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The Wayseers Manifesto

This page is a stub (a work in progress)

The Wayseers Manifesto is a very interesting video produced by researcher Garret John LoPorto:


ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits & troublemakers, all you free-spirits & pioneers... Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you - is actually what's right with you...

The video basically points out that one who has been labeled negatively by "authority" generally has an easier time tapping into one's Attractor. LoPorto says it has also been referred to as: "the Will of God, Divine providence, the Holy Spirit, the implicate order, the Dao, reverse entropy, life force... but for now we'll simply call it The Way".

We call it the The Attractor to denote its attracting/pulling nature that is in (or "coming from") the "future" or "(at) the end of time" (as Terence McKenna put it).

... This singularity would have the character of an attractor. Now I grant that it's irrational, but our little discussion of the birth of the universe should convince you that it's all irrational. That doesn't get you tossed out of the game — that's the name of the game. ...

Terence McKenna

Calling it an attractor also, by itself, has an attractive quality that will attract mathematicians (such as McKenna's friend Ralph Abraham, a chaos theorist), who will be needed to construct the true TOE, if such were to happen.

The "rule-breakers", "misfits", and "troublemakers" that LoPorto is directing the message to are people who have been, since childhood, labeled in a negative way by the "establishment" (the control system), be it by medical "authorities" or any of the other branches of the "authority"-based control system.

The pulling from the "future"

Perceiving the reverse-causality or "pulling" from anti-time (the other direction of the 4th dimension), in the following video, also extremely impressive, LoPorto describes the Way or Attractor, in a different way:

Message From the Future — "Life vs. Entropy"

"Greetings. We are from the future… In the future, promoting entropy is the cardinal crime… Every organism is a brief upwelling of structure against chaos..."

LEARN MORE HERE: http://WeAreFromtheFuture.com

Written and spoken by Garret John LoPorto. See the First Video in the Series: https://youtu.be/15pOr1E6hvc

The video also illustrates many examples of people overcoming, or flowing around, obstacles that would objectively seem like astronomically unsurmountable odds. When aligned with the source within, when being one with the Dao, the 4th-dimensional causality will arrange itself according to the 5th-dimensional idea that is being intended. In other words, the (4th-dimensional) Physical Mind, or the ego construct within it, is not creating resistance to the natural flow (trying to figure out how things need to happen), thus allowing unimpared communication with the (5th-dimensional) Higher Mind, which is reflecting one of an infinitude of possible 4th-dimensionally-causal "paths" for the Physical Mind to experience.

Bogus critiques

There is a belief in factions of the Internet research community and New Age / New Thought community that some human beings are born with strong psychopathic traits, or even born with a condition of psychopathy, genetically carried or otherwise.

Under that belief/assumption, a critique of the Wayseers video was posted on Signs of the Times by 'Woodsman' on 27 Mar 2011, entitled "Wayseer Manifesto" - Selling Freedom or Selling Psychopathy?. A full point-by-point rebuttal follows:

Gross lack of perspective

The author of this article completely misunderstands the purpose and essence of what the Wayseer Manifesto video and message is all about. Following is a point-by-point elucidation of the lack of perspective this article reflects:

First, as 'bonfiredancer' points out:

Grossly Misunderstood

The video is informative & playfully fun... NOT an accurate, TOTAL story of what Garrett is speaking to. In his book, Garrett explains in depth that the "disorders" he speaks of are a Wayseer gone bad... repressed, deviant. His goal is to HELP those who have fallen down that path, back onto a path of self love, productivity, and empowerment.

So, this simply dumbs down the video to make it into something is not. And a tragedy, because if we really understood what he was trying to say, we would all gain so much more from it.

Indeed, this is a strange kind of critique, based on someone's strong beliefs in certain ideas.

When we think of propaganda, we usually associate it with political messages. The thoroughly negative meaning of the term comes to us via the Nazis, whose slogans poisoned a whole nation. But it didn't end with fall of overtly overt fascist regimes post-WWII, of course. Political propaganda appeals to the emotions by attempting to implant suggestions which bypass the intellect. People eventually get wise to it, so the propaganda just becomes slicker.

