) as envy-less, so he theorizes that envy is archontic wherever it manifests — the reasoning being that he has none, and doesn't suppose he is a special case in the species.

How do the "Archons" "control" or influence humanity?

John Lash | Gnosticism, Sophia, & The Archon Control Matrix

[Published on Apr 30, 2015] Gnostic scholar and author, John Lash, joins THC to lay out the myth of Sophia and explains the true origin story of the Archons. John then explains how the "Archons" achieved a very substantial neuro-hack into humanity, spawning the three major religions and cementing us squarely within their Sophia-defying control matrix.

Lash thinks it's important "that people recognize two things: First of all, when I introduced it, I spoke of it in the way that Gnostics taught; I didn't speculate, I didn't make up my own ideas about ETs; I didn't use the Sitchin hypothesis; I didn't talk about ETs engineering the human genome — that is not true. ETs did not engineer the human genome; the Aeons at the core of the galaxy are our true cosmic parents. What I did was I followed the Gnostic intel, and I reported on the "Archons" according to the Gnostic intel. And the second thing that I did, which unfortunately many people disregard, is that I stressed, that the Gnostics taught, that the "Archons" are extraterrestrial parasites that prey upon humanity came about as a result of Sophia's action; that she accidentally produced these "Archons". And, I can't think of anyone who uses the word Archon today who includes that important piece of information, which is very unfortunate."

The two ideas don't seem to be as contradictory as Lash assumes. The genetic alteration by the Anunnaki would've happened some 500,000 years ago, while the human experiment itself would be much older than that. Lash appears to be interpreting the Sitchin interpretation of the Sumerian myth to be a competing/alternative account of the arrival of the "Archons". Bashar seems to suggest that the Anunnaki and the "Archons" are different beings. The Pleiadians apparently date the arrival of the "Archons" at about 300,000 years ago, while Bashar dates the Anunnaki's arrival and alteration of the DNA of homo erectus and homo habilis at about 500,000 years ago.

The "Archons" as the creators of the inorganic part of our Solar System

Not only were the "Archons" themselves created accidentally by Sophia — according to Lash, "the Gnostics claimed that the planet Earth was formed anomalously", and that "it does not properly belong to the solar system", that it is "a living entity, a living superorganism, captured in an inorganic system". The "Solar System at large is an inorganic system; it consists of inorganic planets, which are the habitat of the Archons." This idea, Lash believes, will "eventually be confirmed by science", and that "science is in fact on the verge of confirming this statement".

This idea conflicts with what Bashar says, which is that, while the other planets of the Solar System don't support life as we know it, that doesn't mean that there is no consciousness associated with those planets, aside from the consciousnesses that the planets themselves are. Bashar says, for instance, that Jupiter's red spot, a cyclonic plume generated by a radioactive gigantic hurricane, symbolizes Jupiter's "watchful eye" fatherly energy. Bashar and other channeled sources say that, before we began incarnating on Earth, our souls were incarnating on Maldek (now the asteroid belt) and Mars — this happening in the timeframe of around 1,500,000 years ago.

Also, the supposition that the scientific method can confirm anything like these ideas seems absurd, because events at this scale are not necessarily, or even at all, happening at physical levels of consciousness, but more at the quasi-physical levels of the 4th density and above — and they happened a very long time ago. Is Lash to some degree buying into scientism and physicalism?

How do the "Archons" meddle with Humanity?

The way by which the "Archons" "mess and intrude with the human experiment" is "primarily through entering our minds, and through putting foreign implants in our minds", what Carlos Castaneda called "a foreign installation". "There is a foreign installation in the human mind, due to the Archons." The "Archons" "are an inorganic species that vaguely attacks humanity through telepathic means and through implanting deviant ideas in the human mind."

