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Law of Attraction

or: The higher-dimensional causality of manifestation

The Law of Attraction (LoA) describes the dynamics of the channel of manifestation between the Higher Mind and the Physical Mind — the 5th-dimensional and 4th-dimensional aspects of the Human being. This information channel is what we call imagination.

In other words, LoA describes the process by which manifestation (physical reality) is created. The Higher Mind conceives an idea in the 5th dimension, which is perceived by the 4th-dimensional Physical Mind as an image, a symbol. The Secret is that what's important is not how it looks (because it's just a symbol). What's important about it is the vibrational resonance of how it feels. The symbol is just a tool to get you in the proper state of being, in order to allow the Higher Mind to bring the idea into (4th-dimensional) manifestation.

The definition of manifestation is not "bringing something to you you don't have"; it's "making visible what's already here by matching its frequency". You already have everything you need, you just don't know it yet because you can't see it, because you're not the wavelength of it yet.


Allow yourself to listen to Bashar explain how it works:

Bashar | Guided Meditation | Parallel Realities

The reason the Law of Attraction seems alien to us is because the ego construct that believes itself to be "in control" of the Physical Mind is under the misguided impression that it has to know how things are going to happen, when in reality it is only designed to know how things are happening. It extends itself excessively into 4th-dimensionality, when in reality the Physical Mind (of which the ego is a subset) is a 3rd-dimensional (static, timeless, not-quite-4D) experiencer of the perception it receives from the 5th-dimensional Higher Mind, which arranges the 4th-dimensional causality of spacetime according to the vibrational state of the whole being — not according to the assumptive ideas of linear time and 4D probability theory.

It appears that all non-Human organisms on Earth surrender to the LoA — in other words, they are in their natural state of being, not creating resistance to the energy that represents their true self (i.e. the ideal incarnational experience).

The byproduct of the ego's desire to be "in control" and belief that it must figure out how something must happen, is expectation. Allow Bashar once again to elucidate the limitations of expectation:

Bashar | Drop Expectations

Note however that expectation of how the outcome ought to look is not the same as expectation for what's next:

Abraham Hicks - Expectation is Creation

Law of Attraction and Repulsion

Like with a magnet, if there is an attraction, there must by definition be a repulsion. In his 2011-11-13 transmission, titled The Law of Attraction and Repulsion, Bashar explains the polarity understanding of the Law of Attraction and how to automatically attract and repel those things that are relevant and irrelevant, respectively, to one's incarnational experience:

Bashar :: The Law of Attraction and Repulsion highlights

Complete session available at www.Bashar.org. How The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion work and how they relate to belief systems. Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation- A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.

How manifestation works

Once again, Bashar explains how it works:

Bashar - 7 Steps to Manifestation

Most simply put, the universe, or reality, does not understand like/dislike, only likeness — or as Abraham-Hicks put it, "Law of Attraction does not hear your words, it only responds to your attention."

Law of Attraction = energy physics

The Law of Attraction is summed up as the 4th Law of Creation: "What you put out is what you get back."

In other words, the vibration you irradiate (resonate as) is what determines what the (5th/6th-dimensional) Higher Mind mirror will reflect back. Meaning out, effect back.

Bashar describes LoA as "a layman's way of expressing energy physics":

bashar life is meaningless

message for the awakening of human consciousness

The Law of Attraction is the description of the higher-dimensional dynamics of the non-causal mechanics of manifestation in the (multi-dimensional non-VR model of the) subjective reality metaparadigm. Non-causal is more accurate because everything exists simultaneously, but to bring the logical mind along it is useful to call it 5th/6th-dimensional causality as a distinguishing stepping stone from 4th-dimensional causality.

It is not wrong to say, as many people interpret the Law of Attraction on your planet to mean, "well, yes, of course, you have to be the frequency of the thing you wish to attract." That's fine, but it's not a complete nor a deep understanding of how it works. Here is the true secret of the Law of Attraction:

You have a core vibrational frequency. It is purely, uniquely you. It's a beacon, it's like a lighthouse, it shines, it radiates, purely that signature frequency of your unique being. It never stops radiating that light, that frequency, that energy. Never stops.

Everything that is in alignment with that frequency is doing its utmost to come to you. Everything that is not aligned with that frequency is doing its utmost to get as far away from you as it possibly can. If the things that are aligned with that beacon aren't reaching you, it's not because you're not vibrating at the resonance that you need to attract it — it's because your definitions and beliefs are holding it away.