Normally, spiritual propaganda and lies are going to fool only those who truly need fooling so that they learn an important lesson...at some point. That is, it satisfies a superficial emotional craving in those left so disappointed with politics. Such people are hovering on the threshold of understanding a deeper reality, but a lifetime of painful experiences within a system governed by pathology have left them unprepared for the soul-sweet traps sprung for them by the very system from which they wish to free themselves. Nothing can help them except a direct experience with self-destructive behavior.

But sometimes a piece of spiritual propaganda is so slick and clever and uses the discoveries of the billion-dollar research engines of the ad industry and psychological warfare bureaus to produce something capable of sucking in just about anyone with any semblance of an ego.

Now, some of us have spent a good portion of our lives keeping an eye on these kinds of things. We can spot a manipulation a mile away. The 'Wayseer' video is, in my opinion, one such manipulation. And rather than let it pass without comment in the hope that it would simply die the death of so many other noxious 'New Age' fads, I figured it was worth the time and energy to point out the problems.

As the saying goes, "The only thing Evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing."

Nice introduction, but I would suggest you are not as good at spotting manipulation as you believe. What you have here is a presumption of psychopathy, based on some pre-conceived notions, as we will see.

Please note...

I'm not trying to change your mind. If you like being manipulated by pseudo-scientific catch-phrases and a catchy tune that tells you "you're special!" then that's your choice. But don't forget that, in order to truly choose, you need as much data as possible about any given subject. The main reason I have chosen to write on this topic therefore is to provide that extra data and to address the imbalance in the 'playing field' of the information war for your mind.

Here you are again stating matter-of-factly that the video is a manipulation, without yet having attempted to prove your case. This is suggestion, a kind of manipulation, leading the reader to more easily accept the conclusion.

That something is presented in style does not make it manipulative or "pseudo-scientific". The video is not saying "you're special"; it's appealing to those who have been LABELED by the control system that dominates society (the psychopathic establishment); in other words, to those who have been labeled "less than normal".

What follows is a transcript of the 'Wayseer' video with my comments interspersed.

"ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits and troublemakers, all you free spirits and pioneers, all you visionaries and non-conformists:"

Rule-breakers, misfits and troublemakers are pretty vague groupings. Some of history's most infamous butchers were rule-breakers, misfits and troublemakers. So was Gandhi. Great men and women of conscience can surely be called free spirits, visionaries, and non-comformists. But so can psychopaths. If you can see the difference, that means you're using your prefrontal cortex. Without it, how would you tell the difference between an impulsive, sensation-seeking, egocentric psychopath who refuses to conform to human life, and a true social critic who refuses to conform to the edicts of the psychopaths that are in control of our world?

Here you are creating an interesting dichotomy: psychopath vs "a true social critic". Is that all you aim to be, a "true social critic"? You also state matter-of-factly that psychopaths "are in control of our world" -- this is an amazing belief to couple with what you apparently see as its polarity, the "true social critics". What you are really saying, then, is that all we should do is critizice the establishment and beg our masters to allows us to have more of that which we already have (but believe that we need permission to have). Very smart!

"Everything that the establishment has told you is wrong with you is actually what's right with you."

Well now... The question is, which "establishment"? The psychopathic establishment that fosters war, impulsiveness, dog-eat-dog capitalism and social misery? Or the collective effort of people working together - all of us - who want to see each other healthy and happy? Social organization isn't bad. Community isn't bad. What's bad are the psychopaths who have corrupted our community, made it toxic, bending it towards war, greed and insanity and the psychological and emotional enslavement of everybody, children and adults alike.

Which establishment? Obviously the establishment that you refer to, the control system, the one dominated by psychopaths. But more broadly, the people who believe they have rights that other people don't have. His target is AUTHORITY.

"You see things others don't. You are hardwired to change the world. Unlike nine out of ten people, your mind is irrepressible, and this threatens authority. You were born to be a revolutionary."

Psychopaths are hardwired to change the world and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they constituted one out of ten people. Just look at the personalities behind any fascist government or ruthless dictatorship. Unlike nine out of ten people, their minds were irrepressible and threatened the moral authority of decent humanity. They were born revolutionaries. There is no distinction made here. No, it's worse than that. This video actually describes the exact attributes of the psychopath.

