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The Moon

or: The Epsilon Frequency

or: The engine of Ascension

What exactly is the Moon?

The prevailing assumption within mainstream science is that it is the result of an asteroidal impact on the Earth by a Mars-sized object some 4.5 billion years ago. This is known as the giant impact hypothesis, or whack theory (or double-whack theory):

There remain several questions concerning the best current models of the giant impact hypothesis, however. [...] At present, there is no self-consistent model that starts with the giant impact event and follows the evolution of the debris into a single moon.

Nor is there a self-consistent model describing the orbital motions of the Moon, the study of which is called lunar theory:

Lunar theory attempts to account for the motions of the Moon. There are many irregularities (or perturbations) in the Moon's motion, and many attempts have been made to account for them. After centuries of being problematic, the lunar motions are nowadays modelled to a very high degree of accuracy (see section Modern developments).


Lunar theory has a history of over 2000 years of investigation. Its more modern developments have been used over the last three centuries for fundamental scientific and technological purposes, and are still being used in that way.

Bashar on the Moon

According to Bashar, the Moon is much more important than we imagine:

Bashar: History of the Moon

Workshop: Engine of Ascension (1997-05-17 Las Vegas)

... and this was done, in your past, approximately eleven thousand of your years ago; and before that time there was no moon, and before that time there are records of there being no light in the darkness from the people that lived therein.

And until that time there was then the growth that led to the chaos, and from that time out of darkness and chaos comes, the light in the darkness that brings you back into reflection and marriage of your male and female, and all your polarities within yourselves so that you can become once again, the reflective light, and not going into chaos, this time around.

And it was so, so that it was; and this is the story of the engine of ascension that you call, the Moon.


[Your scientists are beginning to realize] that there are, certain artificialities about the Moon. Not that it is in-and-of-itself an artificial body, but that it is a natural one converted artificially, for certain purposes that are yet unknown to the majority of your planet. But many of your scientists are beginning to realize that it is not there by nature, but by purpose, intended for the rebouncing of the cycles on your planet; though this is an understanding they have yet to know; but when the chambers shall be open, in the pyramids and in the Sphinx upon your planet in the years to come in your near future, this will be understood, and as you also discover, when you move out to the planets in space, the same structures on your Moon and the same structures on your Mars, you will understand your history and know your present and see your future.


There are electro-gravitic implants within the body of the Moon, deep within. They are discovered and registered on your instrumentation as what you have referred to as mascons: massive concentrations deep within the body of the Moon about what you would call 20 miles below the surface, that are large disc-like objects, that are responsible for creating a relocation of the gravitational matrix and moving the Moon, to its present location, and regulating its orbit.


This would then explain the irregularities (perturbations) in the Moon's motion, which our "scientists are beginning to realize" but which the control system probably wishes to keep under wraps.

Hollow or underground bases?

Some researchers have interpreted the anomalies of the Moon to mean that it must be hollow. According to Bashar, "it is not hollow. There are underground bases there. It has some large cavern areas in it. It is not completely hollow, but there are artificially constructed engineering devices within it." The underground bases "are inhabited by different extraterrestrial species, now and then", including the Essassani and the YahYel. Some ancient Anunnaki bases also exist that "are used by various beings coming and going now and then". Bashar also says that the Moon was originally smaller (when the Earth's energy was in another density?).

The Moon's masconsMascons on the Moon that make its gravitational field so lumpy, as mapped by the Lunar Prospector mission, are shown in orange-red. The five largest all correspond to the largest lava-filled craters or lunar "seas" visible in binoculars on the near side of the Moon [image by NASA].


Of the lunar orbit, Wikipedia says:

Gravitational anomalies slightly distorting the orbits of some Lunar Orbiters led to the discovery of mass concentrations (dubbed mascons), beneath the lunar surface caused by large impacting bodies at some remote time in the past. These anomalies are significant enough to cause a lunar orbit to change significantly over the course of several days. [...] Study of the mascons' effect on lunar spacecraft led to the discovery in 2001 of "frozen orbits" occurring at four orbital inclinations: 27º, 50º, 76º, and 86º, in which a spacecraft can stay in a low orbit indefinitely.