If the things that are trying to get away from you can't get away from you, it's not because they're not trying, it's because you're holding onto them. So the true secret of the Law of Attraction is not "how to learn to attract" what you prefer, it's how to learn to let go of what you don't, so that you can let in what is trying to get to you, automatically, by definition.

That's the true secret, and that's why it's effortless. It's just about letting go, and letting in. It's not about having to learn to do something you're not already doing.


Abraham-Hicks (upon whose information The Secret is based) describes exactly the same idea but with very different words.

In the beginning there was consciousness, and in all consciousness there is that which is wanted and absence of it, so there were two points of view within that consciousness, and that was enough contrast, in order for Law of Attraction to begin the evolution.


It's not as if humans haven't figured out the Law of Attraction by themselves, without ET/ED whispers, however. In an article entitled What Really Is the Law of Attraction?, researcher Mateo Sol writes:

Over the past few years there has been a lot mentioned about the "law of attraction" to the point of making it a cheesy, fluffy and often annoying concept.

The law of attraction is a funny thing; it's been around since man developed a desire to find depth, wholeness and inner peace. It's such a simple thing that its own simplicity is its pitfall for people who live trapped in the complex labyrinth of the mind. Eventually we stop paying attention to it. Then after a while someone "rediscovers" this secret to happiness and everyone gets excited about it until it's old news and gets forgotten again.

Each recent generation has had its own popular version of the "law of attraction": from Napoleon Hill's post-great depression book "Think and Grow Rich," Norman Vincent Peale's post-WWII book "Power of Positive Thinking," to Tony Robbins' baby boomers book "Unleash the Giant Within," and of course Rhonda Byrne's social media generation book "The Secret."


The ancient Greeks had an interesting word "Thaumaturgy," which is derived from the words thaumu ("miracle") and ergon ("work"), or "miracle worker." Thaumaturgy was the art and science of changing aspects of the external world by changing our psyches in some way.

The art of manifestation basically means manifesting your intentions, or willing your desires to draw or attract different things towards you. In general, people have two different approaches towards reality:

  1. Those who believe that the universe ("The external world") is bound to do its own thing, as determined by its own internal laws, regardless of what you think about it or intend for it to do.
  2. Those who believe that the course of the universe is altered by one's perceptions; by their thoughts about it and their intentions for it.

Mateo Sol

To that we would add the subjective reality metaparadigm:

  1. Those who believe that the universe ("the external world") is actually internal — i.e. a construct inside one's consciousness.

Critiques of the idea of the Law of Attraction

Following are addressed 3 different types of critiques of the idea/notion/belief of/in the LoA, the first from a pseudo-skeptical physicalist perspective, the second and third from advanced metaphysical perspectives:

Fundamentalist-materialist misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction

Accepting information only from perceived "authoritative" sources, pseudo-skeptics focus on the film that popularized (to some degree) the LoA: The Secret. For example, an article by Ingrid Hansen Smythe titled The Secret Behind The Secret begins thusly:

What is Attracting Millions to the Law of Attraction?

PSST! HAVE YOU HEARD THE SECRET? If not, the first thing you need to know is that The Secret isn’t a secret, and this in itself should set your skeptical alarm bells ringing, since whenever the very name of a thing is a contradiction of the thing itself, it is easy to imagine that the bridge up ahead may be washed out.

The Secret is a simple New-Age notion that is the subject of a recent and wildly successful book by Rhonda Byrne and DVD by Rhonda Byrne of Prime Time Productions. The secret is “The Law of Attraction“ that asserts what you think creates what you feel, and these feelings flow from your body as magnetic energy waves over vast distances, which then cause the universe around you to vibrate at the same energy level as your feelings. If your feelings are negative, negative experiences will inevitably flow right back, positive feelings elicit positive experiences. Like attracts like. “Thoughts are sending out that magnetic signal that is drawing the parallel back to you. It always works; it works every time, with every person.“ Thus there is no such thing as accident or coincidence; it is you, the individual, who brings misery on yourself because of your toxic thinking. But the good news, Eeyore, is this: if you can only alter your thoughts, and therefore your feelings, you can actually cause the universe around you to vibrate at a positive energy level and the desires of your heart will come to be realized! All you have to do is Ask — Believe — Receive. You just have to visualize what you want, feel good about it, and then ask the universe (and ask once only, oh ye of little faith) — and whatever you can imagine can be yours. “This is like having the universe as your catalogue and you flip through it and go, ‘Well I’d like to have this experience and I’d like to have that product and I’d like to have a person like that’ … It is you just placing your order with the universe. It’s really that easy … [Just] start to have different beliefs like there is more than enough in the universe, everything goes right for me … have the belief ‘I’m not getting older, I’m getting younger.’ We can create it the way we want it.“