The 3-body system

Lash says that we're intended, by the creators of humanity, to be "a three-body system", relating to the natural cycles of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun, and the biorythms associated with them. "If we were to observe these rythms — feel them, respond to them, and organize our society according to them — then we would live harmoniously in the three-body system. We are intended by the design of Sophia to live in a 3-body system." "But that 3-body system is captured in the inorganic system of the Archons. So we have two systems operating at once on us, and the tendency of the evil-minded people of the planet is to use the archontic mindset to take us away from the natural system, and put us in an artificial system — the matrix."

This idea describes another trinity (Earth, Sun, Moon), which is often an indication of being on the right track, though we can think of many alternative scenarios in which the other planets of the Solar System are as innocuous as they appear and less representative of the idea of artificial creations by inorganic envious entities. Researcher Cameron Day also suggests this might be the case, however, or at least that the other planets "have been altered, coopted, moved around and manipulated so that the lowest emanations that they can put out will be put out onto people".

The idea of not being, or no longer being, in touch with the natural biorythms is certainly a fascinating observation by its own right. One of the most obvious examples of these celestial cycles being tied to our biorythms is the observation that people who do night shift work (and thus sleep during the day) have some of the highest rates of depression — presumably due to going against one of the most obvious of these natural cycles (the circadian diurnal/nocturnal wakefulness/sleepiness cycle).

The Illuminati (i.e. the people who are more consciously/deliberately driving/steering the control system) are thence "not really operating, or carrying out their nefarious and evil plans, according to the natural rythms, but they are doing so according to an archontic system of mind control" — "which is called predictive programming and other things like that", "revelation of the method", etc — and "that would not even work upon us if we lived in constant interaction with the solar, lunar, and terrestrial cycles". And indeed, "before we entered the industrial age, and even well into the industrial age, indigenous peoples, such as the Inuit (used to be called eskimos) — the Inuit of Iceland, or the Aboriginees of Australia, or the natives of South America or the Native Americans of North America — you name them. They all lived in close and intimate harmony with those 3 biorythms. Now it's no accident that in order for the archontic powers, and those who serve the archontic powers, to prevail in this world, they have to destroy all indigenous people. And they've done a pretty good job of it — there's very few left. Why did they target indigenous people, why did they target pagans who live in harmony with the Earth? Because that is the greatest threat to them, because, if your connection to the Earth, and the life cycles of the Earth, is strong enough, you cannot be deviated or influenced by the "Archons" or their human counterparts."

This idea is similar to Bashar's more general idea that if one is perceiving from the balance point at the center of the polarity (recognizing existence as a trinity), one "cannot be deviated or influenced" by anything one does not prefer to be influenced by, because one is then not automatically assigning unconscious meanings to the fundamentally-neutral circumstances and situations one is experiencing — and thus then, "while it may seem that things are falling apart all around you, one individual standing in the midst of chaos can be absolutely unscathed".


"We are designed to live in unity with the larger patterns of life around us. The whole direction of the archontic takeover of the human mind is toward a matrix. They really are the creators of the matrix, which is a mind control system, that is artificially constructed." And "one of the tools of that mind control is the calendar" and the artificial parameters of behavior that we conform to. "That whole system of calendrical order is a terrible weapon against the natural way of life on this planet."

The "Archons" may be considered as a "hive" species, "and most of them are drones", Lash says. "The drones are the Whitley Strieber Grey alien type, which is called a neonate, because it resembles a prematurely-born fetus. But there are Archon overlords, or in particular, one master of the hive, which is described as drakona in the Greek-Coptic text, that is to say, as a drakonic, or reptilian, form. So there is a reptilian overlord, and then there are the Archon drones — this is how you visualize them, based on the Gnostic intel. They gave us this intel 16 hundred years ago, and they had already been developing this intel for many, many millenia, so they had the scoop on the Archons, and on ETs, before anyone else on the planet. So I say, respect them for what they knew."