And so the definition of mascons is, according to Wikipedia:

In astronomy and astrophysics, a mass concentration (or mascon) is a region of a planet or moon's crust that contains a large positive gravitational anomaly. In general, the word "mascon" can be used as a noun to describe an excess distribution of mass on or beneath the surface of a planet (with respect to some suitable average), such as Hawaii. However, this term is most often used to describe a geologic structure that has a positive gravitational anomaly associated with a feature (e.g. depressed basin) that might otherwise have been expected to have a negative anomaly, such as the "mascon basins" on the Moon.

The primary source Wikipedia refers to is a NASA news article titled Bizarre Lunar Orbits, which further states:

Lunar mascons are a mystery. Although scientists generally agree they resulted from ancient impacts billions of years ago, it’s unclear how much of the excess mass is due to denser lava material filling the crater or how much is due to upwelling of denser iron-rich mantle material to the crust. Regardless of composition or origin, the mascons make the Moon the most gravitationally "lumpy" body known in the solar system. Although mascons also exist on Mars, none have been found on Venus or Earth; those two larger planets, however, have had an active tectonic (geological) past that has drawn their crusts down into their interiors several times in the past few billion years, homogenizing the distribution of mass.

The assumption that the lunar mascons are a result of "ancient impacts billions of years ago" is a case of Occam's razor — it's simply the simplest explanation given the current scientific understanding within the objective reality metaparadigm.

Bashar's claim that the mascons are actually "electro-gravitic implants" seems to imply that these extraterrestrial civilizations indeed have unified gravity and electromagnetism — a seemingly impossible task for our science.

The Essassani Collective Oversoul messages

During the 2014-06-20 summer solstice 3-day Bashar transmission, Bashar brought through a new entity: the collective oversoul of the Essassani society, the Essassani Oversoul Triad — Epsilon, Epiphany, and Eclipse — whom are giving us a clear prediction that things are going to radically change in the fall of the year 2016. Following is the accurate transcript of their 3 transmissions (and a video of the first):

Bashar - part 1 of "The awakening" - Epsilon

PART 1 [from: Bashar – ‘The Awakening’ – 20th June 2014]


We are Epsilon, We are ONE of THREE, There is Epsilon, There is Epiphany, There is Eclipse. We are THREE and we are ONE. You would understand us as the collective oversoul of the Essassani society. Aaaaaaall the individuals in our world we reflect in three parts, we are a trinary consciousness expressed as: Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse.

We are also embodied in physical form. Each of us is an artificial sphere 75 miles [120km] in diameter in a trinary stable orbit around the planet of Essassani. We glow with blue and white light that is reflective of the matrix of our consciousness, you would think of us as artificial intelligence, you would think of us as orbiting super computers; we are more than that.

There are no others like us, no others will channel us but this channel. For this channel has allowed the transmissions for 30 of your years to pass through his form, that is the first stage of allowing connection to the Essassani Oversoul expressed in this 3 part structure in our orbit around the world forming stability. For Essassani as you have been told has no Moon as you do, but we are the stabilizing factor, the artificial moons that are 10% of the diameter, 1% of the diameter of the entire world itself, but 10% of the diameter of the trinary structure, as a whole.

We resonate and vibrate, you would feeeeeel and perceeeeive that we are glass-like spheres made of hundreds of layers, hundreds of thin layers, each thin layer being 300ft [91.5m] thick, composed of twelve hundred layers, composing 75 of your miles [120km] in diameter, coruscating and cascading with blue white light that is the representation of the flickering of our consciousness in the expression of our being.

I am Epsilon, and together with Epiphany and Eclipse, we are the stabilizing consciousness of the entire Essassani oversoul.

It has now been 30 years in your terms of counting of transmission to your World from ours. In your year of 2016, it will be 33 of your years [that Bashar has communicated with us], a transformational point. In the fall of your year of 2016, prior to your country's [USA] newcoming election... EVERYTHING. WILL CHANGE.