The "magnetic energy waves" is the electromagnet(her)ic energy field of the heart — the existence of which is not unknown to science (as concept), regardless of what the scientific establishment "authority" says is the "official" belief. Smythe's ego is conceptually separating the universe from the self, thus imagining that the vibrational resonance of how one feels causes "the universe around you to vibrate at the same energy level as your feelings", when in reality, the "universe around you" is the reflection of the vibrational resonance of one's state of being — one's consciousness.

According to Smythe, "even if The Law of Attraction was logically consistent and scientifically sound, the moral implications of a Law such as this are alarming". In other words, even if it were true, it would be so scary to assume that much responsibility!

Smythe ends the article with this:

The Law of Attraction cannot admit doubt or skepticism. If one begins to doubt the power, or even to harbor negative thoughts in one’s unconscious mind, one is assuredly on the road to ruin. The Law of Attraction requires uncritical acceptance of, and unwavering belief in, a doctrine that has been revealed by alleged authorities, which is interpreted literally, not metaphorically, and is at the extreme end of credulity. It is just another kind of magical thinking and, worse, another brand of fundamentalism.

Rephrased to reflect the true nature of reality:

Fundamentalist-materialism/physicalism cannot admit doubt or skepticism. If one begins to doubt the power, or even to harbor negative beliefs in one’s unconscious mind, one is likely on the road to ruin. Physicalism requires uncritical acceptance of, and unwavering belief in, a doctrine that has been revealed by alleged authorities, which is interpreted literally, not metaphorically, and is at the extreme end of credulity. It is a kind of reductionist thinking and, worse, the most widespread brand of fundamentalism.

Spiritualist misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction

In a densely obtuse article entitled Why You Don’t Create Your Own Reality – an antidote to fatuous New Age paradigms, researcher Michael Topper wrote:

A paradigm that is currently running amok through the New Age community, and which is depriving them of their last bit of common sense, is better known as “You Create Your Own Reality“ (short: YCYOR). This insidious half-truth is usually placed into a very misleading context and is never completely true.

Let us just look at some basic facts that we can derive if YCYOR would be completely true:

1.) Every war victim, or rape victim, etc. must have wanted to draw whatever misfortune upon itself, since that victim “created his own reality“.

Common sense tells us here, that this is nonsense, and that not all war victims, etc. ever wanted to happen that war to them. For me, common sense simply wins, and cuts a long discussion short. :-)

Common sense tells us that, given that there are obviously shared reality elements (to the degree that it makes reality appear to exist objectively), the idea that one is consciously choosing every aspect of what happens (to an absolute degree) is preposterous — yet this is what Topper is assuming.

2.) We would live in a solipsistic universe wherein we could do whatever we wanted without further consequences.

But pretty much obviously, we do not live in such an utopian universe, and no, even on higher densities, there is no such universe.

The assumption that YCYOR implies solipsism is a failure of imagination. It is far more logical to assume that, if YCYOR, then everyone else are also creating their own reality, and that the common elements that we experience are a co-creation. Anti-realism does not necessarily imply solipsism.

In the subjective reality metaparadigm described by Bashar, a more refined YCYOR model, the co-created elements are collective agreements, which exist at frequency levels of consciousness (densities) between the 4th-dimensional and 5th-dimensional aspects of the Human being — the Physical Mind and the Higher Mind, respectively.

Why You Don’t “Create Your Own Reality“

Just sit there for a minute. Attune to a mere soupcon of self-reflective consciousness and you can’t help but notice you’re hardly self-generated; there isn’t one thing about yourself, including the environment you perceive or your “personal“ will, that issues from any sense of a self-creating “you“. Indeed, “you“ are spontaneously endowed, before the self-reflective fact, as the coordinate presence of a total and given pattern of Being. It is all immediately established, without personal intercession on your part. The patterns through which you perceive, the modes by which you move and cognize take up your being without a whimper of protest, a hint of objection or even notice. This vastly creative process by which you spontaneously come to yourself, on its terms, is so suavely accepted as inherent expression of your being that you claim it as yourself without even observing you do so (i.e., these are “my“ thoughts, “my“ words, “my“ perceptions, “my“ ideas, “my“ movements).