This is in stark contrast to what Bashar says about the Greys pertaining to our alien abduction phenomenology: that they are actually humans from a parallel reality Earth who transhumanistically mutated themselves in order to adapt to the conditions they had created on their planet (their version of Earth) to such a degree that they lost the ability to reproduce, and thus looked for viable human genetic material in other versions of Earth such as ours, creating and in a sense surviving in the form of 5 Grey-Human hybrid species that they created, of which Bashar's Essassani civilization is the 3rd, but eventually going extinct and destroying their planet. The "overlords" or overseers of the Greys' hybridization program, the Zeta Reticuli, Bashar says, are not reptilian but rather mantoid (insect-like), but they are not "leaders" in the sense that we are familiar with, because there are no leaders in a hive mind — it is one single entity. It should be noted, however, that there are many kinds of Grey-type beings, and the ones that would've been around at the time of the Gnostics were probably not the same Greys that we encounter in our timeframe. The Greys that we know, as described by Bashar, were looking for pre-transhumanistic but probably also post-Medieval human genetic material.

Genomic vs. neural intrusion

The "Archons" "didn't biologically crack into the genome" because "the genome was divinely designed in the galactic core by these cosmic artists and scientists, and they sealed the genome very very carefully against intrusion. However, around 1800 BC, it appears, the Gnostics warned us" — and "this warning however is not contained in the surviving Gnostic materials but it's contained in the arguments of the Church fathers against the Gnostics", written very clearly in the work of Irenaeus called Against Heresies — that "the lord Archon, which the Gnostics called Ialdabaoth — strange word — managed to get access to the mind of a certain part of the human species: the ancient Hebrews; and that they infected the mind of the Hebrews with an alien virus, or an alien mindset; and that they chose the Hebrews, to be their representatives, and therefore to wage war upon the rest of the human species, by using the ancient Hebrews as their instruments of intrusion into our species."

"The way that they did that is that they installed an implant in the brain — they made a neural hack into the brains — of that particular tribe of people. And as a result of that hack, there arose within the ancient Hebrews, at the time of Abraham, a cult, a sect. It didn't involve all of the people of the Hebrew or Jewish racial lineage, but a certain fraction of them formed a cult, and they were called the Zadokim." This cult, which was led by Zadok, "said to be descended from Eleazar the son of Aaron" who was "the first High Priest to serve" in the First Temple under King Solomon, were "staunch opponents of paganism".

The word zadek, Lash says, means "the righteous, or the superior, or the supreme". So "this cult, historically speaking, arose around 1800 BC, and this cult is the germ of salvationist and messianic religion", developing first in Judaism, then spreading into Christianity and then Islam. "So all three of the Abrahamic religions derive from the same source, and that source is an extraterrestrial implant in the human mind." This science fiction sounding scenario, Lash says, is "an exact paraphrase of what the Gnostics taught".

Our ability as human animals to just live in peace together on this planet, to coexist with each other, and to investigate the natural world, and to discover and unfold our true potential as creations of Sophia, is interfered with — we are not allowed to do it, because there is a foreign influence working among us; and that foreign influence takes the form of religion, of a religious ideology, of salvation, the "chosen people", the messiah, and the end of the world scenario. Those ideas, which are widespread in human culture, as you know, do not even belong in the human mind. They are not a product of human mentality, even though they have been received and developed and transmitted by the human mind, they do not originate in the human mind. They originate as an alien transplant in our minds, as an alien virus. This is what the Gnostics taught.

John Lash

So "all three" of the Abrahamic religions "are expressions of this virus — there is actually an alien virus infecting the human brain on this planet, and that is why the insanity of religion has been spread across the pages of history." And "it's obvious when you say it: these 3 religions have produced more destruction, more murder, more division, and violence, than anything else in the world. And that is because they do not belong in this world — they do not belong here."

Perhaps the most difficult "block" that people face in getting the benefit of this Gnostic material — which by the way is tremendously liberating — is that, we are used to thinking that those religions, and the concepts in those religions — you know, the concept of the chosen people, of the messiah, of God's plan, by which humanity will be tested, and then rewarded or punished, you know — we are so accustomed to those notions that we think, we assume, that human beings produced them, and they must be the products of our own minds — but they're not. They're not. And when you begin to consider that they're not the product of our own minds, that is an incredible awakening.