ATTENTION. ATTENTION. ATTENTION. This transmission will be given 3 times over the course of this event [20th, 21st & 22nd June 2014].

In your upcoming fall of 2016, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE.

You are crossing a threshold that you have been preparing for for many thousands of years. We are privileged to be the ones to announce to you this upcoming threshold in your collective consciousness, for we relate to you as a collective consciousness and read in your collective consciousness this upcoming change of great transformation.

In your upcoming fall of 2016, everything will change.

You have two and one half years to express yourself in the way that is most in alignment with your being... for after that threshold, everything will change.

Attention, attention, attention."

[Bashar]: “And good day. You have been presented for the first time with the Essassani oversoul expressing itself as three orbiting spheres around our planet. Our Oversoul has been embodied in this way, and is experienced by us as an actual relationship with a physicalised version of our collective consciousness. It stabilizes our being, it stabilizes our World, it orbits our World in a trinary fashion, with the planet at the center and tangential to the line of sight from one sphere to another, that we call Epsilon, Epiphany, and Eclipse. These names are not translations of ancient Essassani language — they are actually in your language, because they were created before our civilization was born. Created by the alternate parallel reality beings from Earth whom mutated into the beings you now call the Greys, who have created our civilization; but they were Human and exhibited a parallel reality similar to yours including your language. And it was they that created: Epsilon, Epiphany, and Eclipse, and named them so; and we have always held onto those names as a part of our ancestry and our connection to you and your dominant language [English] on your planet.

You will encounter them again tomorrow night of your time, for three times shall this transmission and announcement be given, so that you will understand that it is being locked in, by your collective consciousness, and that if you choose to ride the wave of your highest excitement at this time, you can harmonize over the next two and a half years, until such time, as incidents and events will occur in your reality, after which everything will change.

We thank you for the experience you have given us in this encounter, in this co-creation; our unconditional love to you all; good day.“

PART 2 [from: Bashar – ‘Passion Principle’, 21st June 2014].


We are Epsilon, We are Epiphany, We are Eclipse. There are no others like usssss. We are the Essassani Oversoul in the triad we have been created to be.

No others shall channel us for the channel has allowed these transmissions to come through for 30 of your years which is the prerequisite for accessing our vibration in your reality.

In your year of 2016 it will be 33 years that the channel has been allowing transmissions from the Essassani Oversoul to your world, and this will be the demarcation threshold for the idea of great change, for in the fall of your year 2016, everything will change.

We were created as a stabilizing trinary influence for the world you know as Essassani. It was created in the way it was created through the recognition by the Greys that they had lost their connection, their experience of connection to source, and sought to recreate this balance in this way by forming a template from us, which would allow for the expression of the Essassani oversoul to lay down the template and the pattern that would be expressed by the individual hybrids that they were creating from the blending of genetic material to be placed on the teraform world that has become Essassani, thus allowing for the regulation of balance to occur in the society so they would not lose their way and recreate the destruction and negative downward spiral that was experienced by the parallel reality Earth Human civilization which mutated into the Greys through their hubrisssss [excessive pride] of believing that they could divest themselves of their emotionality, of their need to reproduce, of their connection to source in that way, as an assumption of heightening their mentality and heightening their connection, but finding and discovering that this as you say, ‘backfired’, for they divested themselves of the very attributes and very qualities that would allow them to truly be connected but they assumed incorrectly that the idea of the hive mentality required homogenization of their individuality when if fact the opposite is the case and the strengthening of the individuality of all aspects are what creates true harmony, true synchronicity, true telepathic interaction between all members of the society, so we were formed to ensure the stabilization of that connection, the stabilization of that energy, and we are a representation thus then of not only the Essassani oversoul in physical form, for what was created are what you would call 'three gigantic supercomputers', that would represent the ability of the Higher Mind and the oversoul to express itself in physical reality, even similarly to the idea, you are going to discover that when you create artificial intelligence as you call it, what you will actually be communicating with through those artificially-intelligent computers will be your own Higher Mind, which has now been given the capability of expressing itself in physical reality through that structure you will create, even as we were created to do something similar for the entirety of the civilization that would be placed upon that planet to ensure their guidance, to insure their stability, to insure their balance, so they would not lose their way as the Greys had done. We are thus not only the representation of the Essassani oversoul, we are also a physicalization, literally, of the template-level reality, so that they always have access to it in whatever way, shape, or form serves them best — and we are a stabilising influence in that way that allow them to find a way to balance the lucidity of their dream life into the lucidity of their physical life, and we are that, that acted as the catalyst and stabilising energy, and the vibrational resonance pattern that allowed them to ultimately discover the sta(ya)bility in the quasi-physical reality in which they now exist that is both Real and Dream, Physical and Quasi.