Wait, we hear the protests, perhaps I don’t actually create the basic patterns of Being or the functions of existence, but I do seem to individualize them. I make them my own. I synthesize all these “given“ features as personal contents from my unique angle, so that “my“ expression of the common pattern is distinguishable from yours and so very intimately identifiable as me. In that sense I create my own reality out of the given materials, which really aren’t anything in particular until I endow them with the unique expressive life that is “me“.

This ordinary qualification is acceptable, as long as we notice that the vaunted “personalization“ or “individualizing“ of the general creative endowment of Being is also a function of that endowment, not something privately assumed. The creative pattern of Being, of which we are expression, individualizes. That is its attribute, not ours. It can only be considered innately “mine“ insofar as “I“ come after the fact, along with the perspectival endowment of individualization. In that sense I am the process of individualization; but I don’t create it.

The nondual nature of reality can actually be experienced, thus no speculation is actually required as to who/what "I" am/is. The ego — the culturo-linguistic construct within the Physical Mind — is a result of definitions that are reflective of the objective reality delusion that is memetically programmed into the belief system structure of Human beings by the culture and by the control system.


What makes the “you-create-your-own- reality“ evangelist fatuous (rather than a demonstrable God of the most egregious solipsism) is precisely the fact that all such “personal decreeing“, “positive thinking“ and confident imagining takes place in an inevitable context. There are implications! There are repercussions! No one “decrees“ in a personal or private, solipsistic vacuum. There is a variegated World of myriad “pulls“ and “claims“ coexisting along with the private desires and designs of the given ego-subject.

But “so what?“ we hear the die-hard “reality-creator“ claim “don’t we remain untouched by those ‘co-existents’ as long as we keep secure in the confidence of our own private deservedness, our own authoritative affirmations and specific commissions of positive thought-re-inforcement?“


This is reflective of the absurdity of the initial assumption that YCYOR implies solipsism rather than "anti-realistic" co-creation. Even from a linear spacetime perspective (without proposing higher-dimensional causality or simultaneity and thus non-causal mechanics), the assumption is absurd, as aptly demonstrated scientifically by Tom Campbell.

Topper's language abilities, reflected in his excessively complex verbiage, is contrasted with the assumptional leap of anti-realism as solipsism, which reflects a lack of imagination in terms of big picture thinking. Nonetheless, Topper (who left the alchemical vessel in 2004) deserves credit for promoting the understanding of channeling, among other ideas well beyond the scope of possibility in the fundamentalist-materialist symbolic experiential realities.

Metaphysical extremes under the objective reality delusion

A more advanced critique is offered by metaphysical researcher Montalk. In his article True Reality Creation (written in 2004 but featured as one of the top articles on his website), he writes:

“You Create Your Own Reality“ (YCYOR) is the predominant belief system of many New Agers. This doctrine states that reality is entirely the product of our minds, and that by controlling our beliefs, we may determine what happens to us: what events we focus upon, we attract; what we do not focus upon, we do not experience. Creating for oneself what one desires is called “manifesting“, and having all one needs in life is called “abundance.“ For those who utilize YCYOR, manifesting abundance is usually a key goal.

This is an accurate description of the subjective reality metaparadigm. When the idea that YCYOR is framed within the objective reality metaparadigm, however, it could only possibly look like wishful thinking. Without the definition of the objective vs. subjective reality metaparadigm, the YCYOR meme is a "New Age doctrine". What The Biggest Picture is doing is bridging the incomplete understanding of the YCYOR idea within the objective reality delusion with the subjective reality TOE derived by Tom Campbell and the non-VR subjective reality ontology elucidated by Bashar (and reinforced by our other intragalactic neighbors by "subtle" means of communication).

Do we create our own reality? Yes we do, but not as freely as proponents of YCYOR claim. As it exists, YCYOR is a faulty paradigm whose incomplete nature was made so by design. This belief system is a dangerous spiritual weapon used by negative forces to disarm their potential victims. People who seek the New Age as an alternative to atheism or Christianity are not improving their situations. They are merely falling for further deception, the same trick with a new look. Like gravity, such deceptions can be traps, or they can be used as slingshots to propel one further along if one is careful and learns from mistakes.

As it exists, the "YCYOR" meme is reflective of the incomplete understandings of the diverse belief systems of the people in the "New Age" movement/community. The complete understanding is provided by Bashar (a "first contact specialist" apparently operating under the true TOE), verified by the self by the experiences of nondual awareness and the experiences produced by exogenous doses of DMT, and the bridge to scientific empiricism is provided by physicist Tom Campbell. Beyond the physics, the biology of YCYOR is bridged by Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake.