John Lash

These ideas correlate quite well with what Bashar has called the Orion energies, which began incarnating on the Earth plane around 6000 years ago, specifically in the area we call the Middle East. The "Archons" would thus be related the the Orion energies, rather than to the Greys and the Zeta Reticuli. The Reptilian species connected to Orion may have Grey-like drones of their own, not very directly related to the Greys of our abduction phenomenology.

The archontic infection and the objective reality delusion

If the subjective reality metaparadigm (as described by Bashar and independently arrived at scientifically by Tom Campbell) is the accurate ontology, and the Sophianic myth is an accurate cosmogony and description of the true nature of the control system, then it follows that the objective reality delusion (which is the central premise of The Biggest Picture) is the largest archontic meme used by the(ir) control system to lead us toward the next level of enslavement: transhumanism. (Though it's not like they are succeeding to the degree they'd like.)

The delusion — known in the foundational Hindu myth as Maya — serves to keep us in the experience of disconnection with our Higher Minds (the "external world" in the delusion) and thus out of alignment with Source and the teleological Attractor energy that is represented physically by the manifestation of excitement/joy/passion (love of creative action, lowest entropy).

Perhaps the most comprehensive and most well-known (i.e. good but mainstream) comparative mythologist, Joseph Campbell, figured it out intuitively:

If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Wherever you are—if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, all the time.

Joseph John Campbell

The synchronicities of the names John and Campbell are noted with excitement!

Is the "fall of 2016" the Sophianic Correction?

What Lash says seems to correlate with the idea that the Ascension/Essassani timeline(s) are the ones that will repopulate a new Earth after Sophia gets rid of the archontic infection — in a way perhaps (at least somewhat) reflective of the way the Greys destroyed their version of Earth and then themselves. How gradually would this occur? Bashar, and the Essassani Oversoul Triad, have stated that "in the fall of 2016, EVERYTHING will change."

Contrary views

Slightly differing views on the Sophianic myth and the "Archons":

[in5d] Thanks for the interview, Henrik. This topic of "Archons" is so important for people to talk about. You might want to consider interviewing Cameron Day and Robert Stanley about "Archons" as well.

There's a Russian website that gives us the daily Schumann Resonance (SR) readings. The Schumann Resonance on Earth has been at 7.83hz for what many people believe to be thousands of years. Recently, the resonance has been rising as high as 8.50 cycles per second. In essence, Mother Earth is shedding the archonic fleas off of her. Tune into Mother Earth and raise your frequency with her!!!

[sendivogius] I watched the whole thing and read the 70+ comments posted thus far and noticed that the topic of spirituality never really came up in neither the video nor the comments. I find this very strange, since Gnosticism revolves around spirituality.

Gnosis is the one true spirituality. All religions are but distorted and watered down versions of Gnosis carefully contrived by the servants of the Demiurge (Jewish people being self-admittedly the most prominent, per their own literature) to distract and derail mankind from the True path. They have continually infiltrated the human groups pursuing Gnosis and corrupted their teachings. If opposition is encountered, then they destroy them and their work (the reason behind the burning of the Alexandria library, why Cathars were pursued and killed, and why the Germanic lore has been so suppressed and vilified, just like John Lash mentioned).

I have serious objections to what John Lash presented in this interview, though:

  1. Apparently we should workship Sophia... What about the Transcendental God?
  2. The Sophia that is present in the Pleroma is the true incarnation of the one seen here and is the one that created the "abortion" that is the Demiurge, or the Creator god, who in turn created us (John mentions that we were created by Sophia, WHICH IS FALSE). We should not worship either. Our spirits are here against their will and our sole purpose should be to regain the lost knowledge (Gnosis) and return to our rightful place, the Pleroma, with the one true God, not Yahweh / Yaldabaoth / the Creator of this flawed world.

  3. He mentions "Archons" several times, but what about the Demiurge?

    John talks about an archontic infection which is supposed to blind us and make us a slave race to the Jews and Archons, but they themselves work for the Demiurge, a vampire "god".