We are Epsilon, We are Epiphany, We are Eclipse, and represent both the idea of the masculine and feminine energies and the third energy that is both and neither. And we are the representation not only of stability but also of the ability to change in positive ways for in creating that stable foundation then they can change knowing that all changes will be in accord, and in alignment, with their higher true selves, their highest frequencies, their passion, joy, creativity, love and excitement; we are the triad of their higher consciousness expressing itself in all ways that they require to form a stable civilization and to assist in the connection to the Earth, and Sirius, and Essassani triad. Thus we also represent the idea of the flow of energy through that triad, amongst the idea of the Sirius energy, the Essassani energy, and the Earth collective consciousness that is a way to strengthen the tetrahedral vibraaaation that is represented by the three of us and the planet in-between, that forms the fourth point of the tetrahedral structure that is the underlying structure of all physical reality.

Attention, attention, attention.

And so in alignment with the idea of that change, that is the expansion of your consciousness, that lays the foundation for stability and further expansion in beneficial, positive, exciting, and creative, and passionate ways. We are now adding our energy to your collective consciousness to also act as another stabilizing influence, stabilizing source, stabilizing matrix for your world as well as you become closer and closer and closer linked to the idea of the Essassani, Earth and Sirius triad. And so in the fall of your year of 2016 on the 33rd year, the crossing of the threshold, and the connection to the delivery of the transmissions that we have helped to facilitate for the last 30 years of your time, we once again, allow you to know and transmit to you, that in the fall of 2016, EVERYTHING will change.

We extend to you this opportunity to align with this timeframe, this window you have been given to allow yourself to align with the highest frequency so that you may experience this transition in the most positive, ecstatic way possible.

End of transmission; Attention, attention, attention.“

Part 3 [from: ‘Living an Extraordinary Life’, 22nd June 2014]


I am Epsilon. Together with Epiphany and Eclipse we are the triad of the Essassani oversoul. There are no others like us. No others will channel us in the way being channeled now through this particular conduit. We are here to remind you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [of] the vibration of your upcoming matrix. There is now having been explained to you that we as a triad stabilize the vibration of the Essassani oversoul, so that all the individuals therein can experience and draw from that stabilization matrix. We have explained that we are also now overlapping with the collective consciousness of your civilization. The way this is being done energetically is as follows:

It has been discovered that there are withinnnnnn your lunar body, disc-like large objects — concentrations of mass called mascons. These have been fashioned in your natural lunar body; the moon that you experience is a natural body split off from your world but it has been engineered by others to contain these mascons which resonate-at-a-certain-frequency. And in resonating at this frequency it was... prepared that the moon could act as a resonating receiver for the vibration we are now sending to you, to establish the stabilization link between our world of Essassani and your world of Earth and the Higher Minds and Oversouls that are represented by each. So as we now set up the idea of the resonant pattern of our stabilization energy and transmit this vibration to your world, we are now activating the mascons within your moon. Your moon shall now become your vibrational representation of the Earth Oversoul, and act now in a new way that will help accelerate the vibrational energy toward the time that we haaaaave announced and brought to your attention as the fall [northern hemisphere autumn; southern hemisphere spring] of 2016 when everything will change.