You wouldn't be surprised, but you have no evidence, hence it is only an assumption. You point to the personalities of overt dictatorships, suggesting that you believe in the democracy scam. Dictators are just more honest and better organized than democracies. That's essentially the only difference. It's also worth noting that most modern brutal dictatorships were installed by the so-called Western democracies or Israel.

It seems to me that this is the underlying assumption behind your thinking: that of the inborn/genetic psychopath. Unless you are talking about the Archon idea, I'm pretty sure genetics could not possibly determine psychopathy, as shown most clearly by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

"You can't stand rules because in your heart you know there's a better way."

Which rules? There are all kinds of rules for just about everything imaginable - including grammar. And there is a big difference between rules that are stupid, boring and pathological - and those rules that are the only thing standing between pathological individuals and their urges to rape, rob, pillage, destroy, hurt, maim, kill, etc., etc., etc. Which rules are which? You need your prefrontal cortex to tell the difference. Psychopaths are well-known to be 'rule-breakers', but the rules they break are the ones that make human beings different from predatory animals.

I guess my PFC is not working properly, then, because I have this bizarre belief that human beings are not born pathological! It seems that you believe that we need a group of people calling themselves government to "rape, rob, pillage, destroy, hurt, maim, kill, etc., etc., etc", so as to stop the "pathological individuals and their urges" from doing the same.

Also, when he says "in your heart you know there's a better way", he means that quite literally. Your heart is the channel of communication between the physical mind and the higher mind, the two parts of yourself, and through it flows an energy (the Way, the Dao, the teleological attractor) that attracts you toward the themes you chose to explore in the particular incarnation.

"You have strengths dangerous to the establishment, and it wants them eliminated, so your whole life you've been told your strengths were weaknesses - Now I'm telling you otherwise."

Are you being influenced by the stirring music, the masculine energy of the speaker and the message in this video telling you that you are "special"? Such strong, evocative emotions can overwhelm the thinking parts of your mind, and with your guard down, you become open to doing what you are told by the person making you feel this emotional high. "You are special!" (Give me your money.) "You are a revolutionary!" (Kill for me. Be my slave.)

You could vaguely make the same kind of interpretation about just about any well-produced documentary or video. Again, the suggestion that high production values necessarily means psychopathic self-interest is manipulative and just plain silly.

Again, he is appealing to the people who have been labeled by the psychopaths. He's pointing out that the "weaknesses" that the control system has labeled a "brain disease" or "mental disease" are not necessarily best defined as such.

Psychopaths seek to collect followers to feed their egos, and emotional manipulations of this sort are one of the chief ways they do it. The only defense is to employ your prefrontal cortex, the very thing this video is instructing you to ignore.

What he is actually alluding to is the idea that the brainwashing/conditioning that we are put through as children subject to the control system is strongly dependent on the PFC (perhaps more precisely, the orbitofrontal cortex, "thought to represent emotion and reward in decision making") being in "control" of the ego personality during the early years, otherwise the programs (beliefs/definitions) do not become as crystalized. It is those children who are labeled with a "mental disorder" like ADHD, the target audience of the Wayseers meme.

"Your impulsivity is a gift. Impulses are your key to the miraculous.

Your distractibility is an artifact of your inspired creativity."

Impulsivity and distractibility are increasingly common traits among many people today, and this behavior can often be traced to an over-exposure to a toxic environment; toxic foods, toxic media, electromagnetic pollution, toxic building materials, toxic education, toxic medications. The world is filled with pollution that prevents our minds from working properly. But instead of advising you how to recognize and cut out these poisons, this video is instead telling you that these symptoms of toxicity are actually evidence that you are special and magical.

And toxic water, toxic parenting, etc etc. You are correct, but he is not wrong. Impulses (and its result, distractability) are more natural, more primordial, than the "problem-solving" mindset that the psychopathic control system wants us to be in to keep them "in power". If your PFC is not as dominant as (what has come to be considered) "normal", then you are generally more open to the energy of the true self that you created yourself to be. Hence the contradiction you are perceiving.

Charles Manson encouraged his followers to get high frequently, but he didn't use drugs himself. Why do you think that was?

Because he was already enlightened, not resisting his true self. Psychedelics didn't do as much to him as to his admirers/friends.

"Your mood swings reflect the natural pulse of life. They give you unstoppable energy when you're high, deep soulful insight when you're low.