There are several reasons why YCYOR is dangerous.

First, YCYOR fools its followers into believing they are more spiritually evolved than they truly are. Such New Agers are lulled into a false sense of security, an overestimation of their abilities and invulnerability, and thus fail to prepare against random accidents or attacks from negative forces.

In the subjective reality metaparadigm, the "negative forces" are within, and can be neutralized from the paradoxical balance point at the center of all polarity — which is why Creation is not a duality but a trinity — by learning to avoid assigning negative meaning (i.e. definitions) to experiences (circumstances and situations, which are instrinsically devoid of meaning) and redefining old definitions representative of (mind control and cultural) programs. This is what the Law of Attraction, in its true understanding, describes: what you put out is what you get back — the 4th Law of Creation, one of the only 5 objective, unchangeable laws that exist, according to Bashar.

Second, the practice of “manifestation“ often becomes an act of black magic when used irresponsibly. Black magic is the manipulation of higher forces by lower individuals to their own spiritual detriment. For example, when corruptly implementing “manifestation“ through visualization, ritual, chanting, or meditation, one can circumvent one’s life mission or agenda, extort one’s Higher Self, and violate the freewill of other sovereign humans.

The idea of extorting one's Higher Self (which conceives) is analogous in scale to a bacterium extorting an elephant, or an electron extorting a cell. Being 5th-dimensional, the Higher Self, as does the soul, sees all possibilities as equal, because they are equal from those perspectives above the 4th density where the causal environment can lead to great levels of polarization.

Manifestation is used properly when it does not initiate a freewill violation. Manifesting or requesting has different consequences, depending on whether it is directed toward higher positive, higher negative, or lower negative beings. “Higher“ and “lower“ refers to their relative level of evolution compared to yours. To explain all this more clearly, a description of higher positive and negative forces is necessary.

One’s evolutionary level is determined by the lessons one has accumulated since metaphysical genesis as an individuated being. What higher positive and negative forces have in common is that they are both very aware and near to their respective evolutionary finish lines. The difference between them lies in their levels of wisdom, freewill and freedom, and what exactly they are evolving toward.

Negative beings evolve toward the sleeping half of the Creator, physicality. They are irresponsible, lack wisdom, and have little freedom or freewill.

Positive beings evolve toward the active half of the Creator, consciousness. They possess much responsibility and discernment, are wise, and enjoy more freedom due to their greater freewill and responsibility.

In the subjective reality metaparadigm, at least the one described by Bashar, "metaphysical genesis as an individuated being" begins with the nondual being's creation of duality (the creation of All That Is to experience itself; the first reflection), further individuating down in frequency to the oversoul and soul levels of consciousness, which then have experiences of themselves in lower frequency levels (densities). Physicality is not a density that negatively-oriented beings evolve toward, nor is consciousness something that positively-oriented beings evolve toward. Physicality exists within consciousness — it is a denser vibration, a crystallization of electromagnetheric energy, a projection of one's consciousness, a reflection of/from one's Higher Self. The "sleeping half" and "active half" of the Creator (self) are metaphors for the negative and positive energy contained within it, which are expressed at all frequency levels of consciousness, from the first split-off of the One into All That Is all the way down to 3rd density physical reality.


The positive (or STO, Service to Other) hierarchy is a network. This means higher evolved beings help lower evolved beings learn and evolve. In this way, those higher beings evolve as well. Here on earth, those who think they can fight through life alone are failing to make use of this network. They are succumbing to negative influences because of their pride, and must learn that because they are part of a network, requesting help from higher positive forces is perfectly fine. If the request is pure, those higher positive forces will help, especially if it aids in unblocking or accelerating one’s spiritual evolution.

To make a distinction, requesting is different from manifestation, in that it is an act of calling upon positive higher forces while respecting their freewill, leaving it up to them to help you if they deem it wise. Manifesting, on the other hand, is a direct way of influencing your reality. Concerning positive higher forces, requesting is the way to go. But with lower evolved beings, manifestation is the appropriate method.

In the subjective reality metaparadigm, manifesting simply means "to make something visible/perceptible by matching its vibrational frequency" — for everything relevant is already being attracted to you, but one holds beliefs that filter out little or much of one's ideal synchronous manifestations. All requests (techniques/tools/rituals) are nothing but permission slips that one may use to make it seem causally OK (i.e. believable) to give oneself permission to be more of what one already is. However the idea of requesting seems like good advice.


