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Wikipedia describes UFOs:

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon. Culturally, UFOs are associated with claims of visitation by extraterrestrial life or government-related conspiracy theories, and have become popular subjects in fiction. While UFOs are often later identified, sometimes identification may not be possible owing to the usually low quality of evidence related to UFO sightings (generally anecdotal evidence and eyewitness accounts).

Stories of fantastical celestial apparitions have been told since antiquity, but the term "UFO" (or "UFOB") was officially created in 1953 by the United States Air Force (USAF) to serve as a catch-all for all such reports. In its initial definition, the USAF stated that a "UFOB" was "any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object." Accordingly, the term was initially restricted to those fraction of cases which remained unidentified after investigation, as the USAF was interested in potential national security reasons and/or "technical aspects" (see Air Force Regulation 200-2). During the late 1940s and through the 1950s, UFOs were often referred to popularly as "flying saucers" or "flying discs". The term UFO became more widespread during the 1950s, at first in technical literature, but later in popular use. UFOs garnered considerable interest during the Cold War, an era associated with a heightened concern for national security. Various studies have concluded that the phenomenon does not represent a threat to national security nor does it contain anything worthy of scientific pursuit (e.g., 1951 Flying Saucer Working Party, 1953 CIA Robertson Panel, USAF Project Blue Book, Condon Committee).

Philosoraptor on UFOs

In the mainstream culture, the parameters of discussion in regards to the idea of UFOs has been reduced to the question of whether or not UFOs are real. This is quite absurd, given that any unidentified flying object of any kind is by definition a UFO. The real question is whether they are all terrestrial or if some are of extraterrestrial (or extradimensional) origins.

Furthermore, by labeling a sighting a "UFO sighting", the idea is unconsciously imparted that the nature of the sighting of the object will always be unknown (unidentified). A more appropriate term might be TUFOs (temporarily unidentified flying objects) or FOUP (flying objects of undetermined provenance). Once identified, a UFO remains a UFO in the "official" narrative told by "authorities" that are representative of the desires of the control system.

Another impediment to identifying UFOs is the idea that empirical verification by means of testable experimentation using the scientific method should be and is a reasonable requirement to understanding the phenomena — a pervasive idea that is representative of the belief in scientism — the religion of science. By this idea we ignore by default the hundreds or thousands of people who claim to have had direct contact with UFOs and aliens — because their accounts are not objectively "verifiable".

Within these artificial parameters for what is possible and what is real, some UFO researchers have still managed to dig very deeply into the subject and uncovered more than enough evidence to convince any empiricist that there is something to UFOs beyond terrestrial UFOs:

I wrote most of the information on this web site based on more than 42 years of UFO research. In addition, since 1986 I have conducted over 1,000 hypnotic regressions with abductees. I have tried to be as objective and as "agenda free" as possible. I have no New Age, spiritual, religious, transformational, or transcendent program to promote. I try to stay as close to the evidence as I can. However, there is no possibility that I have avoided error. The majority of evidence for the alien abduction phenomenon is from human memory derived from hypnosis administered by amateurs. It is difficult to imagine a weaker form of evidence. But it is evidence and we have a great deal of it. Still, readers must be skeptical of what I say and of what all others say in this tangled arena of alien abductions, hypnosis, popular culture, and memory. Abduction researchers are mainly amateurs doing their best to get to the truth knowing that objective reality may elude them.

David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.

Could that be because there is actually no objective reality?


Richard Dolan on UFOs and disclosure

One of the very few books that Bashar has recommended is A. D. (After Disclosure) by researcher Richard M. Dolan (and co-author Bryce Zabel), which, Bashar says, outlines fairly accurately the effects that disclosure will have upon human consciousness. Disclosure, in its loosest sense, refers to the idea of a worldwide recognition that "we are not alone". In the following 2-hour presentation from 2010, Dolan summarizes his findings:

A. D. (After Disclosure) by Richard Dolan

How The World Will Look After The Great Change: Historian Richard Dolan looks at how, after over six decades of quiet revolution that UFOs herald, we can now see the outlines of a reality that's been sneaking up on us one step at a time. The issue that got hushed up by one generation and turned into an object of derision by another now demands to be heard straight up in ours.

Richard Dolan presented "A. D. (After Disclosure)" at the 2nd Annual British Exopolitics Expo on Saturday August 7th, 2010 held at the University of Leeds.

Dolan thinks the "others" (his general term for the ETs/aliens or whoever they are) have been "intentionally secretive all these years". In light of the more subtle methods of communication (especially channeling) — the volume of which has increased exponentially since about 2012 — and once their general message (the subjective reality ontological metaparadigm) has been grasped, it can hardly be said that they have been "secretive". It is only perceived as secretive if one's awareness is operating within the parameters of the many limiting belief systems created under the objective reality delusion — which are influenced by the control system (whether created by man or an opposing consciousness) and its primordial mechanism of control: the belief in the legitimacy of "authority".