Been diagnosed with a "disorder"? That's society's latest way to deny its own illness by pointing the finger at you. Your addictive personality is just a symptom of your vast underused capacity for heroic, creative expression and spiritual connection. Your utter lack of repression, your wide eyed idealism, your unmitigated open mind [...]"

Ah. Now here it gets more dangerous. Many social 'disorders' are indeed misdiagnosed, but the disorders themselves are not evidence that there is nothing wrong with people. It is clear that many people have been seriously infected with psycho-pathological thinking that has been imposed, society-wide, from the top down. This video is no longer talking about poisoned people. It's talking directly to people with psychopathic traits. An "utter lack of repression" is a big problem. Without the ability to choose against urges from the reptilian brain, a psychopath has no difficulty committing all manner of chaotic, violent and depraved acts which the psychopath so loves. Yet we are being told here that this behavior is somehow special and worthy of respect.

The people who "have been seriously infected with psycho-pathological thinking that has been imposed, society-wide, from the top down", are ALL of us who were subjected to the control system's many programming tools, such as public schooling. The only thing wrong with people are the beliefs we have been fed. As for "dangerous", I would suggest that your belief in genetic psychopathy is the "dangerous" idea that made you completely misunderstand what the Wayseers meme is about.

"- didn't anyone ever tell you?

These are the traits shared by the greatest pioneers and visionaries, innovators, revolutionaries, procrastinators and drama queens, activists on the social scene, space cadets, mavericks, philosophers, derelicts, business suits flying fighter jets, football stars and sex addicts, celebrities with ADD, alcoholics who seek novelty, first responders, prophets and saints, mystics and change agents."

Nonsense. The narrator has just blended ADDers, psychopaths, sociopaths and other disturbed people into a single group, mixed desirable and undesirable traits together to come up with "a single type of personality". Sex addicts, alcoholics and procrastinators are not in the same league as Ghandi and JFK and our other visionaries. Why? Because being a visionary takes WORK and focus. This is just a cheap way to trick people into thinking that they have already achieved the best versions of themselves; that they do not have any work left to do on their bodies and minds. Why would somebody urge you to take the path of least resistance like that? Maybe it is because that by working on oneself, growing strong and aware, one is able to see through the illusions presented in this video.

How nice of you to refer to ADDers as "disturbed people", particularly given that, if they are disturbed, it's because they were told by the psychopathic control system that they are unworthy. Again, the target audience are the least fortunate among the mind-slaves growing up in the control system, not some imagined "essential psychopaths".

Taking the path of least resistance is actually the point. The reason you believe it is not is because your ego has been taught to believe that it must concern itself with how an idea ought to manifest. In other words, you are (having the experience of being) disconnected from the heart and the higher mind.

You have yet to point out any "illusions presented in this video", so that's just more hyperbolic manipulation.


"We are all the same, you know

'cause we're all affected, by The Way

We are all the same, you know

'cause we're all attracted to the flame.

You know in your heart that there's a natural order, something more sovereign than any man-made rules or laws could ever express.

This natural order is called "The Way." "

These poetic words are more dangerous than you might realize. And not just because they are nonsense designed to swell your emotions and lead you to following false prophets. (And btw, "Attracted to the flame?" Really? A metaphor about a moth's spiraling path to death? It should be noted that psychopaths tend to leak out snippets of their true intentions when they deliver their sermons. People also tend to overlook them. Curious.)

They are not nonsense. It's quite literal, as I alluded to earlier. As a soul, you chose to have an experience in lower densities of consciousness (physical reality incarnation) in which you would explore certain themes. The energy that represents those themes is readily available to you, the seeker, when you release resistance and allow yourself to be guided by it. Terence McKenna spoke about this "attractor at the end of time", as did before him Jung, Kant, and Hegel, and before them Plato and Aristotle.

Anyway... This so-called "The Way" is uncomfortably close in name to a REAL system of spiritualism based on Gnosticism, which is also called, "The Way" or the "Fourth Way". Except the latter system has been around for a whole lot longer than this made-up music video version. And it's a whole lot different!

He also points out some of its other names (including the Dao, which is approximately the same idea as understood by Eastern philosophy), and above I point out a couple more. There are many more names for "The Way" than there are for the Fourth Way.