  4. It is pointed out that the "Archons" are extraterrestrial, and so it is thought that they are material just like us, but just not from our planet. In reality, "Archons" are extradimensional and nothing like us. They have no Spirit / Vril for starters, reason by which they need to suck our life energy, just like the Demiurge, which is the reason why we're stuck in this holographic universe in the first place.
  5. John mentions a shamanic method of truth finding through a "light".

    How do we know this light is a credible source? Demons / "Archons" themselves often manifest as bearers of light (the word Lucifer itself means Bearer of Light).

  6. In the same vein, the "trickster virus" John mentions sounds eerily reminiscent of the "Lux" entity that infects abductees according to Italian researcher Corrado Malanga, which works like a computer program within the human mind. Lux means light in Latin.
  7. Ultimately the whole game of wars is about profit for the Zionists and human deaths for the Demiurge to reap. He's the reaper after all, Yahweh / Yaldabaoth is the same as Saturn, the infant-eating God that inspired Moloch. This God also translates as Death. Therefore, what we are dealing with here is a Saturn Death Cult, just like Troy McLachlan (also interviewed on RIR) has exposed.
  8. For further evidence of the death cult, look into Denver International Airport (DIA), a multi-billion dollar project backed by Freemasons in which death imagery abounds and where the dark horse of the Death horseman of Revelations is prominent. To leave no further doubt about the death worship, they even brought a statue of Anubis into the scenery.

Finally, have you guys at RIR considered interviewing Ashayana Deane, James from the Wingmakers site, or Corrado Malanga? They all have a very interesting tale to tell about this so-called alien infiltration, which listeners should find highly illuminating. Namaste.

[A Tuned Gene] The "Correction" has been going on a while now. Its the purple light coming down that the infekted are trying to block out via chemtrails. Certain ground water carries light too. Fracking is used as a deterent. Nature has the intel available to anyone who is open to receivership. The way it works for me is that I fall into a trance and the info is then downloaded. Its an amazing thing. Children who go to school all the live long day have no chance to acquire this info. This is the real saddness. In portuguese (portugal) when a woman is going to give birth, we say Dar Luz (to give light) the inverse of course is To Take Light. The galactic center is in the earth. Portugal means: Por (for) Tu (you) Gal (grail) the "R" is silent. The archonic infektion is every where. I have lived in many countries in my life, and no matter the race\religion the infektion is previlent. Greed is the catalyst. Drugs in the water promote harder drug use for its drinkers. Coffee eliminates impulse control. This is a fantastik interview.

[A Tuned Gene] +redlotus888 I am italian. I grew up on coffee(acidic). Last year I decided to stop. It made me crazy because I was hyper sensitive to the drug. I also stopped drinking city water\bottled water which has flouride inside. No showers either with that toxic water. Flouride makes one feel lethargic\sluggish and coffee is the pick me up answer. Its a vicious cycle that 95% of the whirl is on. Coffee made me jump to making irrational decisions very easily.

Now this thing on Pork. I have lived in north afrika a few years back and was fortunate to have befriended some of the sweetest people that I have ever met in my life who subsequently never touched pork or alcohol. This thing about being white and eating pork is nonsense to the highest degree. To get rid of these archon parasites is easy to do. Stop taking acidic products and instead ingest alkalai rich foods and water. Its the key. Everything sold and promoted is of an acidic origin, especially alcohol. There is a reason for that. How does that work? First of all the pineal gland opens up like a pine cone in a fire letting all the seeds out, which goes back online with the galactic center inside the earth disc. Also the aura\electrical field is working at its highest capacity and anything foreign that enters the body gets burned up. We can say in this way.

Envy and jealousy work hand in hand. My ego was killed a long time ago and my reptilian cortex is nearly shut down. My dark passenger(s) left too. I envy no one and am jealous on no one. I admire nature and all of its digital wonders for we are all living in an artificial construct. The solar system phonetically speaking is a soul lure system. Everything is in the inverse that matters.