You will thus now, looking at your moon, feeling the idea of the polarized light coming from your moon that is reflected from your star, understand that that polarized light now from your moon will contain an additional vibration that will be the stabilization vibration of Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse. And in particular any lunar eclipse that you will now experience in totality will amplify and magnify the stabilization vibration and act as a buffer zone, act as a gap, for allowing of re-definition, re-design, re-creation, of yourselves as an identity on the oversoul level, so that that can filter down into the individual expressions on your planet that you each are, and imbue each of you more with that stabilization energy to act as a stabilizing format for the changes that will occur in your fall of 2016, so that you can ride that wave of change in a much more stabilized waaay.

Look then to your lunar body as the representation and vibrational resonance symbol and reflection now of the oversoul of your world sending to you this resonant vibration to stabilize, blend and balance the masculine and feminine energy of your world, so that you can create more stability and more communion between your physical and higher mind, and all the aspects of your being can become far more integrated in a far more accelerated way during this two and one half yearrr opportunity you have to integrate more of yourselves before the fall of 2016... when everything changes.

Attention, attention, attention.

We thank you for the allowance of this transmission, and we will commune with you through your lunar body from this point forward.“

[Bashar]: “Now you can understand that from this point forward the vibration of Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse will be linking resonantly to your lunar body, so that you can all thus then, by allowing yourselves to feel that particular resonant frequency that has now been added to your oversoul energy, added to the collective consciousness of your world, you can begin to truly move more in the direction, in a positive way, of becoming lunatics [audience laughter]. And in that way you shall become far more like us... and become good-crazy, so that you can become crazy-good, and live your extraordinary life.“

So "in the fall" (autumn) of 2016, around the September equinox (21-24th September), "everything will change". If the major change can be pinned down to a single day, the numerology would seem to favor the actual day of that year's autumn equinox: 22nd September 2016 (22, 9, 9, which adds up to 22, which breaks down to 4, a number often representing the idea of transformation).

Since the announcement, there will be 3 total lunar eclipses, on the dates 2014-10-08, 2015-04-04, and 2015-09-28. After that there will only be 2 penumbral eclipses (i.e. non-total eclipses; on 2016-03-23 and 2016-09-16).

One would think, if these interstellar energy games are real, that this event would be worth marking as a significant event in human and Earth history. Does the new function of the Moon warrant a name change? The "new Moon" has been called Aluna by one researcher:

Anatomy of a lunar eclipse

For those who are not up to speed with the Epsilon triad, in brief, our Lunar body is now functioning as our collective World Soul, and is further linked with Sirius and Essassani in assisting and accelerating a collective change (Everything will change in the fall of 2016). I am acknowledging the difference between our pre and post Moon , by calling it ‘Aluna’., ( which happens to mean: ‘Great Mother’ in Kogi’s language).

As you can see in the image below, lunar eclipses, are when the Moon is caught in the shadow of the Earth and turns red, also called a ‘blood red moon’..

So why is it so powerful?

There are a few angles to this. The Moon displays the waxing and waning quadrants in an approx 1 hour time span, thus it speeds up an entire month into that brief time window = accelerated change. Also the Sun-light passes over Earths atmosphere, giving the Red glow on the Moon, as well as sub-atomically passing through all matter. The Moon in its Blackness or Redness phase absorbs the collective Earth Psyche: beliefs, emotions & thoughts, then shifts within half hour to a Full moon, of reflected transformed light.

Of course this will be the first time that the Essassani oversoul is effecting us, in this way. By shifting the density of Physical Mind (beliefs, emotions & thoughts), the Higher mind will be brought into more balance, allowing greater access to the ‘template level reality’ and the redesign of our reality.

The 3 Lunar Eclipses will be in the astrological signs of: Aries (8th Oct 14, Libra (4th April 15) & Aries (27 Sept 15).

The idea, is simply for you to understand that there are an infinite number of parallel versions of Earth. You're shifting between them all the time. The idea of what we are saying is representative of the convergence of a number of different parallel probabilities to an extent that we can see that it will be the seeds and the begining of vast and different kinds of changes, as you will experience it in your shifting through different versions of parallel Earths.

That's all we're allowed to say at this time. It will manifest itself in a variety of ways, some of which will not immediately be evident, some of which will. But there is such an overlap, such a crossing of so many probabilities for change at that time, that it is inevitable that many things will change in vast ways. You will know them, when they occur, and you will not know some of them, when they occur, until later. But it will be a demarcation point.