Creating confusion of this sort was actually a common tactic employed by government secret services to destroy civil rights movements. They accomplished this by distracting potential seekers-of-truth away from systems which actually work by associating depraved or rotten ideas which pretend to be the same thing as genuine articles of community good. Veeerrrry sneaky. And sadly, very effective. Real systems of spiritual seeking tend not to use slick music video presentations and pop star imagery to deliver their messages. They don't announce themselves loudly. They require that any seeker makes a conscious effort to find them.

With the ridiculous levels of media we are saturated with, I don't see how you can hold to that idea. 50 years ago, maybe. Welcome to the Internet.

"The Way is the eternal substrate of the cosmos. It guides the very current of time and space. The Way is known by some as The Will of God, Divine Providence, The Holy Spirit, the Implicate Order, the Tao, reverse entropy, life force, but for now we'll simply call it 'The Way.' The Way is reflected in you as the source of your inspiration, the source of your passions, your wisdom, your enthusiasm, your intuition, your spiritual fire...love. The Way takes the chaos out of the Universe and breathes life into it, giving it divine order. The Way, when expressed by the mind, is genius; perceived through the eyes, is beauty; felt through the senses, is grace. When allowed into the heart...is love."

The universe contains aspects of all these things, and much more! But again, like trying to associate Gandhi with Charlie Sheen, simply telling us that grace and spiritual fire exist is not the same as actually offering them. And you certainly won't get there by pursuing emotional and chemical highs, turning off your thinking minds and embracing only the self-serving reptilian impulses of the psychopath. You might feel good and special while rampaging through the world chasing selfish whims, but you are choosing to be a monster, you are choosing to (ultimately) cause pain and suffering to those around you. And he calls this Love? Does ignoring your effect on others sound like love to you?

This is projection more than rational analysis. As I've said, you think it's some kind of metaphor ("The universe contains aspects of all these things, and much more!")... but it's literal. And again there's the misguided belief that impulses are essentially psychopathic, and must be inhibited by the PFC. The Gestapo metaphor might be a bit hyperbolic, but it should be obvious that impulses exist for a good reason.

"Most people cannot sense The Way directly... but then there are the Wayseers, the keepers of the flame. Wayseers have an unexplainable knack for just knowing The Way. They sense it in their very being. They can't tell you why or how they arrived at the right answer. They just know it in their core. They can't show their work, so don't ask. Their minds simply resonate with The Way. When The Way is present, so are they."

Here he refers to instinct, but he is actually describing base emotions.

Instinct is the means by which our subconscious selves communicate to our conscious selves, and it is indeed very powerful. Emotions, however, can fool you, like the emotions being evoked by the music in this video, by the narrator's rhythmic voice (which he likely practiced beforehand after his script went through numerous drafts with a venture capitalist marketing consultant).

Emotions and powerful internal drives are how your automatic behaviors, your sense of hunger and fear and sexual awareness, pull you along. They are instincts of an automatic sort and they are not necessarily wrong; we need them, and when tempered through the use of our prefrontal cortex, we can decide when it is appropriate and healthy to act upon them. But they are not real instincts of the kind this video is suggesting. Real instincts which speak from the soul cannot be heard through the clutter of emotional noise unless you work to recognize which signals are automatic and which are not.

No, he is not referring to instinct, but to the teleological attractor, a specific frequency of energy that exists to guide free-will toward destiny (the themes you chose to explore). Most people simply don't have the vocabulary to describe "The Way", but like he says, when it is present, so is the Wayseer. In other words, allowing yourself to be guided by the attractor is literally equivalent to being completely absorbed in the present moment -- which is all there is.

"While others are blind to it, and society begs you to ignore it, The Way stirs you inside. Neurological repression blocks most people's awareness of The Way. Censoring all thoughts and impulses from the unconscious is their prefrontal cortex, the Gestapo of the brain."

Things are deliberately being mixed up here. The prefrontal cortex (PFC) does mitigate the signals coming from your lower mind. But not all of those signals are smart ones to follow. Some come from the reptilian brain, base fear and hunger, automatic motivations. Those are often good things to filter. Prisons are full of psychopaths who act on those impulses, who murder and rape and destroy. The prefrontal cortex is our ticket to freedom, from the jungle to a higher level of true civilization.