In other words, the perception of "secrecy" is a product of anthropocentric assumptions about the nature of reality, the nature of the human self, and the nature of the supposed "leaders" of our civilization (i.e. the belief in the legitimacy of "government" and "democracy"). The "others" are communicating with us all the time, but because we each expose ourselves to a very limited number of sources of information, and because we expect "the authorities" (our supposed representatives and our supposed academic "experts") to "disclose" to us what is happening, we miss more than 99.99% of the communication that is happening with individual human beings all around the planet. Simply put, we haven't been paying attention, because we have limited our perception of what is possible to an almost unimaginable degree (a whole causal dimension down!) and given our power away to "authorities". The SETI project reflects these anthropocentric assumptions to perhaps the greatest degree.

Terence McKenna expands upon this self-disempowerment that almost all of us, even UFO witnesses, somehow fall for:

Terence McKenna - Self Experience

"The only real experience that counts, is your own."

Dolan imagines that some kind of grand leader (such as a president) with high integrity, foresight, and vision, will lead the world into the understandings and changes arising from disclosure... yet then proceeds to note the observation that the American presidents are puppets that merely guide pre-existing long-term imperialistic geopolitical agendas generated by the "think tanks". In 2016 however, an event perhaps close to what Dolan envisioned did occur, with the presidential victory of Donald Trump — who, after bolstering the US economy and hopefully "draining the swamp" to at least some degree, and then winning re-election in 2020 and setting up the announced Space Force, might be able to place himself in such a position.

Seeing our level of dependence upon our "governments", Bashar already proposed in the early years of his/their transmissions the creation of a plan to convince the people in our governments to "disclose":

Bashar - Humanity and governments agreements

Dolan on the Greys

Dolan is very open-minded about the whole subject, entertaining all possibilities without embracing any particular one — which is likely why Bashar perceives his research as accurate. As Terence McKenna observed, Creation loves this epistemological approach, and will "rain great gifts of knowledge on the doubter". To play Devil's advocate in this sense, if we take Bashar at his word, then the mystery of who the Greys are has been solved — them being "time-traveling" mutated humans from a parallel reality transhumanistic Earth who needed compatible genetic material to continue their species in some form, thereby creating Human-Grey hybrid races, of which Bashar's species are the 3rd generation.

Dolan doesn't dismiss the people claiming to have had contact, in any form, with ET entities, but says that the problem with these accounts is that they can't be verified. In the objective reality metaparadigm, this is of course true, but under the correct ontology (the subjective reality metaparadigm), we would suggest, empirical "objective" verification is an unrealistic and unreasonable requirement, particularly when dealing with higher-dimensional cross-density phenomena.

Dolan observes that they seem to have an interest in creating hybrids, and theorizes that they might want to come to live here. According to Bashar, this is correct, and it's happening in the next few decades. Specifically, the "freelancing" hybrid children that don't belong to any of the 5 hybrid civilizations and have formed a multi-dimensional relationship with their human mothers/fathers will physically land on the Earth alongside the Yahyel, the 5th and last generation of Human-Grey hybrids (who are therefore closest to human physiology and appearance).

Dolan points out that some of these "other" beings may be scary, and some may even be "demonic". Aside from the Greys and the Zeta Reticuli (according to Bashar, the tall mantis-like beings in our abduction phenomenology who oversee the Greys' hybridization program), the most prominent of these kinds of beings is the idea of the reptilian-like STS (service-to-self) beings — the "opposing consciousness", as ascension couch Chris Bourne calls it — which is related to the idea that researchers of the control system are calling (and the Gnostics called) the Archons.

To put it simply: the aliens are acting within their integrity to the best of their ability, but they are not responsible for the way you have created your society to be, and the reactions that you often have. You have made the agreement; they are fulfilling the agreement. They are doing it in the way that is easiest for you.


Dolan asks, are the Greys after our bodies and/or our souls? Bashar says that all the abductions and other experiences with the Greys related to genetic experimentation are done by agreement at the soul level, even if the Greys had lost their ability to empathize sufficiently with another (distant-past pre-transhuman) version of themselves, not quite understanding why humans would often perceive the encounters in a scary and negative way. Bashar further states that Bashar himself is a kind of "reparations gift" to Humanity from the Greys for having been so rough on us and to allow us to know the true structure of existence (the correct ontology, the true TOE, the multi-dimensional subjective reality metaparadigm) so that we can choose the way out of our momentum toward self-destruction that is representative of the path toward the "negative" (transhumanist) timelines that they, the Greys, took — to choose dimensional ascension (the more-natural/organic "positive" evolutionary path) instead.

Dolan on the effects of Disclosure

One of the effects Dolan imagines disclosure will have is the idea of reparations. Dolan imagines that there will be "an entire legal field that's trying to incorporate this". But would any of that apply if the Greys are humans from a different/future timeline?

In one of his slides, Dolan has this: "U.S. President must reclaim full constitutional authority in the name of the people."

This is absurd once the true nature of the belief in authority has been elucidated, because voluntaryism (anarchy) renders involuntaryism (statism) obsolete and recognizable as barbaric due to being premised in violence. As Mark Passio most eloquently points out, the moral recognition of Natural Law as synonymous with common sense, simply put, is that authority requires enforcement which requires the "right" of initiation of violence, which no one has, even if only because no one has the right to delegate a right that oneself does not have. Again, this is why the "others" are communicating with us via "more subtle" (but not really) means — rather than via those STS-oriented "authorities" who have managed to fool us into believing that they represent anyone but themselves, and who are refusing to "disclose" the truth about our neighbors' existence.