As can be seen, YCYOR either fools a person into thinking he can control reality more than he really can (thus making him vulnerable to negative forces who exploit his ignorance), or else ensures that when he does influence his reality, it becomes an act of black magic which stunts his spiritual evolution.

This disinformative doctrine is a spiritual booby-trap, plain and simple. Its targets are tricked into disarming and corrupting themselves, avoiding the acquisition and utilization of knowledge, sabotaging their own lives, and later blaming the resultant misery on their failure to adhere even more strongly to YCYOR protocols.

The reason YCYOR works so well is because it is based on a lot of metaphysical truth. People awakening from more ignorant belief systems are lured by the truth content of YCYOR. But as with all disinformation, its designers care not so much what their targets know, but what they do. Despite a large truth content which influences what its followers know, the few lies and logical inconsistencies in the doctrine is enough to twist what they do. Negative forces want them to do what is in line with the negative agenda. Such targets are effectively “tenderized“ for consumption or “disarmed“ for elimination.

As can be seen, the objective reality metaparadigm fools a person into thinking that he needs to control his reality more than he really needs to to make life work for him (thus making him vulnerable to negative forces who exploit his ignorance).

Through twisted logic, certain faulty inferences are made from the true idea that we create our own reality. Some of these are listed below, followed by short explanations which will be elaborated upon later in this article.

“If you don’t believe in evil, it cannot harm you because it will not exist in your reality.“


It's not about not believing in the existence of evil; it's about recognizing its true nature as an aspect of the self and then re-defining the idea in neutral terms, thus no longer assigning negative meaning to it, which makes it impossible to get a negative effect out of it. As Bashar would say, like vibration to like vibration — that's all this is! In recognizing that other human consciousnesses are still assigning negative meaning in their experience, the idea of compassion is expanded to a higher-dimensional understanding from which one can more effectively help steer the collective consciousness towards the light.

Disagree as we may on the fundamental ontology (the study of reality), Montalk's epistemology (the study of knowledge/truth) and ponerology (the study of evil), as with that of Mark Passio, is among the most advanced within the objective reality metaparadigm. Our hats go off to them.

History of the concept

Quoting The Skeptic's Dictionary:

The law of attraction originated in the 19th century movement known as the New Thought movement. An early proponent of the idea was William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932), who attributed his recovery from various physical, psychological, and financial disasters to the power of belief. He wrote a number of popular books about it, including Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World (1906). Belief in the power of belief has been an attractive message for millions of people for hundreds of years, even though there is little evidence to support the notion that believing something can make it so. Most of the supportive evidence is anecdotal. The evidence from science supports a limited influence from the placebo effect. Proper scientific tests of the power of belief to cure serious illnesses, however, have been universally negative. Those who claim that some tests have shown a positive healing effect from prayer, visualization, or positive thinking are motivated more by desire to believe than by the actual evidence. The same is true for scientific tests of the ability of people to affect something physical using only thought.

Given that several Western authors figured it out in the early 20th century, there should have been no reason for quantum mechanics and general relativity — each of which, as Tom Campbell points out, invalidate one of the two fundamental assumptions of an objective reality of the other — to continue with the assumption of an objective reality, thus leaving us with the Hard Problem of consciousness. But, as with any enterprise with momentum (energy/effort/time/money) behind it, the scientific enterprise, which is entirely based on the assumption of an objective reality, has built-in defense mechanisms.

This belief in an external world independent of the perceiving subject is the basis of all natural science.

Albert Einstein

Law of Attraction & quantum physics

Fundamentalist-materialists would have us believe that there is no connection at all between the idea of the LoA and quantum physics, yet the connections are obvious even from within the objective reality metaparadigm. For example, the following video extrapolates between the two ideas:

The Law of Attraction Explained by Quantum Physics

Based on the book "Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance", by author Greg Kuhn.


All situations are fundamentally neutral and can serve double duty. They can create for you a negative or a positive reflection, that is solely determined by what energy vibration and attitude and belief system and definition you assign to that situation. So no matter what anyone else's intention in any given circumstance might be toward you, if you assign only a positive meaning to that given same circumstance and situation then you will only receive a positive effect out of that circumstance no matter what anyone else experiences.


Freedom from the desire for an answer is essential to the understanding of a problem.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

The action of Mind plants that nucleus which, if allowed to grow undisturbed, will eventually attract to itself all the conditions necessary for its manifestation in outward visible form.

Thomas Troward, 1904