That's what the psychopathic control system want you to believe. Your Higher Mind (the conceiver) is your ticket to freedom, not the "proper" function of a part of the receiver (brain). The way he thinks of the PFC is a little bit off though; I agree with you that this part is inaccurate, not necessarily in meaning/intention but in terminology. I suppose the "neurological repression" he refers to is the drugs that those labeled with a "mental disorder" are given. Again, remember the target audience.

And by the way, the PFC was also instrumental in this video production due to the need for gathering the pictures, video, planning the script - which includes careful thought as to what power words to use, choosing the narrator, choosing the music and its tone (whether major or minor keys to create and hook the desired mood), blending the music in, editing for a logical flow, etc. In short, making this entire video.

Is it not strange therefore that the author is urging you to ignore the intimations of your PFC because it's "bad"??

Where does he urge you to "ignore the intimations of your PFC"? He doesn't. The point is rather that the PFC has been trained to ignore the higher frequency aspects of your consciousness, which flow through your subconscious and unconscious (which are higher frequency, not lower), the aspects that the "executive function" (PFC) of the ego construct of the physical mind suppresses if so molded/trained.

"Nothing which violates its socialized programming even gets through. But your mind is different. Your mind has been cracked wide open to The Way; by some miraculous genetic trait, some psychotropic chemical or maybe even by the will of your own soul."

And here we see the naked truth. The "miraculous genetic trait" is that of the psychopath's brain failing to connect and work properly. When the amygdala fails to respond to emotional cues, it cannot make those cues available to the prefrontal cortex, and the mind is left to act solely on automatic whims and desires, failing to factor in the significance of other people as thinking, feeling beings. Other people become objects that only get in the way of impulsive, reckless and destructive behaviors. Ninety percent of humans have the genetic capacity to understand the importance of other people, and the ability to repress certain whims and desires. It is the minority who cause the problems, pretending that they are "special", and trying to convince the majority of this fantasy. To break free from the psychopathic establishment means getting in touch with your prefrontal cortex and seeing that uninhibited psychopathy is the root of social repression and all that is wrong in our world.

That's an interesting theory, but both you and the author of The Wayseers buy too much into the idea that behavior is determined by genetics. Between Dawkins (dogmatic gatekeeper, author of "The Selfish Gene") and Sheldrake (questions the dogmas of science), who would you consider a genuine scientist? As mentioned, Dr. Bruce Lipton alone pretty much puts that idea to rest. Genes are only blueprints.

The way you pathologize the author of the video and its presumed target audience, their brains "failing to connect and work properly", is exactly what the video is denouncing. You are making leaps to conclusions based on very limited data. You are labeling what you believe to be aberrant behavior to make it fit into some arbitrary category that increases your sense of control over the information you are exposing yourself to. See? Now I'm doing the same thing!

"Your brain's reward pathways have been hijacked; dopamine employed to overthrow the fascist dictatorship of your prefrontal cortex. Now your brain is free of repression, your mind free of censorship, your awareness exposed to the turbulent seas of the unconscious - through this open doorway divine light shines into your consciousness, showing you The Way. This is what makes you a Wayseer."

The narrator is glamorizing the psychopathic brain, giving these world-destroying monsters a special title, "Wayseer". Newsflash: the people who poisoned the Gulf of Mexico with millions of barrels of spilled oil and who even now evade responsibility resulting in the suffering of tens of thousands of people, would have been "Wayseers", according to this logic. As would the greedy bankers who have devastated the global economy, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless and hungry. As would be those who push for war, resulting in the death and suffering of millions. Those are the people that this video is glamorizing.

Once again, you missed who the target audience is. Do you think business executives responsible for safety cuts, or banksters, would feel identified with the Wayseers idea? Really?

His point about dopamine pathways is very interesting. By rewiring the reward pathways, either via dopaminergic drugs or CBT or Yoga or similar techniques, you derive reward/pleasure less and less by doing as you are told (obeying authority), and more and more by what feels good. Dopaminergics are of course a double-edged sword, easily leading to "nothing else feels as good" (addiction).

"Ninety percent of human civilization is populated with those whose brains are blocked to The Way. Their brains are hardwired to enforce the social programming indoctrinated since birth."