Preparing for disclosure

In the following (shorter) video, Dolan gives an overview of how he sees our "After Disclosure" world:

Richard Dolan: How To Prepare for ET Disclosure | Caretakers Of Earth

The world's leading ufologist has written a new book about life after disclosure. Where many in the field are talking about when Disclosure might occur, Mr. Dolan has sparked up the conversation about what happens next when humanity comes face to face with extra-terrestrial contact.

The book is called "A.D. After Disclosure" and is written by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel.

Caretakers Of Earth caught up with Mr. Dolan at the 2011 International UFO Congress at the Fort McDowell Casino in Phoenix, AZ.

Dolan acknowledges that our "leaders" are not at all, really, going to "disclose" any more than they feel forced to:

It will never be a full disclosure; it will always be a partial, and probably a deceptive, disclosure.
Once you throw this reality on the table for public discussion, what's going to happen is there will be a groundswell of pressure from the entire world for more and more information.
The moment of disclosure, in other words, is not the end of our struggle — it's actually going to be the beginning. And we're gonna see a very, very wild upside-down transformation of our society. That's when it gets really interesting.

Richard Dolan

They don't want to "disclose" because "the secret-keepers have too much invested in keeping this secret", "but it's inevitable anyway", in part because "the secret-keepers are not the only part of this equation".

Dolan and the belief in authority

Dolan describes how he began to get into the UFO research arena:

I became interested in the topic at that time, and [I] really just wanted to ask myself a very simple question back then, not even "were UFOs real"; I just wanted to know, was this, as some people seemed to claim, a case where there were national security elements that were interested in the UFO phenomenon. And if they were interested, at high levels of our government, how is it that I never read about it in any academic history? How could that not be interesting, I thought.

Perhaps because the idea of "academic authorities" (gatekeepers of beliefs about what is possible) is actually really as fallacious as the idea of "government authorities" (people believed to be vested with the right to initiate violence)? In a consensus co-created reality in which the majority of the minds are programmed to work for the purpose of collecting credits in a game they are programmed to perceive as the only reality, the aims of such supposed "academic authorities", benevolent in intent as they may be, end up directing their attention and effort on subsets and subsets of subsets, becoming specialist "cogs in the wheel" in the control system, serving the function of setting/reducing the parameters of belief systems, thus guarding the gates to the infinite within.

If there is no objective reality, then there are really actually no "experts" about what is possible in the physical projection that exists within one's consciousness.

The only authority is the self. And that is what author-ity really means anyway:

... so, when somebody speaks as an authority, that means "speaks as the author". That's all it means. It's a statement of which you are the author and therefore for which you assume responsibility. That is to speak with authority.

Alan Watts [source]

The evidence strength threshold

Dolan again:

We the people are gonna have an ability to present evidence that will be undeniable, of the UFO reality, and when that comes, the powers that be are going to need to make a decision. They're gonna have to decide, "do we continue to stonewall, with the great danger of truly losing all credibility, or do we stay ahead of this, disclose, and have the proper spin on it that we want, so as to kinda mantain control over the situation". I think that's what's gaonna happen. So disclosure won't happen in some voluntary [fashion]. [...] It will never be a full disclosure; it will always be a partial, and probably a deceptive, disclosure — and not necessarily for the most nefarious reasons.

Let's say you're the president, and you're now briefed on this reality, and maybe some of the things you are told are pretty nasty — what if they are? You have to ask yourself [then], how much do I tell the world? Uh, you may not wanna tell the world, "yeah abductions are real, and we don't really know how to stop it". You may not wanna tell the world, "there are a host of other beings here and we really don't have a handle on them but they seem to have an agenda here". Uh, you don't wanna tell the world, that you're about to replace petroleum as the main source of energy, "because we got something better" — because, there goes the financial markets and so forth.

The real question is "why would anyone pay attention to that guy who calls himself the president and whose pronouncements appear in the MSM?"

This is the whole problem — that we are relying on external "authorities" to tell us what is real, what exists, and what is possible, when the truth is that we can actually experience, and are experiencing, realistic types of ET contact by means of non-"authoritative" (non-"authority"-appoved) instrumentalities, such as channeling. Unrealistic types of contact would include the idea of replies to radio signals, and the idea of landing physical ships and greeting our "leaders", as if "physical reality" were actually physical and not hyper-dimensional and as if our "leaders" really were guiding us toward a reasonable destiny.

Terence McKenna - Trust Yourself

What McKenna calls the "dominator culture" is what we refer to as the control system, because culture is a matrix of collective beliefs, which are programmable.

The generational rift

There's gonna be a reaction by a lot of individuals, I bet you many young people in particular, against the lies of previous generations, very much like in the sixties. There very well may be even the same level of experimentation with hallucinogenic drugs [as in the 1960's] — uh, DMT, and also drugs like ayahuasca, are said, by the people who use them, to enable you to have interactions with these other entities of other dimensions. I'm not saying it's true or not, but what I am saying is that, there are, uhm, many people believe this, and who are going to kinda be "tuning in, turning on, dropping out" in that way. So, I think we are primed to see a kind of revival of a new cultural clash, a new version of the sixties.