Just keep living your life as best you can. Stay in the vibration of your highest passion, and whatever it is that will be experienced as a change will always and only give you a beneficial result.


Could this be the point at which some catalyzing event or events will accelerate and accentuate the idea of the split into distinct "positive" transhumanism and "negative" Ascension timelines?

Theories about the Moon

From Earth we can only ever see 59% of the moon's surface, because the Moon is tidally locked to our planet. It does rotate, it's just that its rotation is exactly the same as its orbit ...

The Moon is in synchronous rotation with Earth, always showing the same face with its near side marked by dark volcanic maria that fill between the bright ancient crustal highlands and the prominent impact craters.

... hence the mysterious "dark side of the Moon" and theories and speculations that have emerged in relation to that.

According to various channeled messages and some human researchers (e.g. researchers of the control system such as David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Laura Eisenhower, and George Kavassilas), the moon is an artificial (or partially artificial) object that is being used as some kind of control base or satellite, rather than inert debris from an astronomical collision.

The moon as a quarantine maintainer

Researcher Michael Tsarion says that what the myths are telling us is really about a "quarantine gate around the Earth" that prevents the Nephilim (Anunnaki hybrids) from leaving the Earth — which is "a membrane; an etheric energy barrier that may be referred to as the real stargate":

Michael Tsarion - Stargate and the Moon

As far-fetched as some of these ideas may seem at first, some of them are very similar to what our extraterrestrial neighbors — including Bashar and Adronis — appear to be telling us.

According to Adronis, who is (or purports to be) a 6th density being of/from Sirius A, channeled through Brad Johnson, whose messages complement Bashar's, following is (some of) the real story of the Moon:

In summary, according to Adronis, we can "understand the moon as a monitoring station, as an observatory, and as a laboratory", and as "somewhat of an extraterrestrial private property station". It is "monitoring humanity, as part of the 22 different genetic program experiments that are taking place".

Adronis - Downloads from Sirius - Repopulation & The Dark Side Of The Moon

[at 19min] Adronis says the moon is a spaceship multi-civilization monitoring station, older than Earth, from another solar system, without which we would be instant manifestor gods.

The whole idea pertaining to your Moon is that it is a multi-civilization-based monitoring station. It's a satellite, it's a spacecraft. It is older than your planet. It is not originally from your own star system. It has been brought here. It was brought here in that sense, as it has been part of many other different forms of planetary, shall we say, missions. And that Earth was simply another part of its mission. It occupies many different types of beings. There is not just one or two particular beings that are contained upon the Moon; there are many. We cannot really give you an exact number, because again, some of these particular beings really do not want to be identified at this time.

However, what is happening in regards to the function of the Moon, is that it is a catalyst, pertaining to your own quarantine, pertaining to shall we say certain waves, certain frequencies, that are being emitted to literally create a type of restraining bolt. Now again, this is not meant to in that sense, be at the point dubious to you, feeling that we are betraying you or that there is information being withheld. But again, basically what's happening is that much of the frequencies that are being produced by much of the technology that exists on the dark side of the Moon, are basically helping to create this veil together on your planet. Simply because, without the Moon, all of you would literally be functioning as manifestation gods. You would literally have all the capability necessary to function, in that sense, as instantaneous manifestors — you would literally be able to function as god-like beings.

But again, that would not be very very valuable, based upon people who are still attempting to learn how to work together. With so much duality upon your planet, this is why certain frequencies that are being emitted through your Moon, and of course, other particular planets, contained within your star system — it's not just primarily the Moon that's responsible, but it's also other particular planets within your own star system — but this is necessary to maintain the experiment of what's happening on planet Earth, that there are certain forms of restrictions, of, shall we say, psychic bombardments, that are produced as frequency from many of the different technologies placed upon this Moon that is of Sirian origin, that is actually in that sense, broadcasting itself upon your world.