Conversely, one might note that between 6 to 10% of the population is estimated to fall within the range of known pathological behavioral profiles. Isn't that convenient?

Estimated by whom?? And why is this idea more credible than Bruce Lipton's research with stem cells, showing that nothing is genetically determined?

And who exactly creates "pathological behavioral profiles"?? The DSM people?

"Unlike you they cannot break out of this programming, because they have not yet experienced the necessary revolution of mind. These programmed people take social institutions and rules very seriously. Society is full of games programmed to keep peoples' minds occupied so they will not revolt. These games often cause sick fixations on peculiar protocols, power structures, taboos and domination - all subtle forms of human bondage. This distinct form of madness is not only tolerated by the masses but insisted upon. The programmed ones believe in rules so forcefully they become willing to destroy anyone who violates them."

Whose rules? Whose social institutions? Humanity's or the psychopaths'? Remember, nothing is wrong with the idea of people agreeing to work together to form societies and governments. The problem stems from corruption within those societies and governments. This corruption is almost entirely due to psychopaths ignoring the laws of decent behavior, laws which prevent psychopaths from torturing and tormenting the rest of us for their amusement. If we are to survive their onslaught, we NEED to use our Pre-Frontal Cortex.

Whoa! Interesting programming you pull there! "Remember, nothing is wrong with the idea of people agreeing to work together to form societies and governments." - Oh really? How sure are you about that? What you are ACTUALLY saying is this: "Remember, nothing is wrong with the idea of people agreeing to work together and giving themselves rights to boss other people around."

You have more mental malware than you were aware of.

Can you prove that "corruption is almost entirely due to psychopaths ignoring the laws of decent behavior"? Hell, can you prove that there could be such a thing as legitimate authority, given that authority requires the threat of violence for its enforcement? Yes, read that again.

"Wayseers are the ones who call their bluff. Since Wayseer minds are free to reject social programming, Wayseers readily see social institutions for what they are - imaginary games. Wayseers comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Helping those who are lost in these games and refuse to help themselves is a calling of many Wayseers".

Actually, that applies to anyone who displays genuine empathy and caring for others; behavior which is very unlikely to be seen in people who ignore the world and act thoughtlessly on impulses rising from their reptilian brain. Hunger, Sex, Violence. Does thoughtlessly serving those desires help the world or help the so-called "Wayseer"?

You are instinctively defending (the idea of) the state, it seems to me. The imaginary games are obviously that, imaginary, yet disobeying carries the risk of deprivation of liberty by the psychopathic control system. You haven't broken free from the control system completely, instead having settled for a theory (genetic psychopathy) that serves as an explanation for its evil, not realizing that there are people like Bruce Lipton out there who have discovered that genes are no more than blueprints and that cells react to their environment.

"Since Wayseers are the ones who keep contact with the original source of reality, they are able to disrupt societal conventions and even governments to realign humanity with The Way."

This is more truth revealed. Psychopaths long to reject social laws which they cannot understand precisely because they lack the required brain functions (like "repression" or inhibition). What a normal human would see as common sense and civility (such as not killing a stranger because his shoes are nicer than yours), the psychopath is baffled by. This whole video is an effort to trick normal people into accepting aberrant, deviant behavior, taking us all a few steps closer to accepting a darker world.

The video says nothing about "aberrant, deviant behavior", unless by that you mean rejecting the premise of authority. To reiterate once more, the "original source of reality" is not a metaphor. If you believe in authority, you haven't broken free from the control system.

"Wayseers are an ancient lineage - a kind of priesthood, carriers of the flame, ones 'in the know.'"

This is true despite the flowery language. The psychopath has indeed been with us forever.

"There must always be Wayseers to reform the dizzying psychotic spinning wheels of society, giant mindless hamster wheels obscuring the pure blue sky, keeping humanity shackled in a darkened cage. So Wayseers are called - to shed light on the madness of society, to continually resurrect the timeless transcendent Spirit of Truth."

This video has it all backwards. During good periods, when there is plenty and people are happy and free to forget times of past austerity, the psychopath is able to breed quickly because there are enough extra resources to allow some people to indulge in greed and destruction without it having a noticeable impact on society. But good times in history always allow for a sharp increase in the number of psychopaths who then infest communities and governments, sabotaging key systems for their own gain, and eventually pulling us all into war and darkness, hunger and misery. We have just tipped over the peak of just such a cycle, with more psychopaths now more than ever before running amok in the world.