According to Bashar, this is already happening, as human consciousness splits itself into two vibrationally-distinct types of experiential realities or thematic timelines that are vibrationally incompatible with each other, wherein, by definition, younger people, whose belief systems are not as crystallized as those of older people, are more able to shift to the ascensional timelines, while those holding onto fear-based belief systems will progress into the tranhumanism timelines. The less dense ethereal realms of experiential reality that Western thinking has deemed/assumed to be "not real", such as dream/astral (4th density) and the DMT hyperspace (5th-6th density?), are actually in a sense "more real", rather than "less real", than what we have called "physical reality", which is more accurately described as "the waking dream" — a dream of density and extreme forms of limitation that would eventually lead to planetary destruction — which Mother Earth has evidently had enough of, thus inviting those of like vibration to ascend with her towards the far more harmonious 5th density.

The illusion of lack of information

I have a feeling it's gonna take generations, before this all gets ironed out. It's going to cause some very serious social schisms, uh, and it's very possible that we don't learn sufficiently. Are they from another planet? Are they from another dimension? Is it both? Are they from another time? Are they some lost, advanced human civilization?

According to Bashar, it's all of those, and more. We are all from "another dimension", and we've all had lives (incarnational experiences) on other planets, and other parallel reality versions of Earth. The Greys would be a "lost, advanced human civilization" from "another time" (another parallel reality version of Earth, one of our possible futures) tunneling into other human realities in order to combine their DNA with ours so as to survive in some form by creating Human-Grey hybrid species, such as Bashar's species, the Essassani.

What we may have to be prepared for is the possibility that, in a post-disclosure world, we may not have all the information we want. [...] Now it's possible that we do; it's possible that somehow information is presented that persuades most of the world that the ETs—that they are ET, or that they are this or that. So we have to leave that open.

That information is already all over the place. It's a matter of which sources of information one is paying attention to. Why would anyone pay attention to the decrepit and decaying institutions of the control system, such as the corporate legacy media and "government", when on the Internet and YouTube one can find thousands of spiritual teachers providing self-empowering information while claiming to be extraterrestrial and extradimensional entities communicating through biological conduits (a phenomena called channeling)? Bashar is only the most persuasive of them, to the logical mind. On top of that is the astonishing degree of consistency (of metaphysical concepts) across the most interesting of the different channeled sources of information.

A scientific renaissance?

What I've come to feel is that, as a result of disclosure, we're going to experience a serious scientific renaissance. Not that science is in the dungeons right now, but I think it's gonna be very very much given a shot of adrenaline — and then some.

Science has been "in the dungeons", we would (as does TOEist Tom Campbell) suggest, since the 1920's, with the advent of the unsubsumable discovery of the supposedly "inexplicable" subatomic physics known as quantum mechanics — and the subset discoveries/assumptions of "wave—particle duality" (the nonsensical reductionist interpretation of the double-slit experiment), the Heisenberg "uncertainty principle" (the reduction of the discovery of nonlocality, i.e. that spacetime is a subset of something larger: a higher dimension), entanglement, superposition, probability theory, etc — which locked Western thinking into the flawed foundational assumptions (of an objective reality) that began with Newton and the elitist early scientists.

What science needs, and what it will get if it is to adapt to the real evolutionary paradigm, is not "a shot of adrenaline", but rather a "shot" of DMT — the experience of which unfailingly shatters the physicalist axioms and assumptions one may be believing in a span of 5 minutes (the duration of the experience).

This is the doorway; it's the umbilicus of this world. These [tryptamine hallucinogens] are things which are called drugs, because that's the category we have for things which make the world unrecognizable, but these are not drugs; these are magical doorways into staggeringly titanic dimensions of gnosis, power, information, understanding — and dimensions filled with affection for humanity.


Metaphorically, DMT is like an intellectual black hole in that once one knows about it, it is very hard for others to understand what one is talking about. One cannot be heard. The more one is able to articulate what it is, the less others are able to understand. This is why I think people who attain enlightenment, if we may for a moment comap these two, are silent. They are silent because we cannot understand them. Why the phenomenon of tryptamine ecstasy has not been looked at by scientists, thrill seekers, or anyone else, I am not sure, but I recommend it to your attention.

Terence McKenna

As grounded, meticulous, skeptical, and open-minded (and fascinating!) as Dolan's research is, we would insist upon the idea that without having experienced DMT (or, at least, similar experiences of tryptamine ecstasy such as those pertaining to psilocybin mushrooms), one may not be very able to appropriately conceptualize the kind of contact experiences that one is investigating.

Dolan on small TOEs

When you know that those things are real, and they are zipping around the world, it's not going to take long before we understand how to do it — it'll happen. And so, uh, what the result is going to be, is they're gonna figure out how anti-gravity or field propulsion operates. And if they're able to do that, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to think that we'll develop a, uh, one of the holy grails of physics, which is a unified Theory of Everything as it were. Cuz right now the big thing that they can't fit in is gravity — it's the big question mark in terms of a unified field theory. And with that, a lot of other breakthroughs [in] theoretical physics I think are gonna be possible, and we could really be primed to move to vastly new vistas of knowledge.