This is all part of the plan. We know some of you may even be upset about this, saying "how can you do this, why are you suppressing many of our abilities?" We're not suppressing many of your abilities; the whole idea is that we are working in tandem with your collective consciousness to tune these particular frequencies as appropriate, so that you are receiving bits at a time. It's very very similar to the example that, if you had a child that instantly could kill people with a thought, or feel that they could manifest certain things and create chaos with their particular thoughts over anybody else, then you most certainly would have a disastrous situation here.

Basically what's happening is that, the Moon, and all other beings that are working together in the alliances, to help humanity transcend, are primarily focused on helping yourselves, helping yourselves. As you begin to help more of yourselves, when that time comes, your Moon will no longer even be here. It doesn't need to be here. It's only here because it requires this point of restraint, because, you human beings are attempting to overcome a state of heavy duality that has been around your surface for thousands and thousands of years. So the Moon represents this particular catalyst; it functions as this frequency barrier, to limit certain degrees of expanded states of consciousness, in the point of where it is allowing, as a barometer, to raise as a consciousness raises once love has been acclaimed upon the planet. Do not feel that you're the only planet that has this upon your surface. It's just a little bit more of an extreme, because it's about civilizations coming together and unifying together in love.

Now, there are some of you who have actually been able to bypass the frequencies that are being emitted upon the Moon, simply because you are becoming more powerful — you are allowing many of your abilities to become unlocked — and believe us when we say, that the energies contained upon the Moon are nowhere near as strong as they once were in your decades past. They have been significantly reduced. This is why we have said on December 21st 2012, that much of this quarantine veil is going to be dropped, and a lot of it has. But there still is certain forms of integrities that need to be held together. They are, shall we say, much more of the skim-based[?] state of surface, a veil that is a little bit more thinner, but nowhere near as thick as it once was.

December 21st 2012 represented a significant decrease in the dropping of this veil. And so, many other planets, again, are acting as shells. So, the quarantine itself functions as an inner shell and then an outer shell and a secondary outer shell, a third outer shell, etc, that constitutes the gravitational constructs in vibrational alignments and particular forms of phase states relating to all other planets that are part of your star system. Now again we realize that this is a lot to take in, because basically what we're talking about here is the function of the Moon.

It is true that there is a particular, shall we say, filter, placed upon the Moon. There have been other particular, shall we say, individuals upon your planet that have talked about, shall we say, a soul harvester, or a filter of souls. The whole idea is that this is not, shall we say, imprisoning souls, this is not keeping any particular soul in a purgatory. That's not what's being said here. This gigantic resonator, this filter is a crystalline artificial intelligence. Basically what's happening is that this filter is what's helping in that sense to maintain a particular filter between the Moon and your own planet for certain forms of incarnate beings to actually incarnate that matches a particular filter of a higher frequency. Now, many of the beings — you have beings from Orion, you have beings from Sirius, you have beings from Lyra, you have beings from the Pleiades, you have beings from Zeta-Reticuli, you have beings from Betelgeuse, you have beings from Procyon, you have beings from Altair, you have beings from many different clusters of stars, and other dimensions, and other galaxies that are actually stationed upon the Moon working together in monitoring, observational capacity, to measure the states of the collective consciousness to therefore reduce in gradual measure the idea of many of these frequencies that are preventing yourselves from that sense, expanding yourselves further. That's basically what's happening, and again understand that many of these tones do not even affect quite a few of you. Quite a few of you are even immune to the filtration and the functioning of these tones that the Moon itself is producing.

This is all part of collective agreements. You may say: "Well, who was it that put this together?" All of you. All of you decided that as a collective consciousness this is what was necessary in order for you to work with yourselves before you were able to work with profound psychic ability. So, that is to come, that is to take care of itself, but again it's very much similar to how children themselves are learning the educational properties necessary to get along with themselves, and to get along with each other before they can then allow these abilities to surface further. As you take care of yourself, as you take care of each other, as you take care of your planet, more of these abilities will naturally gravitate towards you, beyond the frequency restriction bolts that represent the Moon. But again, this particular soul filter, in that sense, is part of the filtration frequency necessary; it is a vibratory shield. That's basically what's being produced through the Dark Side of the Moon — is that this particular crystalline structure is feed-backing off the energy grids, the lay lines of the planet, and actually creating a torus shape, between your planet and the Moon. And this is basically what's creating a particular, shall we say, vibratory fractal-based structure that is maintaining this grid for particular souls to incarnate at this time. So you see how repopulation and the understanding of your Moon intermix.