"Sabotaging key systems" - which exactly? What makes you believe the systems weren't always psychopathic? That belief in authorty is preventing you from seeing straight. Once you have left that behind, you'll see the above as the beautiful metaphors that they are, describing the human condition.

"Wayseers reveal this divine truth by devoting themselves to the birth of some creative or disruptive act expressed through art or philosophy, innovations to shake up industry, revolutions for democracy, coups that topple hypocrisy, movements of solidarity, changes that leave a legacy, rebellions against policy, spirit infused technology, moments of clarity, things that challenge barbarity, watersheds of sincerity, momentous drives for charity."

These are fine things indeed, but they are never the goals of the psychopath. They are how sane humans are sometime able to respond after the world has been so darkened by the very activities of the psychopaths who infest our governments, our communities... and who make use flashy media to trick people into following them.

By now you are hopefully able to see it for what it is, rather than assuming that it's actually a psychopath speaking of these ideas in an attempt to manipulate you. LOL


"We are all the same, you know

'cause we're all affected, by The Way

We are all the same, you know

'cause we're all attracted to the flame.

This is your calling, Wayseer.

You've found your tribe.

Welcome home."

That sounds warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? This video seems to have been crafted and aimed at people who have suffered infant and childhood emotional and/or physical trauma, people left with deep wounds and an equally deep need for caring, community support and love. It seems that this narrator and his organization are offering to fill that void, offering a "tribe" and a "home", but it would be very wise to ask, "are they really doing this for me, or are they doing it for some other, altogether different purpose?"

It would also be wise for you to ask yourself: Did the first men who threatened someone else with violence if they don't obey their commands do it for the people, or "for some other, altogether different purpose"?

Remember, the psychopath has the uncanny ability to target the weak and the wounded.

Remember, this sentence is true because I prefaced it with a magical word.

The tribe of the psychopath is a dead-end, a black-hole, the snake eating its own tail. By contrast, the Tribe of Light seeks and grows strong by accumulating Knowledge and sharing it.

Whatever you mean by the Tribe of Light, the Wayseers idea fits neatly into that idea, because Light is what "The Way" is about.

Knowledge is the true Way.

Yep, knowledge (more precisely, knowing), not assumptions passing off as knowledge.

It is in the spirit of giving knowledge that we present this dissection of such a crafty piece of spiritual propaganda. Just like any good propaganda, this video contains a mix of truths, half-truths and lies. The truth is people are fed-up and frustrated with the current status-quo - the greedy, corrupt and conscienceless psychopaths in power - and are seeking to experience life in a way that is compatible with the spiritual potential of the human race; this video certainly appeals to that feeling in all of us. The problem is, of course, that we've been living much too long in the midst of pathology to understand what is truly good, bad and the situations that determine which is which. Our critical discernment - the gift of our prefrontal cortex - has been slowly eroding away from the lassitude of our environment.

Falling for emotional appeals while neglecting our inborn sense of self-control is not the "Way" anymore than obsequiously obeying the directives of the psychopaths in power is the "Way". These are both mechanical actions and do not make us free. As Gurdjieff, the esteemed Fourth Way teacher states, "we live in a prison." To break out of prison requires that we make efforts to know ourselves, to know what makes us tick, and that invariably involves getting a handle on our all-too-often repressed emotional nature. In addition, we need a lot of help from our friends. Bolting towards the first set of gilded gates presented to us, driven on by repressed yet powerful emotions, will only ensure we remain a prisoner to those emotions and the forces that have for so long sought to enslave us for their own nefarious ends. Only when we arm ourselves with this knowledge and the awareness it provides can we hope to make an informed and conscious choice about which path we will follow in our spiritual journey through life.

You are not wrong, but you are too vague, too general. Who exactly are "the forces that have for so long sought to enslave us for their own nefarious ends"? For how long have they sought such, and why?

Without the belief in inborn psychopathy and the assumption that this must be an example of such, and with the understanding of the concept of the teleological attractor ("The Way"), what criticism would you have of this video?