A "unified theory of everything", as imagined within the parameters of the objective reality metaparadigm, is really just a "Small TOE" (as coined by physicist and subjective reality metaparadigm pioneer Tom Campbell, author of the first "Big TOE", which, unlike small TOEs, does include consciousness/experience in its explanatory aims), because unifying the "forces"/interactions would just solidify the ontological assumption of (and thus belief in) an objective reality, the subset epistemological assumption of physicalism (fundamentalist-materialism), and its subset cosmological/cosmogonical assumption of the "everything out of nothing" ("Big Bang") ΛCDM cosmology.

A unified field theory, such as electro-gravitation (perhaps in place of electroweak unification), on the other hand, would be very useful, and is probably what, as Dolan suggests, already has happened within the "secret space program" that operates under a "dark budget".

Dolan on abduction and memory wipes

Other questions in science will be raised, and probably answered, such as how is it possible to manage human memory so effectively? After all, abduction experiences do seem to have a significant, uhm, effect on human memory — people get their memory wiped — how does that happen? Well, scientists are gonna be asking this, and I think this is actually already understood within the classified world, but it will be better understood for the rest of us.

The assumption that science (i.e. the scientific method) could answer these questions may be quite absurd. Dolan is thinking about instruments that can only detect energy within its own dimension (spacetime), and hardly or not even 4th density energy states within its own (4th) dimension. The "others" are in the 4th density and above. The 5th density is in (or corresponds to) the 5th dimension. Devotees of scientism may be correct in that ETs cannot reach us given the vast distances... but this is only true in the 3rd density, within which apparently operate all (currently known) scientific instruments.

Also, the memory wipes — which happen after the usually highly hypnotic, ethereal, perhaps DMT-like, abduction experience — may be more about the human choosing to forget much of the experience, because it may not be very relevant to the primary aspects of the theme that soul chose to explore in that particular incarnation.

I do think that the scientists in this world are going to be very very shaken. And these are the people who have after all spent their whole lives adamantly denying that there's anything of relevance to UFOs. These guys, you know, they take pride in being smarter than the rest of us, and, they would almost all rather be accused of some unethical behavior than of being dumb, and then of missing the boat on the most important scientific reality of their lifetime. And it'll be difficult; I think there will be a loss of confidence among many leading scientists. But they'll get over it, and they will get over it because science itself is going to be really rejuvenated by this.

Dolan's optimism regarding the idea of a free and open science is similar to that of Rupert Sheldrake's for many years while proposing his ideas of morphic resonance and morphogenetic fields (which would exist between 3rd and 4th density) and being rejected and ridiculed by the mainstream scientists. By 2012, he had this to say:

This entire edifice, of science, at least its foundations, are just rotten. That the whole thing... it took me a long time to realize just how rotten they are. You know, cuz you don't get told this when you're studying science — it's treated as if it's all true, and totally solid. If I'd realized just how shaky the whole thing is earlier, I would've been actually more, uh, I would've come on even stronger at an earlier age.

Rupert Sheldrake, Nov 2012

In other words, the depth of the hole the scientistic scientists have dug in their own minds might be too deep for any great good to once again come out of the large-scale application of the scientific method in the near-term future. Even beyond the assumptions that Sheldrake so eloquently points out, the foundational assumption itself — that of an objective reality — seems to be incorrect, at least according to Bashar and the other ETs that are bypassing/ignoring our control structures and communicating with us directly by means of non-authority-approved (non-governmental, non-scientific) instrumentalities.

Dolan on law and human rights

And I think that there's an opportunity here. Certainly, uhm, things can go really bad and dark, and in a sense that... There might be a very great temptation to promote a kind of global police state, so that people, uh, kinda sit down, mind their business and do as they're told, during this whole transit process. But there's a possibility for another way (and this was important for me to try to make this case in the book), which is that a president could have a moment here; a moment of conscience, a moment of awareness in which he or she might decide [that] we can take back power in the name of the people from the black budget world, the clandestine world (what I've sometimes called the breakaway group, something that has broken away from our formal legal structure). We can take power back in the name of the people, and at the same time create a just, global system based on legal, uh, guarantees for human rights and so forth. In other words, a kind of global version of the U.S. Constitution.

Though Dolan goes further than most people, this idea is still missing the point of the understanding of self-sovereignty, Natural/Univeral Law, and voluntaryism. As Larken Rose most eloquently elucidates, the premise that a piece of paper somewhere can grant a moral exception to a ruling class who then dictates what rights one has, is absurd, whether written centuries ago by men who "owned" slaves or by any other group of people believed to have somehow been legitimately delegated rights that individuals don't have:

I'm Allowed to Rob You!

Want to see a piece of paper that gives me the RIGHT to rob you? You don't believe there is such a thing? Are you SURE you don't believe it?

It is time for all of us to re-examine everything we have ever been taught/told by the institutions — whether they are "merely" dominated by, or ultimately even created by, the control system — and learn about the idea of Natural Law, and to begin to abide by the Non-Aggression Principle rather than by "authority"-based control paradigms that are premised in the initiation of violence.