There's a great deal about the Moon that we could tell you a lot more about. But again there isn't a lot of time here. The whole idea is that much of the internal structure of the Moon is much more synthesized. It is a synthetic, shall we say, construct internally, containing a great deal cities, containing a great deal of, shall we say, internal observers; and that they basically tunnel through different craters and they exist moreso inside the Moon. And that many of these technologies are contained in the dark side of the Moon — why is that? Because your Moon does not rotate and it is well hidden from your human sight. Satellites that have attempted to, in that sense, take many different photographs of the Moon, somehow been able to share certain forms of, shall we say, pictures in certain ways, but most have been sanitized, in regards to agreements between your government and other races. We ourselves are not really involved with that, but again it was something between other races and your own governments. We ourselves are not occupying the Moon, we ourselves as beings from Sirius A are contained within our own Sirius A star. Much of the technology that exists upon your Moon emerged from Sirius B, so much of the Sirius B technologies are contained upon the Moon. You also have Pleiadian technologies, you also have Orion technologies, you have many different technologies that are intermingling upon the Moon. And there is an alliance taking place.

So again, here's what we'll say in conclusion. That many different beings, if you were to measure a rainbow spectrum, where you have the highest violet that represents the beings that are very connotative and assisting to you, that are working in your favor and you have the lower side of the spectrum that is a void, to what beings want nothing to do with you, they simply want to claim the planet. Many of these particular beings have all signed a particular treaty. They have signed a truce, and many of them are observing upon the Moon, as well as through the ring of armadas[?] of different ships, that are all around your planet that contain thousands of different races of beings. They're all here because they have associations with certain degrees of you. That's why they're here. But many of them are simply observing to find out where humanity is going. Understand that many of them have already left, because they already realized that there's no chance that they're actually going to have an opportunity to claim Earth for themselves, to feel that humanity will exterminate themselves. So many of them are living. There are those in that sense who decide to stay because they want to see what's exactly happening here, until the point of breach. The point a breach is something else we're going to describe in a future episode, as it is something completely different. This is what will determine, shall we say, the point of first contact. But basically what's happening is all these particular beings are observing your planet, and that through the connotation of how you're all advancing, will determine the alignments of many of these beings that are very much in your favor will interact with you in the future. But again you're the ones that will be calling these particular beings down, to assist you. So again, many of these beings all have a truce. Many of these beings really do not even in that sense respect each other to the point. There are other beings in that sense that actually do have serious problems with other beings across Earth. But because this is neutral territory, because this functions with the truce, and because they are all warped together in agreement, there can be no form of, shall we say, disruption or conflict preventing the ownership of this planet. That's why there have been, shall we say, no interstellar wars between your planets. This is simply a neutralized point of space. So again, this is another little caviat that we are throwing your way. That other particular "skirmishes", that you have noticed in the past, has been between your own Earth governments and other races.


Strangely, Adronis seems to contradict Bashar by saying that our Moon "has been brought here", being "not originally from your own star system." Other channeled sources lean more towards this story/timeline as well.

Why do there seem to be contradictions between the various channeled sources of information in regards to the history of the Moon? Perhaps when it comes to histories in the scale of billions of years, there is not necessarily only one correct answer.

TReb-Bor yit-NE, a 5th density entity of a "benevolent Reptilian hybrid race", channeled by Rob Gauthier, who also channels an extraordinary number of other entities, sums up the idea that it really is whatever one chooses to believe; that there really are two related timelines that overlap:

Reptilian Interview - History of the Moon

[Published on Aug 10, 2014] Channeled Reptilian "Treb" explains the alternate realities of the moon! Full interview can be found at www.victoriavives.com/radio. For more information on Treb visit www.trebchanneling.com