I have a message at the end of this book, I have one final message, and the message is "no fear". It's simple; it's two words: No fear. And what I mean by that is look, not only is it unwise to be afraid of this, but it's also not really a reasonable thing to do. People have gone through all kinds of horrifically difficult challenges throughout our whole history. We are actually a very resilient group of people. [...] There's gonna be negative things that we're gonna have to deal with. [...] So at a certain point we're gonna have to wake up, and we're gonna have to deal with the situation around us. And we will deal with it. So no fear. Don't fear these other beings (because, well, we have our own capabilities perhaps, that we may not even realize), don't fear these secret-keepers — they're people just like you and me, and some of them I do think have been trying to act in the best interest, as they see it; others not so much, but they're not omnipotent. And again, the revolutions in the Middle East are reminding us that even the most entrenched, uh, corrupt powers are not necessarily immune to the wrath of the people.

That's just because they're not as well-organized or as clever as the so-called Western democracies. "Government corruption" is not the core problem, nor is "government" itself. It's the belief that "government" exists and can be legitimate. It's the belief in "authority".

The message of "no fear" would be another reason why Bashar perceives Dolan's research as accurate and strongly on the positive side, because that's what it's all about: leaving fear(-based belief systems) behind us. As mentioned, there are those who will (unconsciously choose to) go down the fear-filled path/timeline (which is representative of the idea of transhumanism) and there are those who will choose to leave their acquired fear-based belief systems behind and thus increase their vibrational frequency and thus begin to ascend toward the higher densities.

Once freed from all the invisible cages (layers of deception) that we are offered as children (which we choose to buy into in exchange for love), we are then on the level where the experience of having open physical contact with our intragalactic neighbors becomes possible. The alternative would seem to be what Dolan is suggesting: a limited coverup "disclosure" in which we continue to buy into the fear-based belief systems offered to us via the institutions/arms of the control system — and perhaps this is indeed representative of the most probable near-term timelines of the largest human collective consciousness bubble. But that's not the only timeline one can choose to experience.

Both realities are real. Shift to the one you prefer.


Adronis, a (purportedly) channeled being from/of Sirius, perfectly explains what we are saying about "authority" and its "official sources":

Adronis - The Prelude to Disclosure Through Exoplanets

[Published on Jul 23, 2015] Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, speaks on the prelude events that will lead to a grander announcement of exposure coming within the years ahead.

Basically what is going to come together in regards to "official" capacity, would be the idea between your time of now and late 2017 — between now and late 2017 — that the next step relating to what you would refer to as this "official" level of disclosure, will move into the exoplanetary focus.


So apparently we will "officially" know that there exists life beyond Earth by means of the exoplanetary explorations of the space agencies of the "governments", which "they" will so kindly ("officially") "disclose" to us mere "citizens".

We understand that many of you are longing for that particular type of disclosure to take place — that there will be something happening in regards to some type of press conference in regards to something happening, that extraterrestrial human beings will be revealed right around the corner very very quickly. No, they will not. This is not happening yet. Again, you must climb the rungs of the ladder. This will start firstly through the introduction to an exoplanetary sphere, the introduction to microbial life upon an exoplanetary sphere, the introduction to flora and fauna — nature, plants — upon an extraterrestrial exoplanetary sphere. That is where you're headed.

Once those have happened, then this will, again, generate a snowball effect. This will then lead into the aspect that may bring forward, somewhat quickly, the idea of extraterrestrial human, humanoid, and non-human existence. The idea of, in that sense, being able to bring forth certain forms of coverups that have been happening for a great deal of time.


So, again, around that time, this is where, to many people who do not follow these transmissions, who do not follow these broadcasts, who do not understand channeling, who do not understand the communication with other consciousnesses through a vessel such as this, that this particular type of information will be earth-shattering to them. So even though some people may feel "this is no big deal, I've had communications with the Greys, I've had communications with Pleiadians, I've had communications with Andromedans, with Sirians, with Lyrans, etc etc etc, with blue avians, with hybrid beings, etc, that's not what's being shared here — is that this is basically, in regards to the trend of your current collective consciousness, a very big deal. And so that is going to continue to develop, one baby step at a time, one rung of the ladder at a time.


Now you will be discovering a lot more sightings, a lot more celestial events and phenomena that will be taking place throughout the remainded of this year [and 2016 and 2017] — there will continue to be these celestial events, this phenomenon, these sightings, that will take place, to, again, get people to, shall we say, "clue in". We cannot deviate in regards to where the delicacy of your collective consciousness currently stands. It is basically being able to measure the scope on a high populace percentage level, in regards to being able to appropriately accordantly adjust the level of disclosure to take place that is in equal capacity, pertaining to the collective consciousness. Equivalent exchange 101.

And so that is basically what is going to start taking place here, throughout the years to come. So again, this is a very large announcement pertaining to exoplanetary discovery, and moving more so up the ladder in that particular way, in that particular form.

Now many of you feel that because there are a lot of, shall we say, grassroots initiatives, to bring about the idea of the extraterrestrial presence, that this will indeed happen based upon, shall we say, public domain voting, or public domain petitioning. No it won't. The only way that that is actually going to happen in regards to a greater state of acceleration, are when the people that have sat upon their illusionary thrones are taken off of those thrones, and other particular people are put in place that are more in complement relating to having that idea of "authority" to actually bring about this information.

Now, that is starting to happen right now, but understand that there is a very large tug of war, not by two opposing sides, but by many sides, all opposing each other. And basically there are, shall we say, certain forms of skirmishes taking place in regards to political arenas, in regards to monetary arenas, in regards to sociological arenas, in regards to celestial arenas, in regards to the disclosure arena itself, that is attempting to create some type of solidification. Many people want disclosure on a vast level to take place, many people want to keep it bottled up because they still want to maintain an empire. So again, this must still move forward as equivalent exchanges allow, pertaining to the collective energetic, based upon your world as it continues to perceive through the trending energies of the collective consciousness as it is together here and now. [...] It is very much similar to watching a flower starting to bud, starting to sprout. It's gonna take some time before it blossoms, but it is inevitable that it will blossom.


An example of one we will eventually discover would be Europa, the 4th largest moon of Jupiter, which "you will eventually discover" to have "simple forms of life", as our scientists suspect, "that is not of your world", according to Bashar.



Richard Dolan Presents A New Understanding of Exopolitics

[Published on Jun 7, 2014] Richard Dolan is author of the multi-volume, UFOs and the National Security State, a history of the UFO phenomenon, politics, and research. In his lecture, he argues that current discussions of Exopolitics are frequently inadequate, misleading and at times irresponsible. Drawing from his detailed knowledge of ufological history, he provides a fresh interpretation of what the likely parameters of the human-alien relationship might be. The result is more complex than most current notions, but more likely to prepare us for what lies ahead.

Dolan says that 50% of US government documents are classified. He observes that that means that what goes into the history books has little to do with what is really happening.

Near the beginning, Dolan praises the previous presentation by Jim Fetzer, while later he spends several minutes criticizing the purveyors of obvious sensationalistic/disinformational UFO/ET/exopolitical information, such as the site examiner.com, not realizing (as of mid-2014) the leading role which Jim Fetzer has been playing in that endeavor. Dolan laments that his work is or will be inevitably associated with, or mixed into, the mis(/dis)information (by the "straight" people who believe in authority), and asks that we stand up to the purveyors of nonsense. This may be a bit of a naïve misperception of the degree to which the Internet research community is fragmented and the degree to which individual researchers are compartmentalized to perceive only a tiny portion of the unfathomably large amount of available information.

So what do we need? I would suggest we need a reasoned, humanitarian response by responsible leaders to bring about a peaceful transition and a corageous confrontation of the truth. Let me call that my policy statement. And I think that would be a good one, for any president of the United States to start with. [...] The first thing I think that our president has to do, is reclaim full constitutional authority in the name of the people of the United States. [...] Step 2, along these same lines: enforce authority over runaway black budget operations.

Richard Dolan

So, still as of 2014 (since 2010), Dolan has never come across the question: what exactly is it that gives the Constitution its "authority"? How did the people who wrote it gain this "authority" (i.e. the right to rule, i.e. the right to initiate violence)? Allow Larken Rose once again to deconstruct the psychology underlying this assumption of "constitutional authority":

Larken Rose - People Are Trained Not To See The Obvious (2014)

I know — and I know from first-hand experience and I know from talking to a gazillion people — how frustrating it is to talk to good people — intelligent, educated people — who still advocate the enslavement of mankind, because their brain has never considered anything else. The realm of possibilities they have ever heard — on the TV, or from their teachers or from their parents or from most of society — is "do you want a right jackboot on your throat or do you want a left jackboot on your throat?" And if you're considerate and moderate, you want both on your throat kind of evenly, and that makes you progressive and wise. They don't know there is anything else — and I know because I didn't know there was anything else. I thought that was the whole spectrum of possibilities.

Larken Rose

After making it a point to be clear that he can "very confidently" say that he is an opponent of the "New World Order", Dolan says that "what has to be done, however, is a federalized global system — but one that is not under corporate domination — with a global 'bill of rights'", and that "this is what happened with the United States Constitution centuries ago — that is the story of the American republic. In 1787, leaders of the American government as it was then got together and created a new Constitution." [1:25h]

The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are two different documents that should not be conflated with each other As researcher and judge Andrew Napolitano explains in the following video, there was a natural law tradition in the early States that was fought against by the statists:

Judge Andrew Napolitano: How the Courts Killed Natural Law

[Published on Aug 3, 2018 by misesmedia] The Constitution represented a coup from the beginning, and it's a dead letter today. The Declaration of Independence, however, is a truly radical libertarian document still worthy of consideration. Judge Andrew Napolitiano, our Distinguished Scholar in Law and Jurisprudence, recently gave a rousing talk at Mises University on the Declaration's natural law tradition–and how federal courts relentlessly and successfully attacked the principles it represented. This is Judge Nap at his scorching best, and you won't want to miss his comments on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"...[~18:30] a recognition of the existence of something that people had that didn't come from the government and was not transferred away when the Constitution came into existence."



Following is a small collection of quotes (more here and here), which many UFO disclosure advocates often promote as being quite "authoritative" and therefore believable (unlike the thousands of UFO encounters of "average Joes"):

If the masses started to accept UFOs, it would profoundly affect their attitude towards life, politics, everything. It would threaten the status quo. Whenever people come to realize that there are larger considerations than their own petty lives, they are ripe to make radical changes on a personal level, which would eventually lead to a political revolution in society as a whole

John Lennon

What they are doing is they are causing vast numbers of people to doubt science. If you analyze what the effects since 1948 of the flying saucers is, is they have caused millions of ordinary people to think scientists don't know what they're talking about.


We have achieved great things, in technology and in social organization and in scientific research, but like the late Roman Empire, ethics and morality have lagged far behind. And so now, the same unconscious that sent us the mystery of the virgin birth and the resurrection — which completely confounded Roman rationalism — [sends] us the flying saucers. And the flying saucers are destroying the faith in the scientific control systems and managerial theories at the very center of our civilization, just as surely as the Roman imperium was broken by this superstitious religion.

So what it is, is that there is a force in this world — call it the unconscious, call it the cosmic giggle, call it whatever you want — but when a society gets all twisted and out of balance, it can pull it down, in a hurry. And I think the psychedelic thing, in the sixties, was viewed this way. It's that the dominator society is incredibly fragile.

Terence McKenna

Quotes from astronauts

There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been monitoring us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems — that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon.

Brian O’leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor [source]

I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on Earth.

Colonel Gordon Cooper, Mercury & Gemini Astronaut

I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real. It has been covered up by governments for quite some time now.

Captain Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

...I've been asked [about UFOs] and I've said publicly I thought they [UFOs] were somebody else, some other civilization.

Astronaut Eugene Cernan, Apollo 17 Commander

Mission control, we have a UFO pacing our position, request instructions.

Astronaut Cady Coleman

I was testing a P-51 fighter in Minneapolis when I spotted this object. [...] It looked like a saucer, a disk. About the same time, I realized that it was suddenly going away from me - and there I was, running at about 300 miles per hour. I tracked it for a little way, and then all of a sudden the damn thing just took off. It pulled about a 45 degree climbing turn and accelerated and just flat disappeared.

Captain Donald Slayton, Mercury Astronaut

Statistically it's a certainty there are hugely advanced civilizations, intelligence, life forms out there. I believe they're so advanced they're even doing interstellar travel. I believe it's possible they even came here.

Dr. Storey Musgrave, NASA Astronaut

For nearly 50 years, the secrecy apparatus within the United States Government has kept from the public UFO and alien contact information. We have contact with alien cultures.

Astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary

In my official status, I cannot comment on ET contact. However, personally, I can assure you, we are not alone!

Charles J. Camarda (Ph.D.), NASA Astronaut

Quotes from government/military/intelligence members

I'm not at liberty to discuss the government's knowledge of extraterrestrial UFO's at this time. I am still personally being briefed on the subject.

Richard Nixon, US President 1969-1974

This thing has gotten so highly-classified…it is just impossible to get anything on it. I have no idea who controls the flow of need-to-know because, frankly, I was told in such an emphatic way that it was none of my business that I’ve never tried to make it to be my business since. I have been interested in this subject for a long time and I do know that whatever the Air Force has on the subject is going to remain highly classified.

Barry Goldwater, Chairman of the Senate intelligence committee [source]

Behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.

Roscoe Hillenkoetter (former head of CIA), 1960 [source]

Let there be no doubt. Alien technology harvested from the infamous saucer crash in Roswell, N.Mex., in July 1947 led directly to the development of the integrated circuit chip, laser and fibre optic technologies, particle beams, electromagnetic propulsion systems, depleted uranium projectiles, stealth capabilities, and many others. How do I know? I was in charge! I think the kids on this planet are wise to the truth, and I think we ought to give it to them. I think they deserve it.

Colonel Philip Corso (National Security Council member, Eisenhower Administration)

Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control... It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and what their purpose is... Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe that unknown flying objects are nonsense.

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, first Director of the CIA, 1947-1950

Unidentified Flying Objects are entering our atmosphere at very high speeds and obviously under intelligent control. We must solve this riddle without delay.

Rear Admiral Delmar Fahrney, USNR

When the long-awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science, but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum leap... we had a job to do, whether right or wrong, to keep the public from getting excited.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Director of USAF Project Blue Book investigation into UFOs

Of course UFOs are real, and they are interplanetary. The cumulative evidence for the existence of UFOs is quite overwhelming and I accept the fact of their existence.

Air Chief Marshall Lord Hugh Dowding, Commanding Officer of the Royal Air Force during WWII

It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are spaceships from another solar system.There is no doubt in my mind that these objects are interplanetary craft of some sort. I and my colleagues are confident that they do not originate in our solar system.

Dr. Herman Oberth, Paperclip Nazi rocket engineer

I am convinced that these objects do exist and that they are not manufactured by any nations on earth.

Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Royal Air Force commander

We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the LA case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.

J. Edgar Hoover, first Director of the FBI, 1942

We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity... anything you can imagine we already know how to do.

Ben Rich, former Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works

This 'flying saucer' situation is not at all imaginary or seeing too much in some natural phenomena. Something is really flying around. The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious.

General Nathan Twining, US Air Force, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1955-1958

The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets. The politics of the future will be cosmic, or interplanetary.

General Douglas MacArthur